Why Woman Says She's 'Very Concerned' For Boyfriend's 10-Year-Old Son

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03:24   |   Jun 03, 2019


Why Woman Says She's 'Very Concerned' For Boyfriend's 10-Year-Old Son
Why Woman Says She's 'Very Concerned' For Boyfriend's 10-Year-Old Son thumb Why Woman Says She's 'Very Concerned' For Boyfriend's 10-Year-Old Son thumb Why Woman Says She's 'Very Concerned' For Boyfriend's 10-Year-Old Son thumb


  • I'm very concerned for Richard's son.
  • Because I can slowly see him turning into Richard.
  • Ugh! Catch it.
  • He flipped a desk at school,
  • he grabbed someone's arm,
  • he's telling me that he doesn't have to listen to me.
  • He's watching what his dad's doing.
  • He thinks it's okay.
  • The worst part is that Richard's son
  • has seen the abuse.
  • He's heard Richard call me fat, bitch, shut up,
  • whore, stupid, you're ugly.
  • It's awful.
  • If Richard's son continues to see
  • the verbal and physical abuse,
  • he'll end up just like his dad.
  • Jordan says much of what she has endured
  • has been in front of the watchful eyes
  • of Richard's 10 year old son.
  • Now Ashley is the mother of this little boy.
  • And says after Richard was arrested for abusing her,
  • she did end things.
  • But she too worries about what her son has witnessed.
  • I completely understand what Jordan is going through
  • because I dealt with it myself.
  • During our relationship,
  • Richard was abusive mentally, emotionally, and physically.
  • Every time Richard would lash out at me
  • he would always cry, apologize,
  • say he was sorry he would never do it again.
  • I would take him back
  • and then it would repeat.
  • Richard and I got into an argument one evening.
  • He was literally pulling me by my hair.
  • He picked me up and tossed me
  • into his mom's room
  • where I hit the corner of her dresser.
  • And that's when I split my head open.
  • I had a bleach blonde hair,
  • and my hair was literally red.
  • There was so much blood.
  • He made me stay at his mom's house for three days.
  • Took my phone,
  • he did not let me leave.
  • One time I was cooking dinner,
  • he didn't want to attend to our child
  • and he basically went off the deep end.
  • He picked our son up and tossed him
  • about five feet away onto the couch
  • because he was upset with me.
  • He slapped me
  • and then started pulling my hair
  • and my parents had to intervene.
  • I was basically done with the situation
  • and I cut ties with him and that was it.
  • My son is definitely seeing the abuse
  • in the home with Jordan and Richard.
  • My son has told me about an incident
  • that happened where Richard had hit Jordan
  • in the face with a broom stick.
  • My son somehow intervened
  • and his dad actually elbowed him in the cheek.
  • It's very upsetting that my son is seeing
  • the verbal and physical abuse.
  • Richard should turn his life around
  • and do what's right for his son.
  • Tell me about your son.
  • Good boy?
  • He's my saving grace.
  • I love that boy.
  • Good boy?
  • Great boy.
  • The most powerful role model for that boy is you.
  • And they start to mimic even little nuances of who you are.
  • Things that were put on you as you were coming up,
  • you're now modeling for him.
  • And he's gonna do exactly what you're doing
  • if you don't do something to change it.
  • This is his mom right here, right?
  • You're his mom, Ashley?
  • Yes I am.
  • Okay now how's he doing at school?
  • He definitely has behavioral issues.
  • He's flipped desks, he's thrown tables and chairs, yes.
  • If you begin to change,
  • then you'll see changes in him
  • because he'll continue to watch you.

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Hear how a dad’s abusive behavior toward his girlfriend is affecting his 10-year-old son.

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