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Missed Coach O'Shea live today on Instagram? Don't worry, you can head to our page right now and rewatch the whole stream! #ForTheW

Coach O'Shea | Instagram Live

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We're under 30 minutes away from Coach O'Shea taking your questions live on our Instagram page! #ForTheW
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Don't miss your chance to own a piece of history! Our commemorative Grey Cup book is almost here

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Have you always wanted to ask Coach O'Shea a question? Now it is your chance!

Join us tomorrow at 12:00pm CT for an Instagram live with Coach O'Shea! Get your questions in now! #ForTheW
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ICYMI: Ed Tait spoke with some of the players to see how they are getting creative with their training routines.

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Develop and grow your speed skills at home! We have introduced two workouts you can do today to help stay active!

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The parade was a TIME.
#tbt | #ForTheW
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"All you can do is stay healthy, continue to work out and make sure you are available for your family as well. It’s important to be around the people you love and care about.”

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Dion Houston
Head Coach Mike O'Shea will be taking your questions live on our Instagram (@wpgbluebomberscfl) this Friday at 12:00pm CT!

Submit your questions below!
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Time to turn off Netflix and follow along with our strength and conditioning specialist Brayden Miller as he takes you through a couple workouts! #ForTheW

Bombers at home workouts

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