YouTubers React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products

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YouTubers React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products
YouTubers React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products thumb YouTubers React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products thumb YouTubers React To Try Not To Try Challenge - As Seen On TV Products thumb


  • - AHHH! (chuckles)
  • (slamming)
  • ♪ (dramatic chord) ♪
  • - (FBE) So today, we're gonna be participating
  • in a "try not to try" challenge. - Whaat?!
  • - Basically, all of my senior year in high school.
  • - (FBE) This will be featuring As Seen on TV products.
  • - Ok-- oh! Ohhhhhh, no! That's what I do
  • on my channel, though. - Oh, the commercials
  • are such a staple of everyone's childhood.
  • - (FBE) So, here's how the challenge will work.
  • We're gonna show you the commercial
  • for a variety of As Seen on TV products.
  • - Sure. - (FBE) Then we will actually
  • give you the product, and you will have the option to try it.
  • If you try the product, then you'll be out for that round,
  • but you'll be back in for the next product.
  • - Oh, man! - I'm gonna try every single product.
  • - When you said "try not to try," I was like, "My life."
  • Okay, here we go. Let's do it.
  • - (woman) Honey, turn off the light. - (voice-over) Has this ever
  • happened to you? - Have you ever turned off a light?
  • (laughs) - (voice-over) Presenting the Clapper!
  • - Oh. - (voice-over) Presenting the Clapper!
  • - (gasps) - (voice-over) ...on and off
  • just by clapping. - My grandmother had this.
  • I remember this. - I owned four when I was a--
  • - You've had the Clapper? - When I was a kid, yeah.
  • - ♪ Clap on, clap off ♪ - (claps)
  • - ♪ The clapper ♪ - Why is this not a thing anymore?
  • I have to turn on my lights with my app like an [bleep]!
  • - I forgot about the corny acting. It's so great. (claps)
  • - I have ALWAYS wanted to try the Clapper!
  • And I did not know that anyone in real life actually bought these.
  • - (FBE) So, here's the Clapper. - With the lamp and everything.
  • Oh, no. - Oh, it's a new Clapper!
  • - And it's smaller than the-- it's more...
  • - Wow! The clapper's been updated. - (FBE) Do you wanna try?
  • Do you wanna give it a shot by clapping, see if it works?
  • - I'm not gonna try it. I feel like I have to win.
  • - (claps) - Ah, you couldn't resist,
  • and it didn't work! - (groans)
  • - Even better! ♪ Clap on ♪
  • (claps) (buzzer)
  • Nope. (laughs) - Is this a--
  • - (both) HEY! - ♪ Clap on ♪
  • (claps) (buzzer)
  • - (claps) (buzzer) (claps) (buzzer)
  • (light clicks on) (laughs)
  • - (claps) (buzzer)
  • (light clicks on) (laughs)
  • - (claps) (buzzer)
  • (gasps, chuckles) - (claps)
  • (buzzer)
  • - (yawns) It's too-- It's 9:00. (claps)
  • (buzzer)
  • That's [bleep]. (claps)
  • Just like in the commercial.
  • - (inhales deeply, claps) (buzzer)
  • (light clicks on) - OHHHH!!!
  • (knocks) (light clicks off)
  • I feel like I am god. - (knocks)
  • (buzzer) OHHH!
  • It was just a knock! - Hold on. Eh, eh, eh!
  • (buzzer) - Nah, nah !
  • - It seems like the Clapper's pretty good at not registering
  • other sounds... - (clicks tongue twice)
  • - ...which is-- (light clicks on)
  • - (clicks tongue twice) (light clicks off)
  • - This is kind of outdated. Now I know why it's old people
  • in the commercials, 'cause they're the only ones
  • that will buy this. - I'm not satisfied,
  • and I regret the time it took for this whole bit to play out.
  • - (voice-over) Clipping nails can be a fright.
  • - Oh! - Oh. That's just how it is with me.
  • - (laughs) What kind of flashlight was that?!
  • - (voice-over) Those clippers bite. Ouch!
  • - (laughs) What are you doing?! - (voice-over) Introducing
  • Wonder Clipper... - Yes!
  • - (voice-over) Introducing Wonder Clipper.
  • - Wonder Clipper. Patent pending?! F that.
  • - (voice-over) ...patent-pending, revolutionary lighted nail trimmer
  • with the swiveling head. - Who the [bleep] got a flashlight
  • on their nail clippers?! - (voice-over) To trim nails faster,
  • easier, and safer than ever. - I'm in.
