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My long-term aim is to show that all branches of academia, politics, and entertainment are accessible to the common individual. We are simpler and smarter than we think, so long as we apply ourselves.I would like to see convergence in humanistic values between major countries (East-West) being the basis of a new common culture. Advent of computer courses and cheap electronics should render university-level education in third world countries free and available. To reach a critical mass of responsible, intelligent, empathetic, strong people, how wonderful a world could be!

I'm not a perfect person. Through forgiveness my life has improved so much, and I want to help others overcome their anger. Anger, hate, suffering, all the same thing. Most people love to hold on to hate, take things personally, because they think it justifies their suffering, and they don't realize that IS the reason they suffer. If you overcome your anger you become the person you were meant to be.