Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser and Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Swamp Thing

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Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser and Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Swamp Thing
Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser and Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Swamp Thing thumb Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser and Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Swamp Thing thumb Wonder Woman 1984 Teaser and Why DC Cancelled Comic Con and Swamp Thing thumb


  • Hi everyone! It's Charlie. We have a new Wonder Woman 1984 teaser to break down.
  • There's a bunch of DC news because they're not going to Comic-Con this summer.
  • No DC movies at Comic-Con. I'll explain what's up with that.
  • And there's a bunch of other DC news about them cancelling Swamp Thing I'll explain at the end of the video too.
  • So if you're brand new to the channel, be sure to subscribe to get all the easter egg videos.
  • There's still going to be a lof of trailers for everything dropping at Comic-Con
  • because so much Marvel stuff and other stuff from the TV shows is happening too.
  • But the big thing about the Wonder Woman teaser is the reason why they dropped it recently is because
  • they just wanted to show you a look for how crazy the movie is going to get.
  • Like "Look at how much colour! Look how shiny!" That's part of the reason why the movie is set during the 80s.
  • Because it was one of the most over-the-top, vain decades in American history, maybe world history too,
  • mostly American history in the context of this film.
  • But you probably recognize her crazy upgraded armour from the comics.
  • She does wear battle armour every once in a while.
  • Within the context of the actual story, though, Patty Jenkins explains that she needs the armour for one of her final boss fights during the movie.
  • There are a lot of theories about who that actually is.
  • Like, who would she need crazy armour for to fight in the movie if it's not another god?
  • But that's only for practical reasons. The metaphorical reason for including the armour is because it's the MOST decade.
  • 1984, the height of excess, height of optimism, height of vanity.
  • So, it would make sense that as America went all shiny and over the top, so does Wonder Woman with some of her outfits during the movie.
  • Also really funny -- women's shoulder pads were out of control in the 80s.
  • So -- ha ha! -- you get the joke. Of course Wonder Woman has crazy hardcore shoulder pads on her armour.
  • But the armour itself is just her Themysciran war armour.
  • Her normal outfit is already battle armour but it's only meant to be sort of a base layer of what Amazons would consider armour.
  • Like you or me or normal people walking around outside on a normal day just wearing a light jacket.
  • But as a demi-god, Wonder Woman is almost impervious to visible damage anyway, just like Superman.
  • So, for 99% of the threats that she faces, she doesn't even need armour. Her skin is the armour.
  • The only time she actually needs a suit of armour like this in the comics is when she's fighting actual gods
  • or beings as powerful as gods, like Darkseid.
  • I don't think it's a spoiler to say that Darkseid is not going to be in this movie.
  • So, it's likely that one of the final bosses of Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the other Greek gods that we haven't met yet,
  • like Hades or Apollo the sun god, which is a big rumour going around that Pedro Pascal might be playing Apollo.
  • There's a theory tying his character, who's still a bit of a mystery, to the return of Steve Trevor. He comes back to life.
  • They say that this is really Steve Trevor physically coming back from death during the movie.
  • He's not an apparition, he's not secretly Martian Manhunter masquerading as Steve Trevor, and he's not a trick of her mind.
  • So, it's not mind space Steve Trevor. It's really him, he's come back, and he's totally fish out of water just like she was during the first movie.
  • Like, "What the hell is going on? What is a mall? Why are these people dressed so funny? Why is everything so crazy?"
  • There's also supposed to be a link between Pedro Pascal's character and the Cheetah character becoming Cheetah.
  • Because she doesn't start out looking like Cheetah during the movie.
  • It's Kristen Wiig's character, who is another archaeologist, but because she's only one of the villains of the movie, and she's a tragic villain at that,
  • it seems like his character winds up taking advantage of her and drives her to become evil during the movie.
  • So, technically, she's not really the big bad even though she's a big comic book villain for Wonder Woman.
  • But think about it this way -- Wonder Woman wearing her hardcore comic book battle armour, fighting Pedro Pascal who has crazy god-level power.
  • if you've ever seen the Game of Thrones episode where Oberyn Martell fights the Mountain,
  • you understand why it would be cool to see them do a version of that during Wonder Woman 1984.
  • Have they told you who I am?
  • Some dead man!
  • But because we've already seen her future in the Justice League movie, we know that the special armour upgrade is only temporary.
  • So, I'm sure if it doesn't get obliterated at the end of this movie,
  • then in present day it's probably just hanging in a closet somewhere waiting for her to yank it back out again.
  • Because I think the idea is that eventually we will get to present day with the Wonder Woman movies if they do a third one, maybe a fourth one,
  • who knows what's going to happen with Wonder Woman after that?
  • The really big news, though, that everyone's talking about, next big thing, is that DC is not doing a big Comic-Con Hall H panel.
  • That's right -- they're not taking any of the DC movies to Comic-Con this summer.
  • I'm sure there are a lot of lesser reasons for that, but the main reason is that Wonder Woman's marketing campaign doesn't start 'til December
  • and that's when they start dropping trailers and clips. So, we'll be getting footage for it before the end of the year
  • but because the movie's not coming out 'til next summer, they just want to wait a little bit later to actually start dropping footage.
  • Yes, I know they just officially announced Robert Pattinson was cast as the Batman for Matt Reeves' Batman trilogy
  • but they're not even going to start shooting that 'til either way later this year or early next year, so there's not really anything to show for that.
