Yesterdays | Last Week Home Before Roadtrip

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Sep 09, 2019


Yesterdays | Last Week Home Before Roadtrip
Yesterdays | Last Week Home Before Roadtrip thumb Yesterdays | Last Week Home Before Roadtrip thumb Yesterdays | Last Week Home Before Roadtrip thumb


T H E R U N D O W N :
- Sorry about the lens noise, its over before 7 minutes.
- I can't say it's Wednesday without saying my dudes.
- SUPER esssited it for Yosemite....can you tell?
- Orange has really scratched off my keyboard keys before.
- I find that as much as I LOVE planners I get more shit done if I plan it out in a notebook, planner boxes seem constricting lol
- Still loath pedicures but gotta do it
- Office space video here : /watch?v=MUMoEICzW6w
- Slytherin cup is from Etsy
- Those Honey Nut Cheerios hit the spot!
- Our lodge in Yosemite is an hour away from the valley lol but 3 miles to the one of the entrances
- In elementary school we had people come show us how to escape from alligators and that's stayed with me
- Beebs makes the best fried rice ever.
- Don't you think he needs a cooking channel!!! Tell him on his IG page! @jeremykeating
- Ole Henrikson Phat Facial & Korres Hydra Biome masks are currently in heavy rotation.
- Luna (TUNA) lives for hair ties. She has a collection of about 100 currently.
- My windshield is still cracked
- FL has been abnormally hot lately.......
- Orange is the only one who likes cat grass?!?
- Super into Vital Proteins collagen at the moment! The blue one is flavorless, the little shots are really good and the waters aren't badddd lol just kinda bland but I still drink them!
- That smoothie thooooo
- If I hear that Taylor Swift commercial ONE.MORE.TIME I'm not gonna do anything except keep signing it!
- I didn't film that purple look but will if you want it! Obsessed with the lip on that look!
- That iPhone tripod and remote are still my favorite Amazon buy, when you see pics of me & Beebs at Yosemite, just know!
- Hiking boots are from Amazon and by Colombia
- The Bean aka Evelyn is my tiny spirit animal but dang girl just gonna cough all on me
- Orange only likes decaf.
- Maybe I should stop wearing all black in this heat.....
- Why is Costco ALWAYS packed? ALWAYS!
- Yes I did pull in the driveway, set up the camera and pull back out just to pull back in. As Beebs says, "Do it for the vlog."
- If only Alexa could really pack your bags!
- The pizza was fire.

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