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Why is it so difficult to talk to someone in Australia from Philips? I am trying to purchase something over the phone , was given an Australian phone number to ring only to call and call and call for the last 2 days with no answer. Turns out it is a call centre in the Philippines and they had a holiday yesterday and seems no one is working today either. I finally got to speak to someone from a totally different department who transferred me to another department (still in the Philippines) only to be told i rang the wrong number. I asked to speak to someone from Philips in Australia but was constantly ignored and fed some "parrot fashion" answer and would not give me a number. They said someone will call me back in the next 5 minutes. Well that was a long 5 minutes. This is the last product I will ever purchase from Philips. They want to use cheap call centres that do not look after their customers, then so be it. I am trying to purchase something. Can you imaging what would happen if i tried to claim warranty or even worse, trying to get a refund. Just spoke to the sales girl (from the Philippines) on a very poor phone line and paid. Then she tells me it will be posted out in 10 days time. WTF? The email from Philips said if i pay by Wednesday (today) it will be posted today. I made it very clear i was not happy with this so they now offered to "Expedite" it for me. Whatever that means i am not sure. Is it just another false promise or will they really send it today. Lets see. Anyway, I hope someone from Philips Australia or even better, Philips HQ will see this and do something to improve the customer experience as i am not a happy customer by far. This is my second Philips purchase in the last 2 months. No more, EVER.
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