  • - What?! - (voice-over) ...shines right
  • on the nail, so you can... - So, it's just a clipper
  • with a light. - What are you doing
  • in the dark honey? Ehehehe.
  • - (chuckles) - (voice-over) Bright enough
  • to light up this book. - Just cut your nails
  • and then lit up your book. - (John) With Wonder Clipper,
  • I can see each nail perfectly. And with the angled clipper,
  • I get a perfect cut. - (chuckles) Is that a green screen?
  • - (Kesha) ...makes it so easy. - These testimonials
  • are something else!
  • - (Dr. Peter) My patients often... - Oh, Dr. Peter...
  • - Oh, what? (chuckles) - (Dr. Peter) ...have trouble
  • trimming nails. - You gotta go to the doctor
  • when you have this problem. - (laughs) Call in the experts.
  • - (voice-over) Get Wonder Clipper, the lighted nail clipper that swivels!
  • - The Wonder-- okay, it's got a swivel. That's cool.
  • I like that they throw that in the description.
  • - I am glad that it's bright enough to light up a book, so I can read
  • directly after clipping my nail fungus.
  • - (FBE) Here it is. - Just as underwhelming as I thought.
  • - This is some interesting engineer. That's for sure. It's very big.
  • - (FBE) Do you wanna try this one out? - No, I'm good.
  • - No. I don't even need to clip my nails. (chuckles)
  • - It feels so dangerous. Why would this move?
  • I think I'm okay. - I'm gonna resist the urge
  • and not try it. Do you wanna hold it
  • in your hand? - I'm not even gonna touch it.
  • - No! I'm good. I don't need it in my life.
  • - Okay. I'm gonna try it. (buzzer)
  • The edge of my nail looks so bad. It did not give a clean cut.
  • (buzzer) - Ooh, man. This is gross.
  • And now you have just fingernail clippings on the table.
  • And I didn't even like the product.
  • (buzzer)
  • - Oh my god. It's easy and convenient.
  • - I have no interest in trying it, because I don't have a problem
  • with cutting my nails. - I could see how this is
  • helpful for toenails. Toenails are real far.
  • (loud thud) (buzzer)
  • - All right. This product delivers a lot more than that clap did.
  • - (voice-over) Tension in your neck and shoulders can make you
  • REALLY uncomfortable and achy... - Ooh, I know all about that.
  • - (voice-over) ...shoulders can make you REALLY...
  • - Uh-oh. This is really hittin' me right now.
  • - (voice-over) ...sore back muscles can be downright painful.
  • - True. - (voice-over) ...is to wrap yourself
  • in soothing relief... - (giggles)
  • - (voice-over) ...with the all new Relief Wrap.
  • - I remember this. - (voice-over) ...the all new
  • Relief Wrap. - I haven't seen this one.
  • - Now we can all be Magneto. - (laughs)
  • - She's lovin' it. - (voice-over) ...shaped like a shawl.
  • - These actors! Where do they come from?
  • - (voice-over) ...that gives you a choice of warm, heated relief or...
  • - Oh my god. - (voice-over) ...or both
  • at the same time. - Oh my god! It does both.
  • - (voice-over) With a choice of four steady
  • or pulsating massage settings...
  • - It looks like a sad superhero cape.
  • - (voice-over) Relief Wrap is perfect for relieving stress.
  • - There's no way this works. There's no way this will relieve
  • all my stress. - (voice-over) The extra long
  • nine-foot cord let's you... - An extra long cord too?
  • Oh my god! - (voice-over) The extra long
  • nine-foot cord let's you enjoy Relief Wrap on the couch...
  • - The extra long cord means you'll only trip on it sometimes.
  • - (laughs) - (voice-over) Why struggle with...
  • - I love it when they show the Xs.
  • - (voice-over) ...pads that are too hard,
  • when now there's Relief Wrap? - (both) Ahhh.
  • - (laughs) - I mean, what a nightmare.
  • - I feel like these infomercials train you to start realizing
  • all the problems in your life. - Bring in the product!
  • Pamper me! Oh, the Relief Wrap.
  • This looks just like a heating pad.
  • - Let's just admire right now, this remote is gigantic.
  • - It's kind of soft. The texture underneath,
  • I could feel whatever the cords are inside,
  • so that's not super great. - (FBE) So, you wanna try it out?
  • - No! Why would I-- why I would I lose
  • for an underwhelming experience? - You know what?
  • Sometimes in life, you just have to lose.
