White Mischief (2003) | Trailer | Available Now

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White Mischief (2003) | Trailer | Available Now
White Mischief (2003) | Trailer | Available Now thumb White Mischief (2003) | Trailer | Available Now thumb White Mischief (2003) | Trailer | Available Now thumb


White Mischief (2003) - Milk... as natural and wholesome as motherhood, packed with proteins, vitamins and minerals. A great healthy drink for the whole family. But is it really so beneficial? This documentary puts forward the startling claim that the type of milk most of us drink should carry a health warning.

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The classic black-and-white Friesian cow is a dairy industry success story. Each one has been bred to produce up to 6,000 litres of milk a year. But generations of breeding have meant two identical looking cows may produce very different milk, classified as A-1 and A-2. The majority of Fresians - 70% - produce a milk known as A1. It is this that dominates the western market. But scientists like Dr Corrie Mclachlan claim that proteins in this milk actually make it bad for us: 'Correlations with heart disease are vastly stronger than any relationship between smoking and either heart disease or lung cancer.' His company, the A-2 Corporation, has spent millions of dollars trying to promote the alternative milk, A-2.

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