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NEW DATE: See you in July, Milwaukee
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alright its been long enough, here for your listening pleasure is Catching Z’s Volume 3! Some chill songs to help you relax during these strange times. Enjoy!
[ Zd.lnk.to Link ]
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Deadbeats Backyard Jamboree ON SALE NOW! the ultimate Deadbeats festival experience
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Pre-sale starts NOW!
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The first ever DEADBEATS BACKYARD JAMBOREE! With all 3 shows sold out for Deadrocks we wanted to do something special in Denver on July 4th.

PreSale - 3/12 10AM MT
OnSale - 3/13 10AM MT
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Anyone else play witcher 3 and hear Geralt says Zeds Dead?......there was a zed.....and he died :p
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Evan Daca posted on Feb 27, 2020
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I used one of your songs for a video edit hope y’all like! Hope it’s ok I used y’alls song!
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Ok so idk about anyone else but I’m soo in love with Dance Monkey by Tones and I and I think Zeds Dead should remix it I still have a hard on for the set I saw at Dead Beats in Boca for my a birthday in October remixing their own remixes
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Our collab with REZZ is out now!
[ Deadbeats.lnk.to Link ]

Zeds Dead x REZZ - Into The Abyss

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