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Welcome to Wonder World,

I do short interesting, unique, obscure & overlooked stories, from around the world, that will make you wonder what else you don't know.

Every story has been chosen specifically because it interested me, not because it is a viral / popular topic, but more to do with because I wanted to cover the topic from my point of view with my own research.

As one viewer said "exactly the kind of things I like to watch, a really nicely curated collection of stories!"

► If you have an interesting story you would like told or have an idea for a story, please contact me. I will check out all suggestions.

► Businesses - I am happy to cover your product if it's unique & interesting, if it's just another version of an everyday thing that already exists, I am not interested.

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Note: My Accent is Australian not English, like some have thought.

Mr Wonder


00:00 FIREFALL - Yosemite Horsetail Falls
79K+ views | Aug 21, 2018
03:23 STONE SCULPTURES - The Art of Balance
13K+ views | May 23, 2018
05:01 The Difference Between AWD vs 4WD
4M+ views | Apr 16, 2018
04:00 Rabbit Island - Okunoshima Japan
99K+ views | Jan 07, 2018
04:54 COZMO - The AI Robot With Emotions
201K+ views | Nov 17, 2017