World’s RAREST STEAK Olive Wagyu vs Japanese A5 WAGYU Beef!

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World’s RAREST STEAK Olive Wagyu vs Japanese A5 WAGYU Beef!
World’s RAREST STEAK Olive Wagyu vs Japanese A5 WAGYU Beef! thumb World’s RAREST STEAK Olive Wagyu vs Japanese A5 WAGYU Beef! thumb World’s RAREST STEAK Olive Wagyu vs Japanese A5 WAGYU Beef! thumb


  • As you can see I've tried almost every single wagyu there is out there but there's
  • one that I have not tried yet. But that will end today. This is the olive wagyu
  • experience and we're going to give it a try today and let you know how we
  • like it. So let's do it!
  • After purchasing it from an online retailer this is the unboxing.
  • This is the olive Wagyu as you saw it it came with dry ice and it is a hundred
  • percent frozen. As it states on the label it is olive wagyu A4. Now if you're
  • wondering it why it's not a five they do not have that available. The highest
  • grading you can order is up to A4, and that's what I have today. I know
  • you're gonna ask me for price after all the discounts were added it comes out to
  • a hundred and seventy-six dollars per pound. In each one of these steaks cost a
  • hundred and fifty four dollars and fifty cents.
  • All of these informative flyers came inside of the box and as some people
  • claim they say that it is the best in the world and I can't wait to give it a
  • try. Now just like all frozen steaks the best way to defrost the steak is to
  • leave it overnight in the refrigerator. You never want to throw it in water or
  • leaving defrosting at room temperature, even though that works it's not the best
  • way to do it. That will be Frost the steak slowly to
  • keep its maximum quality. To truly compare that Olive Wagyu taste I placed
  • another order.
  • and as I open the box, oh well this one is Japanese wagyu A5 but you can
  • see that it is a ribeye. I don't think you will even be fair if I use this one. This
  • is the one that we're gonna compare it with, and it is a Japanese wagyu A5
  • New York Strip. Now as far as price I pay a hundred and sixty six dollars and
  • sixty cents after the discounts. And each steak cost a hundred and forty-five
  • dollars and fifty cents. So they are almost the same price but this one is
  • about ten dollars less. After defrosting them overnight in the refrigerator this
  • is what they look like. As you can see the marbling of the olive Wagyu is
  • fantastic. It is a little bit oxidized but if you've seen my oxidation
  • experiment video you know that that's okay. And just in case you did not see
  • that video yet make sure you check out our later on.
  • Now just for comparison I also defrosted the a5 and this is what a marbling of a5
  • looks like. To my eyes it seems like it's more distributed there's not a huge
  • difference but there is a difference. If I put them side-by-side you can see that
  • there's not that much difference in the marbling I say they both look great. The
  • only huge difference is that the olive Wagyu is oxidized and the a5 is not.
  • Oxidation usually happens when you freeze the steak for a long time. Before
  • opening them I wanted to make sure that they weigh exactly what I paid for.
  • 14.25 ounces 0.89 pounds 403 grams and 0.404 kilos.
  • So the weight is exactly on point. Then I weighed the
  • Japanese Wagyu A5 14.25 ounces 0.892 pounds 405 grams and 0.405 kilos.
  • They weighed exactly the same.
  • Now all there's left to do is open these steaks and see what they look like after I Pat them dry.
  • And I started with the olive Wagyu once I pat it dry this is what it looks like.
  • As I lift the steak from my board you can see that it's slightly breaking and
  • it also has a few holes on it not quite sure if that's normal I've never seen it
  • before. But it felt very tender he felt like if I was not careful it was
  • just basically gonna fall apart in my hands. After handling so many meats I
  • never experienced anything like this but I was excited to give it a try. Then I
  • jumped right into the Japanese wagyu A5 and I can tell you right away
  • there's a big difference just opening one and the other. It's kind of hard to
  • open this one. It's tight and the vacuum does not give now this is crazy it took
  • me about a minute and a half to open this steak. The vacuum seal is super tight.
  • And when I did this is what it looks like.
  • Handling one and the other is a completely different experience. This one
  • does not bend it is a solid piece. As you can see I can slam it on the board and