  • Yeah, I'm gonna do it. (buzzer)
  • Wait. Oh, no. The extra long cord
  • might not be too long. - You look like Cookie Monster.
  • - (both laugh)
  • (soft buzzing) - Yeah, this is--
  • I hate this. This is actually
  • what Bran wore in... - Thank you very much.
  • I'll just... - ...Game of Thrones.
  • - Please relieve all of my life problems.
  • (buzzer) (soft buzzing)
  • Yeah, I still have life problems. (buzzer)
  • - Oh, it's also got a heating function.
  • Oh! I turned it on high. - Oh yeah?
  • - This is so much more relaxing. It is doing something.
  • - It's doing something. Do you feel like this would
  • take away the stresses of a busy professional life and parenthood?
  • - No, not at all. - It's like a phone vibration
  • on my back. - This would do the same effect
  • as if you put your phone in vibration, then you put it
  • right in your back. I'm kinda disappointed!
  • - I just feel like I'm in the dentist chair,
  • but they're using their drill on my back. It doesn't feel good.
  • - Have you ever ridden in the trunk of a car before?
  • It feels like that.
  • - I'm into it. I'm sorry. (laughs)
  • That was great. I might actually get this.
  • - I have lots of experience of not trying things.
  • I'm a pro. I didn't know I was
  • coming in as the most well-equipped YouTuber.
  • - (voice-over) How do you open tough jar lids?
  • - Just like that. - I do that, actually.
  • - Wha-- Who hasn't tried that
  • to open a lid? - (voice-over) How about this one?
  • - Yes. - (woman) Honey!
  • - Ooh, that is the worst when you gotta ask A MAN
  • to do your job! - (voice-over) Shouldn't there be
  • a robot for this by now? - Hmm.
  • - (voice-over) There is. Introducing Robo Twist.
  • - Oh! - (voice-over) Introducing
  • Robo Twist... - Robo Twist!
  • - I hope this works too, because I have trouble opening jars!
  • - (voice-over) ...robotic jar opener that easily twists off...
  • (lid pops) ...even the toughest lid.
  • - I don't believe it. - (voice-over) Set it down,
  • press the button, and watch it work.
  • - What kind of Black Mirror (chuckles) is this?
  • - (laughs) Why?! - (voice-over) Even the strongest
  • of us sometimes meet our match. - I love that there's a grandma
  • and a bodybuilder. - (laughs)
  • - (softly) Yes! - (voice-over) This is the future.
  • - Wow! - I don't really see a need for this,
  • but I would like to see it. Bring in the Robo Twist!
  • - Oh my gosh. - It's very heavy.
  • - (FBE) Do you wanna try this one?
  • - No, I-- this goes against who I am as a person.
  • I can't buy a thing to make me open the other thing that I bought.
  • - It looks like it could have a brain of its own
  • and take over the world in a Pixar movie, so I don't trust it.
  • - Is it just this button? - I think so.
  • Wait. (claps) - (chuckles)
  • (Robo Twist whirring) (buzzer)
  • - Nothing's happening. - Exterminate.
  • (groans loudly) - Oh!
  • (Robo Twist whirring) (buzzer)
  • - Hmm. (lid pops)
  • Ooh! And there it goes. - I think this is the most complex
  • engineering I've seen from a--
  • (lid pops) Ooh!
  • - Oh, there we go. Oh, yeah. And it does the pop
  • just like in the commercial.
  • (buzzer) - (chuckles)
  • Wow! Okay. Well, I mean, it works.
  • That's actually probably the best thing we got today.
  • - (sighs)
  • (Robo Twist whirring) (lid clattering)
  • We gotta get out-- get out-- get-- get...
  • - Whoa! Okay-- (lid pops)
  • Oh! (laughs) And now we have pickles. Wow.
  • The future is here, guys. Robo Twist.
  • - (voice-over) These days, it seems everybody
  • has a tactical flashlight. - No?
  • - Wha?! (laughs) What?! - Whoa!
  • - (voice-over) Now, it's time to take things to the...
  • - What's with the tank? - (Nick) Nick Bolton here
  • with the newest edition... - Ah, an icon.
  • - (Nick) We call it the Tac Light Power Pro.
  • - Oh, you pulled up in a tank to show me a flashlight.
  • - (Nick) Just like other Tac Lights...
  • - (laughs) - (Nick) ...can survive
  • getting frozen in ice... - They're being really extra.
  • - (Nick) ...or run over with a Humvee.
  • - Who's getting their flashlight run over with a Humvee?!
