Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive?

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Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive?
Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive? thumb Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive? thumb Which Gift Is More Ridiculously Expensive? thumb


  • - Today we're going to show you
  • some crazy expensive stuff you'll never need.
  • - Let's talk about that.
  • (upbeat music)
  • Good mythical morning.
  • - There's a website that caters exclusively
  • to the most exclusive of exclusive people.
  • It's the what's what for who's who
  • and it's call Hammacher Schlemmer.
  • - Hmm, never heard of that.
  • - But the rich people who use it
  • call it Hammacher Schlemmer.
  • Hammacher Schlemmer, now you know it.
  • - Hammacher Schlemmer.
  • - We thought what better way to talk about
  • the most luxurious gifts in the world
  • than to dress Chase up like gator.
  • It's time for less than or gator than.
  • - [Link] Hammacher Schlemmer edition.
  • - Welcome to the Good Mythical Swamp.
  • I'm your host slash swamp guide, Rhett McLaughlin.
  • Let's bring in our first contestant, Link Neal.
  • Link Neal, come on down.
  • - I'm already down.
  • - Oh, hello. - Hi.
  • - Welcome to the swamp.
  • - Thank you.
  • - There's skeeters.
  • Okay, as you can see, - Get this.
  • - We have a real life gator in the studio today.
  • He hasn't killed anyone over 100 lbs
  • so you've got nothing to worry about.
  • Only pets so far.
  • Here's how this is gonna work.
  • I'm gonna present to you two options
  • that come from the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog,
  • you will place Chase's snout towards
  • the one you think is gator than
  • and then we will reveal both of them.
  • If you are right, Chase will eat the money
  • that holds the price and if you are wrong,
  • you will eat the money that has the price.
  • - Eat the money. - Eat the money.
  • - Not keep the money.
  • - Eat the money.
  • You have one life line, it's a gator-aid.
  • I will actually reveal one of the prices
  • and if you get three correct,
  • you get what's in the mystery box or a dollar.
  • Are you ready?
  • - Okay, do I have to eat the dollar?
  • - Possibly, that's an option.
  • - I'm ready.
  • - Okay Mr. Neal, here are your first two items.
  • First up we have the selfie drone.
  • This smart phone controlled drone captures
  • and shares stunning first person photos
  • and helps you record bucket list adventures,
  • party hi-jinx or daily happenings on the fly.
  • The selfie drone is great for people who love technology,
  • but love themselves even more.
  • And we also have the best children's ATM bank machine.
  • The best children's ATM bank machine
  • lets young account holders use their own ATM card
  • and interact via a push button control panel.
  • With the best children's ATM bank machine,
  • you can tell the tooth fairy to suck it.
  • - Don't add the motion.
  • - That was you know, for emphasis.
  • Which one is gator than.
  • - Selfie drone, well first of all,
  • that woman doesn't not need a selfie drone.
  • With a strong jaw like that,
  • you do not need the high angle of a selfie drone.
  • - Oh wow.
  • - She's got a jaw going on.
  • - She does.
  • - Could cause head injuries,
  • but I think in order to purchase this,
  • you would already have a head injury.
  • - Ooh, really.
  • - I would not put my money in this.
  • I'm tempted to buy that, but I think in order to,
  • I don't know, in order for this to work with real money,
  • it's gotta be high dollar.
  • - Okay.
  • - You know, so I'm thinking that
  • this ATM machine is gator than.
  • - Okay, gator.
  • Do you see how docile he was?
  • - He's so gentle.
  • - [All] $69.95.
  • - [Rhett] And $29
  • - What?
  • - $229.95. - Drones are cheap these days.
  • - Link, eat.
  • Which one does he eat?
  • - I eat this?
  • - It doesn't matter which one you eat.
  • - Is it edible? - Yeah.
  • It's paper man, paper can't hurt you.
  • - It smells like vinyl.
  • - Yeah, go for it.
  • Just put the whole thing in your mouth.
  • Just ball it up.
  • We have found that balling up the money
  • and eating it all at once is the best method.
  • - It does dissolve pretty quickly.
  • You could have gotten the flavored kind, boss.
  • - Oh look at him go, he's like an ATM machine in reverse.
  • How is it? - Needs salt.
  • - Your next two items.
  • We have the climbing wall treadmill.
  • This climbing wall treadmill is a vertical treadmill
  • that has a continuous revolving face
  • letting climbers scale to the height of Mt. Everest.
  • With a climbing wall treadmill,
  • you'll get caught between a rock and a rock hard abs place.
  • - That's totally safe, I'm sure.
  • - And the seven person tricycle.
  • The seven person tricycle is the only tricycle
  • that accommodates seven adults.
  • Each seat has a set of peddles
  • that riders operate simultaneously.
  • Hop on to the seven person tricycle,
  • aren't you tri-curious?
  • (laughter)
  • - Both of these are great.
  • This one is really crazy.
  • - Yeah, I mean this one makes sense on some levels.
  • - This is something you'd see in
  • the basement of like Silver Spoons.
