WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1)

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14:36   |   May 21, 2019


WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1)
WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1) thumb WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1) thumb WoW Classic: Funniest Moments (Ep.1) thumb


  • The Arena: WoW Classic Funniest Moments (May 2019)
  • Wait.. Oh... Oh
  • Cause i've ressin.. I might die
  • Okay Ready? You're such a badass Azmon
  • I know
  • ahahahhahaha
  • YES!
  • ahahhahahahahaha
  • oh man
  • I knew it was gonna work
  • owned so unbelievably hard
  • dude
  • blue weapon (in classic wow)
  • okay
  • okay guys.. so nobody needs this
  • none of us actually need this
  • so we should all greed
  • Asmon?
  • wha-what?
  • greed on what
  • on the blackfang?
  • Asmon?,, What?
  • Asmon?
  • ASMON?
  • hit greed
  • okay so i'm gonna take this to the guild bank.

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The wait is over for wow classic / vanilla wow. I've gathered the funniest moments and experiences of classic wow so far. People just don't understand how hardcore the game actually was.

Enjoy these moments where in the savage world of world of warcraft classic you don't just open the chest, you have to be the 1st one to open it, otherwise, you lose. Moments where in PvP, it's not about Maledict pressed at the right time, it's about landing that 1 heroic strike on the mage that is kiting you and slicing him in half.

It's about jumping over frost nova, it's about learning to wield certain weapon types later in the game. But most importantly - it's about not freaking with that 1 Murloc chilling near the lake, cause there are always 10 more ready to jump you BFA as*.

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