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We’ve been waiting for National Treasure 3 since 2007

Why is National Treasure 3 taking so long to come out?

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WATCH: Firefighters help rescue a deer out of the ice

Massachusetts firefighters rescued this deer out of the ice!

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Sandi Frisby
Greta Thunberg made the case for immediate action to stop climate change ✊

Greta Thunberg claps back at the World Economic Forum ‘nothing has been done about climate change’

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Nick Jones
Tony Sturm
Josh Boggess
Frank Castle
Gerard Ford
"I just feel everyone should be aware of what kind of people run this place."

Man shares 'appalling experience' with restaurant after his father's death: 'Utterly disgusted'

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Jani Brooks
One of the world’s deadliest diseases might have a permanent cure in the works.

World’s first malaria vaccination is being tested in three African countries

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Michelle Ludmila Nelson

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Dale L. Thomas
Franco Kailsan
James Worthen
"It's really sad what Billie had to go through… at the hands of humans no less."

RIP Billie The Pidge, the pigeon with a heart of gold

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Lee Morin
Mona Lorraine Barbour
Ebb Turner
Francine Kuhn
Francisco Arguelles

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Lucy Dean
Jessica Burnham
Gail Calvo
Belinda Jackson
Holly Hawkins
This dad made an accessibility controller to help their child play with their friends

This dad made an accessibility controller for his daughter

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