  • You remember that guy?
  • - Seven dwarves would be all over that though.
  • I mean can you see them on it.
  • - No, I know what would happen here.
  • My family would be like oh let's get that.
  • And then I'd be the only one peddling.
  • Period.
  • - Yeah, I've done that at Venus Beach.
  • - Yeah, which direction does it go in?
  • But that is awesome.
  • - Which one is gator than.
  • - This one is obviously motorized, which adds cost.
  • This one is self motorized, which is personal cost.
  • Man this is tough, I was so off last time.
  • - You have a gator-aid for one of these rounds, Link.
  • You can reveal the price of one of the items.
  • - Oh. - Keep that in mind.
  • One time.
  • - I just thought I got to drink a Gatorade.
  • - Nope, not a sponsor.
  • - I want to save it because, man,
  • even though this looks crazy, I think this costs more.
  • Because of the motorized parts.
  • - Okay, Chase gator, reveal the price.
  • $9,950 and $20,000.
  • - What? Why am I so wrong?
  • - Yeah $20,000!
  • Think about the money you'll save on gas.
  • - It's just a welded bike.
  • - Eat it Link, eat it!
  • - Well, I'm buying one of those, man.
  • - Eat it.
  • Well okay, Link, just keep in mind while you're eating that,
  • that if you do not get the last three correct,
  • you don't get what's in the mystery box, I do.
  • - And I get sick.
  • - Yeah, how many of those you think you can take?
  • - No more.
  • - Okay, next up we have a hot tub boat.
  • This is an electric boat with a hot tub
  • built right into it's deck.
  • It fits six adult bathers.
  • With a hot tub boat, you'll be saying yeah buoy.
  • - I keep thinking that I'm winning these.
  • Like whenever you show it to me,
  • I'm like, I could win this.
  • - You can't, you can not win it.
  • We also have the self-contained hootenanny.
  • This self-contained hootenanny is
  • an autonomous mechanical band
  • with 17 instruments built right into its oak cabinet.
  • Once you've listened to this self-contained hootenanny,
  • you'll forget all about Hoot-enanny and the Blowfish.
  • (laughter)
  • Remember them? No you don't.
  • - One can not simply contain a hootenanny.
  • - Oh, hmm.
  • - I do not want this, but I do want that.
  • That's like Real World, Boat Edition.
  • - My question is, where are the controls?
  • - Who needs controls when it's a hot tub?
  • I think you just swim around
  • and who cares, man that's awesome.
  • - My fear is that the controls are somewhere in the area
  • and you gotta watch out when you're driving that sucker.
  • When you six adults in there.
  • - I mean how could a boat, not cost more
  • than whatever a hootenanny is?
  • - Yeah, right, that's what you would think.
  • - Gator than.
  • - Okay, reveal.
  • $42,000 for the hot tub boat.
  • And the self-contained hootenanny is $54,000.
  • - No! No!
  • - Link, I'm not - No!
  • - I'm not taking you shopping with me.
  • - No!
  • - Eat it, Link.
  • - No! - Oh, gosh.
  • You're real bad at this.
  • Okay Link, you're O for three,
  • but because I've got a big heart,
  • I'm gonna say if you get the last two right,
  • you can still have what's in the mystery box.
  • - Thank you, Rhett.
  • And in my defense, the pricing is stupid.
  • This is all ridiculously stupid.
  • - We've got the Finnish grill house.
  • Made from Finnish pine, this authentic grill house
  • replicates the all season back yard cooking huts
  • found throughout Scandinavia and accommodates ten adults.
  • - Wow.
  • - With the Finnish grill house,
  • you'll finishing your dinner in style.
  • We also have the celebrity robotic avatar.
  • This adult size celebrity robotic avatar,
  • is the only robot ever to be admitted
  • into the Screen Actor's Guild.
  • It has appeared in movies, TV, music videos
  • and entertained royalty world wide.
  • His life like movement, smooth dance moves,
  • and engaging personality add
  • celebrity star power to any event.
  • The celebrity robotic avatar.
  • I thought it was a joke, but it's not.
  • - First of all, the scale can't be right.
  • This is photo shopped.
  • - It is, I saw a video.
  • - He's not that big. - He is that big.
  • - He's that big?
  • - He's got a big personality too.
  • - And he's not a celebrity robot.
  • What movie has this robot been in?
  • - I'm not sure.
  • - Maybe that's it.
  • He is a great actor.
  • I haven't recognized him in any of the movies he's been in.
  • - He's been playing humans, okay.
  • - He's like Daniel Day Lewis of robots.
  • - I doubt it.
  • - Does the Finnish grill house cost more
  • because there's an extra L in grill?
  • Or is that just a typo?
  • - That's how they spell grill in Scandinavia.
  • - No it's not. - Yeah it is.
  • - Not it's not.
  • - They add Ls cause it's so cold.
  • - Listen, just say that your show has a typo.
  • - Grilllll
  • - Just say it, man.
  • This is a racket.
