Златоуст/ Zlatoust: 1960s

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03:00   |   Nov 23, 2016


Златоуст/ Zlatoust: 1960s
Златоуст/ Zlatoust: 1960s thumb Златоуст/ Zlatoust: 1960s thumb Златоуст/ Zlatoust: 1960s thumb


Златоуст в 1960-е годы

Zlatoust in the 1960s

"Morning Serenade" by S. Prokofiev, played here on the mandolin

Here I present an album of the city of Zlatoust located in Chelyabinsk Oblast on the River Ay. The city's name is derived from the Russian translation of Chrysostom, as it was founded near a church dedicated to that saint.
The city was founded in 1754 close to a large deposit of iron ore and became known for its great Ironworks Factory. During the Soviet period, Zlatoust became an industrial city, which specialized in metallurgy, mechanical engineering, tool-making, food production, and other industries.............