Yesterdays: Christmas Came Early

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Nov 05, 2018


Yesterdays: Christmas Came Early
Yesterdays: Christmas Came Early thumb Yesterdays: Christmas Came Early thumb Yesterdays: Christmas Came Early thumb


I love you.

The Rundown.
- Scrunchies are the best thing ever. Why did we stop wearing them?
(I blame Carrie Bradshaw.)
- Luna is now Tuna.
- Juice is bigger than Orange boy.
- Gary cardigan is from Revolve.
- Check out my OGX Collab -- shop.ogxbeauty.com
- J''s ankle is a tiny bit swollen still but all the bruising is gone.
- Monaco Salon is the salon were I go.
- @longhairartistry does my extensions & @hair_by_damavazquez does my color.
- The hand tied extensions are really the most comfortable extensions I've ever worn. I've had sew ins before and hated them but these are life changing. Extremely light weight, really comfy to sleep in and unclockabe.
- HomeGoods I love you.
- Are you Christmas decorations out yet?
- I only got 5 new trees this year lol I was looking for little extras like snow globes and nutcrackers...I love Christmas.
- I'm still pumped for Thanksgiving I just don't like the decor for it haha.
- I used watercolors for my galaxy painting.
- Beebs got down that Sunday on the elote (corn).
- I ended up leaving the DMV before my number was called because we had to pick up Tiny and had been there 2 and a half hours already.
- I still hate Publix but love pears.
- I can't help I get all the packages lol.
- I'm still mad about the trick or treaters. SO.MUCH.CANDY.
- My onesies was from Tipsy Elves.
- I hit 3 HomeGoods in totally, one PierOne & a Hobby Lobby.
- The Bean is Jeremy's niece therefore she is mine haha her name is Evelyn but I only refer to her as The Bean.
- My tree collection is 3 years old & my favorite holiday item...clearly.
- Storage bins are from Home Depot.
- That tornado came OUT OF NOWHERE. The lights went on and off probably 10 times but was over in about 10 minutes.
- Glasses at # are Quay Blue Light frames.
- I have to fight my nail tech @jaysmommie to cut my nails down. She really is about that longs nails or die life.
- The struggle to get a good nail selfie is real.
- That's it. I love you.

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The End.

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