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Are their dark forces in Nature? Can these forces be harnessed? Join me on Saturday at 10pm Eastern and Pacific as I live tweet this episode of The UnXplained on HISTORY

Join me!

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I'm heading over to my Fan Club to chat. You are welcome to join me there:

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This Saturday on #TheUnXplained: ...It’s raining ☔ frooogggggs ... hallelujah... And I will be live tweeting it on Saturday at 10 ET/PT on @HISTORY

The UnXplained : Saturday March 28th

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Tonight! I will be live tweeting both the East Coast and West Coast airings of @theunxplained on @history at 10pm! Join me as we investigate the power of cult leaders over people.

I will be live tweeting at 10pm ET & PT Tonight!

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All of us at The UnXplained and HISTORY are #HereForYou. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay indoors whenever you can. My best, Bill

We are #HereForYou

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‪ So I’m thinking top of the hour maybe do a chat in my fan club forum? ‍♂ WilliamShatnerFanClub.com See you there in 20 mins!‬

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Hurry, my giveaway with @americangreetings ends in one week! Enter now for your chance to win a signed DVD copy of my show The UnXplained! #sponsored #americangreetingspartner #smashups Enter now: [ Bit.ly Link ]

One more week to go!

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Do some people possess a power to control others to do unspeakable acts? We explore this topic this Saturday on @TheUnXplained on @History at 10pm ET/PT.

I plan on live tweeting this episode both ET and PT on Twitter. Join me.

The UnXplained March 20, 2020

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‪Is this the future of the world’s big cities? Could the events happening at this very moment be the explanation that we seek answers for in this weeks episode of @TheUnXplained? Watch Saturday at 10 pm ET/PT on @HISTORY ‬
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MegaCon Miami where I was supposed to appear at has been postponed.
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