  • - Link, I can reveal the price.
  • Again, you suck at this game.
  • Remember, you have a gator-aid.
  • - Give me the gator-aid for this.
  • - Okay, reveal the price of the celebrity robotic avatar.
  • - $345,000? - $345,000.
  • And this is a small hut that holds ten people.
  • Just take that into account.
  • - There's no freakin' way that anything
  • that I can think of anywhere costs more
  • than this celebrity robotic avatar.
  • - Okay, here we go.
  • - Gator than.
  • - Okay, Chase, reveal the other price.
  • Link, you got one right!
  • You got one right!
  • You can do it.
  • - I can.
  • - That means Chase has to eat the price.
  • - [Link] Eat it, buddy.
  • There you go, there you go.
  • Bring it all in.
  • - [Rhett] Look at that.
  • - Keep going.
  • - This is the only way we feed the gator.
  • - Right into the uvula.
  • - Usually people are a little bit better at the game
  • and the gator gets more sustenance,
  • but he's been starving.
  • - He's been hungry, sorry.
  • - We're gonna have to feed him a poodle after this.
  • Okay Link, final round.
  • You gotta get this right to get what's in the mystery box.
  • - Yes sir.
  • - Or the dollar.
  • We've got the submarine sports car.
  • Inspired by the submarine Lotus driven
  • by James Bond in The Spy Who Loved Me,
  • this submarine sports car is the only car
  • that navigates underwater and across land.
  • With the submarine sports car,
  • you can drown your mid-life crisis and possibly yourself.
  • (laughter)
  • Also, we've got the Wild West town amusement park.
  • This Wild West amusement park is a fully operational town
  • built in Northwestern Illinois in 1979.
  • It has 14 buildings and features a working steam locomotive,
  • a 12 person silver mine themed roller coaster,
  • a hand cranked powered cart track,
  • and a carousel centered in the town square.
  • Finally, a place to put your self-contained hootenanny.
  • Enticing.
  • - You buy this, but you can't move it.
  • It's not like it's delivered to you.
  • - You've gotta go to Illinois.
  • But hey, it's Illinois.
  • - Pretty great, right. - That's right.
  • - I've been there. - Yeah.
  • - Land of Lincoln.
  • I think Willie Nelson has one of these on his land.
  • - He does, outside of Austin.
  • - Yeah. - Haven't been there.
  • Willie, still waiting on the invitation.
  • - Submarine sports car.
  • What? - Yep, exactly.
  • - This is tough.
  • I'm just flabbergasted that that exists.
  • - But there's a lot of features
  • in that Wild West amusement park.
  • - You know I think down there where you drive
  • that thing around, they use GPS waves.
  • - Oh, I get it.
  • - GPS waves. - I understand.
  • - Dap. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
  • - But here, what do you use here.
  • - Tokens.
  • - Here's the thing.
  • You said something that makes me think
  • I'm getting the mystery box.
  • This has a locomotive.
  • This is basically an underwater locomotive.
  • But this is a locomotive plus the town.
  • - Don't underestimate the technology of the sports car.
  • - And a merry-go-round.
  • - Okay. It's your world.
  • - I'm going with submarine car.
  • - You sure?
  • - This is a whole town.
  • - Yeah you're right, it probably has a car.
  • - Gator than.
  • - Okay, reveal the Wild West amusement park price.
  • Seven million dollars. - Yeah.
  • Ain't no way that's seven million dollars.
  • - Two million dollars. - Yeah.
  • Eat it, gator, eat it.
  • And you know what.
  • - As Chase eats that, Link, you get to make a choice.
  • - You know what, I'll take...
  • - I gotta hold my microphone, you won't be able to hear me.
  • Do you want what's in the mystery box or the dollar?
  • - Give me that dollar, mystery box.
  • All right.
  • - Link, those are the sound pulsing LED rave glasses.
  • The only thing we could afford from the catalog.
  • Because they were on sale.
  • - Are they working?
  • - There's a switch.
  • Oh, there it goes.
  • Look at that, whoa, look at that.
  • He's at a rave in Illinois.
  • - Hey come to my Wild West town,
  • I'll show you around in my submersible car.
  • - Thanks for liking, commenting and subscribing.
  • - You know what time it is.
  • - My name is Petev Kleij from Netherlands.
  • But now I'm in Ireland in front of McLoughlin's Bar.
  • And it's time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality.
  • - And nothing ridiculous or expensive about our
  • Book of Mythicality themed T-shirts,
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  • - What are they Rhett?
  • - There's one of me and you on it,
  • and there's one with a cool animal from the book.
  • - Click through to Good Mystical More
  • because we're gonna test out these glasses to the limits.
  • - QTMBA, question that must be answered.
  • The question that must be answered today is,
  • - Any of it, because none of it's gray.
  • - Oh.
  • Where you lookin, man?
  • - Body hair, just my body.
  • - Look at your body on your own time.
  • - I made a decision, I'm proud of the gray.
  • Thanks for clicking subscribe.
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