Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?

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14:49   |   Jun 16, 2017


Why Is YouTube Music So Bad?
Why Is YouTube Music So Bad? thumb Why Is YouTube Music So Bad? thumb Why Is YouTube Music So Bad? thumb

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There comes a time in every YouTuber's career where they suddenly discover a musical talent that was apparently buried deep inside them all this time. So deep, in fact, that they didn't even realize they had it until someone told them how much money they could make if they did. It truly is a miraculous discovery.

Anyway that's what the video is about.

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EDIT: Gonna put this in because of some comments by people who thought I was calling Bibi H. 12. Obviously she is an adult. I had already transitioned onto kids. Danielle Cohn (the girl at #) is 12. Please stop commenting about this lol.

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Oh shit I guess I should reference the songs I'm complaining about lol:

Jake Paul - I Love You Bro

LaurDIY - My Side

Bibi H - How it is ( wap bap ... )


Danielle Cohn - Marilyn Monroe