  • it will stand upright. One way to describe it it's like a brik this thing
  • is just solid. For you to better understand I try to handle both of them
  • at the same time. As you can see the olive Wagyu is just like jello and the
  • a5 I'm holding it with one finger in it does not Bend it is solid completely.
  • different experience and I did not expect that. When I put them side-by-side
  • this is what they look like
  • But now that you have seen the comparison of both steaks it is time to
  • season them. To ensure I taste the steak and nothing else and keeping the
  • seasoning very simple only salt and freshly ground black pepper. And like
  • always I do season both sides.
  • But now I say it is enough talking it is time to cook and taste this wonderful
  • steaks so let's do it!
  • All right we have our beautiful steaks here. What do you think Angel? W e have our
  • beautiful wagyus. How do you know is wagyu? Hello!
  • There's no way you're not able to tell when you see those kind of fat marbling
  • in between. Is just absolutely ridiculous and top-notch quality beef. And my mouth
  • is like. Salivating? Yeah I can't even talk too much.
  • Alright so Angel we have a little experiment today. I guess this is a good experiment.
  • I know you I know you like this kind. Or maybe whatever it is you did work or it's just a very good
  • experiment. True. So we have steak A and steak B and I want to know which one
  • you like better there's a different taste profile and all that good stuff.
  • You ready? You're not even gonna cut in half? What? You go ahead you're going for
  • it? Just like that? Alright let's do this together.
  • Cheers! Cheers everybody.
  • Some people ask me does it get old?
  • No it doesn't get old at all.
  • That...
  • Is so soft. It's like perfection of an
  • explosion on your mouth. My goodness! It goes like... Damn you're going for the second one
  • Easy dude! This is a tasting steak right it's not a steak for you to get full but
  • my nephews here thinks otherwise. I think very differently as you could tell. How
  • do you think it tastes?
  • It's amazing. It's wagyu bro! oh it is incredible. Can you tell what kind
  • of Wagyu this is? Let's see how good you are. A5? A5 my brother!
  • He's good. You can tell everybody
  • once you've experienced something like this it is phenomenal and it is
  • difficult to replicate this kind of taste. Yeah. You agree with me? Yeah it's
  • amazing, I'm not gonna lie it's probably one of the best steaks.
  • It is! That's why they charge you so much. Okay now I wanna try the second one. You
  • ready for it? I don't know. Can I split it in half or you... You can split those in
  • half. Dang Angel alright let's try the second one.
  • I think this one fell a little bit harder folding it. It did? when I, cuz I
  • folded this one just like the last one. Interesting well let me know. I don't know maybe
  • maybe not. Cheers everybody second one!
  • Amazing just as good hmm
  • That is a nice and wonderful steak. What do you think Angel? mmm mmm they're the
  • same though. They're the same? That's not a bad thing, at all. Can you not tell any
  • difference?
  • Not at all? Is exactly the same for you? Yeah.
  • I kind of uh, hold on
  • we might have to give it a second try here with a tasting here because this one
  • kind of surprised me a little bit. Why are you gonna cut. Just get a little piece dude.
  • Not a lot like a little piece because we by the way we have a little party today
  • I've got a lot of people need to try. All right try that one let's try it again Angel.
  • That's so good, so good second one right away I can't taste any difference
  • whatsoever if there's a difference this difference is like right towards to your
  • palate towards the end just like... Aftertaste? Yeah there's a little bit
  • more aftertaste on this one here but not that it's a good thing not that I don't...
  • Which one you like better?
  • You don't know? It tastes the same. It tastes the same. Maybe
  • you know what maybe I want to say maybe this one's a little bit more fatty.
  • This one is a little bit more fatty? So you have a little more richness. Yeh. Just a very
  • small amount. The difference is very very minor is not so much I was expecting
  • something different like a different kind of beef profile taste, you? I don't
  • know why you don't know why I would say okay so this. I wasn't expecting much.
  • This is Japanese Wagyu A5 straight from Japan this is this is also