  • Maybe they'll show some concept art eventually, but I think they're trying to hold that pretty close to the vest so that people don't judge it too quickly.
  • Birds of Prey is the other DC movie coming out but it's coming out before that at the beginning of February next year.
  • So, they're going to start their campaign even sooner. But the reason they're probably not bringing footage for that is because they're not done editing it yet.
  • They probably just don't have something that looks shiny enough that they're happy to show to everyone.
  • But we'll get footage for that before we get footage for Wonder Woman 1984 later this year.
  • There's a lot of really big stuff happening this fall -- a lot of stuff starting. We have The Watchmen HBO TV show.
  • We have the Disney Plus streaming service with the Star Wars Mandalorian TV show.
  • Talking about Pedro Pascal in Wonder Woman 1984, he's also playing the Mandalorian in The Mandalorian Star Wars series.
  • The much bigger news that people were asking me about this morning, though, was them cancelling the Swamp Thing TV show right after the first episode aired.
  • That isn't a record or anything like that because they cancelled Jessica Jones before season 3 started and that hasn't even dropped yet.
  • But they did not waste any time. They shot 10 episodes. The reason why it got cancelled, though, has nothing to do with creative.
  • Everybody likes the way the show looks. It looks really cool. It's one of their first horror series that they've done in a long time.
  • The real reason it got cancelled is actually kind of crazy and it's more of a bureaucratic financial thing than a creative thing.
  • So, what happens is they film the show in North Carolina because they get a crazy big tax rebate.
  • And quick crash course on how they actually make movies and television shows is that in each state in the United States, or sometimes in foreign countries,
  • there will be a tax rebate, which is a giant pile of money that the state will basically give to a movie or a TV show that is shooting there in order to come shoot there
  • because when people shoot a TV show or they film a movie somewhere, it basically brings a bunch of jobs and a bunch of money and other things to that area.
  • So, the state of Georgia, for instance, gives a bunch of money to the Marvel people to shoot all their big Avengers movies there,
  • but the actual production itself brings extra money into the state,
  • so the state of Georgia winds up benefitting their local economy by giving a little bit of money to Marvel.
  • And when I say "a little bit of money," I'm talking tens and hundreds of millions of dollars sometimes.
  • It's the same thing for TV shows like Swamp Thing.
  • The problem with the Swamp Thing TV show that got it cancelled is that North Carolina promised to pay for half of the Swamp Thing TV show,
  • which is about 40 million dollars. So, imagine they're spending 80 million dollars on 13 episodes of TV.
  • That allows them to make a crazy high-quality TV show. So don't you feel a little bit sadder about it now?
  • But because North Carolina apparently made a clerical error when they made that deal with Warner Bros.,
  • they only wound up giving a little bit of that money to Warner Bros., so Warner Bros. ended up paying way more for the Swamp Thing TV show than they wanted to pay.
  • Which is why they're cancelling it. It's just too expensive and costs way more money than they want to spend by themselves.
  • Even if that sounds a little confusing, if you're wondering why, say, like the CW DC TV shows can continue to pull such shit TV ratings
  • but they keep making them every year. Like how can they make so many episodes if it costs so much money and they get really terrible ratings?
  • Why are they renewing Titans for season 2 on the DC Universe but not Swamp Thing?
  • It's all about where the money to actually make the TV shows comes from because they wouldn't be making these TV shows if they didn't make money on them.
  • CW gets almost a billion dollars out of their Netflix syndication deal.
  • So, it doesn't matter what kind of ratings the CW DC TV shows pull because they're already making a lot of syndication money on that stuff.
  • The problem with the DC Universe streaming service is that there is no such syndication deal. So, there's no back-end money coming in.
  • So, Warner Bros. is losing money on the service to pay for these high-quality TV shows
  • and the reason why Titans got renewed for season 2 last year is because Netflix bought the rights to syndicate it internationally.
  • So, Warner Bros. is getting most of its money for that show from Netflix,
  • whereas that's not the case with Swamp Thing.
  • It's always possible something could change but that's the same thing with all those DC Universe TV shows that they've started making now.
  • What's probably going to happen next year, though, is that they'll fold the DC Universe shows and all that service into the larger Warner Bros. streaming service
  • So, you get more content. They're going to bundle that with HBO's content. So, theoretically, when you pay for that, you'll get all the HBO stuff too,
  • including pretty much everything that Warner Bros. makes in terms of TV shows and movies.
  • That's not going to launch 'til next year but don't be surprised if you hear a story about them folding the DC Universe streaming service into that,
  • but obviously it's going to be like a year away, so it's going to be a long time before we hear what's actually going to happen with everything.
  • Anytime something goes really weird with a production that seems like it's actually a pretty good project, it's all about the money.
  • Remember, it takes tens of millions of dollars to produce these TV shows. If it were a movie, it would be in the hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Hopefully that explains what's going on with everything.
  • Who knows if they're going to air the rest of the Swamp Thing episodes because they haven't even aired episode 2 yet.
  • That's supposed to drop tomorrow. I have seen the second episode and we do see the Swamp Thing monster for the first time,
  • so I recommend you check it out if you have the opportunity.
  • But I got a couple more big Marvel videos coming this weekend.
  • Leave all your video requests in the comments below.
  • While you wait for everything, click here for my non-spoilery X-Men: Dark Phoenix review
  • and click here for that Flash season 6 teaser with the Crisis on Infinite Earths scenes.
  • Thank you so much for watching. Everybody stay awesome. I'll see you guys tonight.

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