when you yeet and delete in VR (Zero Caliber VR)

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when you yeet and delete in VR (Zero Caliber VR)
when you yeet and delete in VR (Zero Caliber VR) thumb when you yeet and delete in VR (Zero Caliber VR) thumb when you yeet and delete in VR (Zero Caliber VR) thumb


  • stop tsunami a little skin you wanna
  • relax dude relax relax right you are you
  • ain't gonna do all right last one
  • through the obstacle losers yeah I'm
  • gonna beat you wreak it dude I made it
  • through Palli already there I don't suit
  • me mother
  • hey don't suit me you supposed to be
  • killing these guys Jesus
  • don't break it kill him kill him come on
  • kill him I'll teach you how to shoot
  • your first gun son Oh Nate don't touch
  • them don't touch them yeah I died their
  • days third what do you do you're not
  • even Jesus Christ cry no don't get down
  • from there
  • get down from there right Rick don't you
  • dare go to the top though I'm telling
  • you to come down here hey I'm telling
  • you to come down here a kid died are you
  • all right my legs now you'll see the end
  • floor is one of the most tactical
  • weapons ever made
  • yes I'm gonna go this way
  • my gun is oh Jesus Christ in peace with
  • this guy with the red oh oh oh oh my god
  • you were going like full beast mode out
  • I do not know
  • is that okay oh wait a minute stop it
  • stop it stop
  • [Applause]
  • oh please oh I'm getting shot brownie to
  • help Oh God what's my oh god what the
  • they just came out of nowhere and then
  • disappeared where did they go where did
  • the enemies go fighting off boys oh
  • Jesus Christ
  • I'm not lighting oh god I'm getting shot
  • from everywhere dude what the okay I
  • died artillery are you dense they're
  • gonna kill us with that artillery bright
  • Oh
  • oh my god we're gonna get him in get up
  • control the bombs on this fight he's
  • using hand signals to dignify us is to
  • pee I don't I don't I don't know sign
  • language bro
  • Lazarus you do you lesser extent you're
  • gonna hurt your big boy lies get down he
  • just hated that whole fucking Lake then
  • dude Oh glasses down well he's actually
  • not down he's just uh he's lying on the
  • ground dude this guy is taking this game
  • way too serious okay let me just take
  • that kill them all boys yeah yeah oh my
  • god I'm gonna have to censor that you're
  • Isis
  • oh damn daddy ate eggs add it dad do it
  • again do it one more time are these two
  • doing what eliminate enemies we're gonna
  • get them all dude I just pretty much
  • took out the whole team then what the
  • fuck you been doing normal conversation
  • you just scream what is wrong with you
  • bro Oh cry this gun does not have the
  • fucking magazine capacity that I need
  • I'm just like forever
  • you can reloading my you've been pulling
  • your weight region boy I've killed more
  • people than you have in your balls
  • this is dead the scientist is dead what
  • did you do what did you take you you're
  • in charge
  • no look at the gun the gun is loaded you
  • were in charge of keeping him alive
  • every kid what did you do what do you
  • think I wouldn't you mean I don't even
  • know who the fuck this guy is actually
  • not here I'm going to steal your M&Ms
  • from the ration pack you're not taking
  • my freaking an immense alright and a
  • ma'am those are my M&Ms three kid you
  • get your own how long out of work for
  • those do you know how many people had to
  • kill for those M&Ms you just want to
  • take him from me
  • why does my pistol always only have one
  • you see Jesus cries King pistol Capri
  • kid we're not having this conversation
  • before how about you stop gonna live for
  • like a real man you do not handle the
  • gonna recoil I maybe got King shotgun oh
  • actually breaking my wrist with that oh
  • yeah get it now you come in come here
  • ring come in
  • I think you can port you out here on the
  • commission all right you don't get to
  • talk to me like that reach it Rosy's
  • that's call the police this is I am
  • yeah we finished it we didn't yes
  • dude I am never I am never bringing you
  • on another commission again alright
  • you're never coming on another mission I
  • don't want to hear it oh good we left
  • the game for you could have an outburst

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when you yeet and delete in VR (Zero Caliber VR)

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