Yesterdays | On The 5th Day of Christmas

Dec 17, 2019


Yesterdays | On The 5th Day of Christmas
Yesterdays | On The 5th Day of Christmas thumb Yesterdays | On The 5th Day of Christmas thumb Yesterdays | On The 5th Day of Christmas thumb


The Rundown:
- Pinky hoodies is from Urban Outfitters
- Chunky gold hoops are Jennifer Fisher
- Wavy hair tutorial here : https://tinyurl.com/tvlas4r
- Sublime sweater is from Urban Outfitters -- got it online but saw a ton in store
- I go to Monaco Hair Extension Lounge in Tampa
- Hair method used is Hand Tied
- I forgot my AirPods and had to edit with everyone listening 😳😂
- Gave Tiny her birthday gifts early cause I wasn't sure if I'd see her on her actual birthday.
- Didn't end up changing.
- Enchanted St.Pete was a 4 out of 10. Tickets were really expensive & I think we were there under an hour. Cool for pictures.
- Aladdin t-shirt is from Target
- We ended up at Target but J did not get an espresso machine lol
- J made from scatch white sauce for that pasta with spinach and OMGGGG I wish you guys could have tasted it. 🤤
- Is anybody else having trouble finding Vanilla Chameleon Cold Brew?!? 🤔
- P.S. we do use reusable grocery bags but I'm human and forget sometimes. 😅
- I rode 6.5 miles my first ride back and recovered on the ground for 15 minutes. 😂
- Dyson airwrap is the greatest invention in this decade.
- Last time I got Botox was in March.
- I was in & out of Lecada in 12 minutes. 😳🏃🏻‍♀️
- That damn hand print on the fridge (JEREMY).
- The Hydating Porefessional was ok. Didn't love it, didn't hate it.
- My Apple TV kept freezing if you're wondering why the Housewives were paused. 😡
- Lip combo is MAC Stripdown Liner + MAC Creme D'Nude + MAC My Tweedy
- Eyeshadow is Jouer Blush palette.
- Gray Champion hoodie is from Urban Outfitters
- I met SO many subscribers will at International in Nordstorm I never even pulled out my camera. 😫
- Are you done with Christmas shopping?!?!
- Still carless.
- "tHe WiNdOwS OPeN!!!!!!!"
- That rolled up waffle cone thing is a krumkake which is a Norwegian waffle cookie. My first time ever having them but my sister in law makes them all the time. 🤤
- Thumbs up for my cookie. 😂🎄
- We finished the night with The Grinch.

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