  • - (Nick) Like I said, the Power Pro is all about
  • taking things to the next level. So, we replaced
  • the Humvee with this 60-ton tank. - There was no need to mow a tank
  • over that car. - (Nick) For comparison,
  • we put down some regular flashlights...
  • - Ah, yes. - Sure. Those will not last.
  • - Wow. Wow. - (Nick) But our tactical light...
  • still working. - You don't need a tank to show that!
  • - (Nick) That's what I call military tough.
  • - Wow.
  • - Pretty much everybody I know just uses their phone flashlight.
  • - A flashlight's probably one of the most important things
  • that you can have in your home. Out of all the things
  • that you've shown me, I think it's the most practical.
  • - When have I ever been in a situation where a flashlight is at the brink
  • of being destroyed? I mean, what kind of adventurous life
  • are you living at that point? I'll tell ya.
  • My everyday life. Let's bring it out.
  • - (FBE) So, we have a hammer and safety glasses here for you,
  • so you can go ahead and try to destroy this if you want.
  • - Well, if I'm going to hammer something,
  • that'll be fun. Wow!
  • - I don't know it was this level. Okay. Wait.
  • I thought I was gonna turn on the flashlight,
  • be like, "Ohh, light!" - (FBE) So, are you trying this one?
  • - No, 'cause, you know, here's the thing that makes it easy:
  • If this does what it says it does, I just look like an idiot. (chuckles)
  • - If you give me a hammer, of course I'm gonna say yes.
  • (squeals) (buzzer)
  • (slamming)
  • Still works. - (slams)
  • (buzzer) Okay, I'm done.
  • - This is real stress management. (chuckles) Ooh, you can make a song.
  • ♪ Da, dada, da, dada, da ♪ (slamming)
  • - (slamming) (buzzer)
  • Oh, it still works!
  • - (slams) (buzzer)
  • I might need to buy it, actually.
  • - If it breaks, then this company's been had.
  • (slams) - (FBE) Let's see if it turns on.
  • - Well, son of a bitch. I can't break it,
  • so it's the perfect flashlight for me.
  • - (slams) (buzzer)
  • This thing is indestructible. I could run over this thing
  • with a tank, and I bet it would be just fine.
  • - Look, you don't need the nail clippers,
  • you could just use this thing and use regular nail clippers.
  • I think it is the best one. That's the one I would buy.
  • - (slamming) (buzzer)
  • That is an indestructible flashlight. - But if you would just do this
  • with it... (slams)
  • (buzzer) Now, I mean, that's a little bent.
  • (slamming)
  • (flashlight piece clattering) You saw it here, folks.
  • - (both chuckle) - Wow.
  • - You're stronger than a tank!
  • (explosions booming) ♪ (hard rock music) ♪
  • - (eagle screeching) - (gun firing)
  • - (FBE) So, you tried some of these and therefore lost.
  • - I told you, I have no self-control. (laughs) I'm not even mad about it.
  • - I just wanted to try them, because when else am I going to try
  • these weird As Seen on TV products? - You can't put a product
  • that was seen ON TELEVISION in front of me and not have me try it.
  • - As a kid, I never got to buy any of these things.
  • I would just watch the infomercials. And so, now to have them, I'm like,
  • of course gonna try as many as these things as humanly possible.
  • - (FBE) So, you didn't try any of 'em and therefore won this challenge.
  • - Oh, man. It's hard being me. I'm just solid at being at a place.
  • That's what I'm good at. - (FBE) So finally, having seen
  • all of the commercials and tried a few of these, are you going
  • to buy any of these products? - I don't think so,
  • but that's because most of them don't work.
  • - Probably not. (chuckles) I mean, the light was pretty handy.
  • - No! I can go home and say, "Siri, turn off the lights."
  • - No. There's such specific things that I don't need in my life.
  • - As long as you've got a grandma and a weird product,
  • I think you're golden with selling weird stuff on TV.
  • - Yeah, there's never an end to ideas, good and bad.
  • - Mm-hmm. - No, no. I'm not gonna,
  • 'cause I already got my fix. I used it. I know how good they are.
  • That's 80% of why people buy this garbage.
  • - Thanks so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
  • - Make sure you subscribe to all the creators in this episode
  • in those links down below. - Thanks for watching. Bye now.
  • - Hey, everyone! Lauren, producer here at FBE.
  • Thank you so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React.
  • And thank you to all the YouTubers who came in and shot with us today.
  • (claps) Bye, everyone.

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YouTubers take on the Try Not To Try Challenge featuring As Seen On TV Products. Watch to see their Reactions.

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