YouTuber David Dobrik Takes on Ellen's 'Burning Questions'

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01:51   |   Jul 23, 2019


YouTuber David Dobrik Takes on Ellen's 'Burning Questions'
YouTuber David Dobrik Takes on Ellen's 'Burning Questions' thumb YouTuber David Dobrik Takes on Ellen's 'Burning Questions' thumb YouTuber David Dobrik Takes on Ellen's 'Burning Questions' thumb


  • Hey, guys.
  • It's David Dobrik.
  • I'm here to answer some of Ellen's burning questions.
  • Let's go.
  • "My ideal mukbank would be?"
  • Probably like Chipotle and Domino's, a really good mix.
  • [DING]
  • "My favorite vine is?"
  • The peanut butter baby.
  • That's the one I can think of off the top of my head.
  • [DING]
  • "The strangest thing I'm afraid of?"
  • I'm really scared of one of my friends
  • accidentally washing their hands too close to my toothbrush
  • and bacteria getting on it.
  • [DING]
  • "John Stamos smells like?"
  • Like lavender.
  • And then-- well, at nighttime, he smells different.
  • But I don't want to get into that.
  • [DING]
  • "If I could have internet beef with anyone, it would be?"
  • Keanu Reeves, because I'd want him to come to my house
  • and try to attack me.
  • [DING]
  • "A song title that describes my love life is?"
  • "Bad Romance."
  • [DING]
  • "My YouTube crush is?"
  • Probably Doug the pug.
  • [AWE-ING]
  • [DING]
  • "The craziest thing written about me was?"
  • That I ever had feelings for my assistant.
  • [DING]
  • "My memoir will be titled?"
  • He Was All Right.
  • "My craziest fan story is?"
  • Someone knocked at my door at like 2:00 AM the other day
  • asking me if I wanted to go get beers.
  • No!
  • It's 2:00 AM!
  • The bars are closed, should've come earlier.
  • [DING]
  • "Member of the Vlog Squad that would
  • be worst in a horror movie?"
  • Probably Jonah, because he's lazy.
  • [DING]
  • "The celebrity I want to collab with the most is?"
  • Chris Pratt.
  • [DING]
  • Ellen!
  • [DING]
  • Ellen!
  • [DING]
  • [DING]
  • "The naughtiest food is?"
  • Salami.
  • [DING]
  • "Who I would want to join the Vlog Squad?"
  • Chris Pratt--
  • [DING]
  • and Ellen!
  • [DING]
  • "A celebrity I'd like to prank?"
  • Probably Justin Bieber.
  • I think that would be fun.
  • Ellen, these questions are hotter than my flame thrower.
  • Thanks for having me.
  • Be sure to subscribe for more burning questions.

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Flamethrower enthusiast, YouTuber, and Vine star David Dobrik sits down to answer some of Ellen's most probing questions. David spills it all, from his weirdest fan encounter, to who he wants to join the Vlog Squad, to what John Stamos smells like!
Check out David's channel, here.