  • straight from Japan but this is the famous Olive Wagyu. Oh. Olive wagyu
  • Oh that's what we're doing. That's what we are doing. Ok, and it's also A5. No this is one A4
  • Okay so I was right no? A little bit more fatty. Yeah this one is a
  • little bit more fatty in regards to taste profile I really can't tell any
  • difference you? If there's a difference it's very very minor. It's so slightly. And it comes
  • right at the end of getting the flavor. Like towards the end there's a little
  • bit of aftertaste of beef. They are both extremely fatty. Maybe you
  • got you got a look for that you really got it like... Come over here, we got a lot of
  • people behind the camera that I want to try come over here. This is miss Kayla
  • you guys all know her already Angel's girlfriend.
  • Alright Keya let's try this. Try that one first.
  • I like how you go for the bigger piece.
  • Try it! you tell me how does that taste Kayla
  • Pretty good! You know...
  • You can't even lie right it's like yeah it's pretty good. so try the second one
  • now we want to know your opinion. Oh this one's harder to like press into. Yeah?
  • Maybe I'm not going crazy.
  • There's a difference. There's a difference, okay you
  • tell us. What do you taste? We want to know what is the difference.
  • Tenderness are they the same?
  • I think the wagyu A5 is more tender.
  • Ok, how about the taste you say its different for you? Yeah so this one
  • tastes like its more... I do think that they're both very similar in taste the only
  • difference is that this one doesn't have like a bad...You mean this one here? Yeah the
  • the wagyu A5 doesn't have a bad aftertaste whereas this one it's not bad
  • it's not about aftertaste but it kind of tastes like old meat. Like old meat in the
  • end a little bit? Yeah like after you like while you're
  • eating it it's it's fine it's great but after that it's like. I understand what
  • she's saying because he has like a little aftertaste in the end right Angel.
  • It's like a little after taste not crazy big. No, no, no. Yeah but he has a little aftertaste
  • that is kind of weird but this is a phenomenal steak. I said that what do you
  • think? I think it has the aftertaste but you have to look for it you have got to
  • have an acquired taste for me. You have you have a very acquired
  • taste or you gotta be picky and be looking for something. Yeah you know if you're
  • looking like we're judging one side by side but if you eat this steak by itself
  • you probably won't be able to tell the aftertaste at all. But since we're putting
  • one next to the other yeah you know the aftertaste is there. You agree Kayla? Yeah
  • Okay now we have to judge. Angel pick a winner
  • A or B this one's more fatty I'm going for this. Fatty is always better I agree
  • Kayla which one just by the taste I like A better. I like the A this one as
  • well, this is the a5. I hope you guys get a chance to experience both see which
  • one you guys like best I stick with an a5. You? I go A5 man I'm sorry. Kayla? yeah same
  • Will stick with the A5 so these are the results. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
  • do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up if you're not a
  • subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you're
  • interested in anything I use everything is always on the description down below.
  • Thank you so much for watching and we'll see you guys on the next one take care
  • everybody bye bye. and if you ever tried olive wagyu let
  • me know in the comments below how was your experience. I love to know because
  • we're used to this one this one is good as well they're both good man. I eat them both
  • Hey no complaint. It's not a problem I have no issue with either one.
  • I will completely devour all of of this. I know if I had
  • a chance. We have and I think I think Guga needs to stop what he is trying to do.
  • We have a few more people today trying
  • And we will see you guys on the next one everybody. Bye bye
  • Bye my friend!

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After trying almost every type of wagyu out there one I have never tasted was OLIVE wagyu. But that changes today with this video. Olive wagyu is not easy to get and today I put it against an A5 to see how good it really is. These are the results.

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As it is thin I recommend grilling it in super high heat (Direct Heat) if you don't you will over cook the steak as you are searing it.

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