When JONESY ATE PEELY! - Fortnite *SEASON 9*

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When JONESY ATE PEELY! - Fortnite *SEASON 9*
When JONESY ATE PEELY! - Fortnite *SEASON 9* thumb When JONESY ATE PEELY! - Fortnite *SEASON 9* thumb When JONESY ATE PEELY! - Fortnite *SEASON 9* thumb


  • Oh what are you trying to do to me
  • enough with the torture what is going on
  • why isn't it working
  • what are you talking about you just keep
  • trying to electrocute me I thought you
  • just wanted to do some tests on me
  • because I was the last human on earth
  • yes that's what I'm trying to do but
  • there is something wrong just one second
  • [Music]
  • hey diecast can you come up here
  • something is wrong hey Doc host diecast
  • can you hear me this is pointless
  • apologies human I have to go deal with
  • something I will be back in a second
  • my name is Jonesy a stupid-looking
  • chicken robot he just called you a
  • chicken robot block block block block
  • block block dude you just called me a
  • chicken robots yes that is exactly what
  • he called you ha ha ha yes no boy
  • problem block ha ha you Hugh robots are
  • funny
  • ah be quiet human ah don't be an angry
  • robot it is pretty funny that you look
  • like a chicken enough human you're
  • coming with me now I thought we were
  • friends
  • note to self don't call him a chicken
  • robot
  • [Music]
  • so Jonesy there has been an error filing
  • your report my what what do I need that
  • for are you just still annoyed with me
  • from that whole Robot Chicken thing
  • stop calling me a Robot Chicken you are
  • currently an unauthorized human
  • trespassing in our labs we want to get
  • that sorted out for you but we need some
  • more information from you ah okay well
  • what do you want to know
  • tell me about well it all began before
  • the great fire doing Billy do young one
  • I couldn't feel your feet kicking my
  • back
  • yeah sorry feely okay you'll fill her up
  • and I'll go get some snacks yeah well uh
  • I okay man how do I use this thing ah
  • petrol or diesel hello hand over
  • everything in the cash register please
  • or I will shoot you
  • well I hope that's the right one thank
  • you Oh are we leaving already did you
  • get the snacks oh I forgot the snack by
  • the way you might want to drive a bit
  • quicker why I kill myself
  • faster Jonesy okay long short oh oh nice
  • shot three-pointer what this look at
  • this banana is a natural how do you it's
  • nothing but net where did you get this
  • nothing but net LeBron James watch out
  • am I gonna get a go or what yeah yeah
  • very well done nice job ahaha graffiti
  • oh my go
  • oh nice kill dur snowball oh hey you're
  • making is too easy I meant to run around
  • ha ha ha stop it Oh
  • Oh fili ha ha
  • oh this has been the best day I love
  • that we can be friends and that you
  • never look at me like a banana oh look
  • at the time it's time for me to go home
  • you know the wife goes crazy when I stay
  • out too late ha ha ha ha but you you
  • don't have a wife oh did I say a wife I
  • meant to say uh-oh ok I'm off good night
  • John Z hey you wait up I'll walk you
  • back I don't want you getting attacked
  • again oh thank you so much Jonesy you're
  • really are my best friend
  • no thanks buddy you know I would do
  • anything for my pal pili
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • enough with the pleasantries
  • you ain't never nah didn't you well yes
  • I told you that before well we are here
  • to determine if it was necessary or just
  • pure evil he was my friend why would I
  • do that if it wasn't a hundred percent
  • necessary new humans disgust me continue
  • it all started off so well turn it up oh
  • but it went bad didn't it it became dark
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • Johnse mother where are you
  • this place is very big and I've lost you
  • hello oh oh nothing here join say hmmm
  • where could that idiot of God
  • Josie hey buddy
  • is everything okay you're acting kinda
  • weird hungry banana milkshake no we're
  • just a minute Jordie you're not yet
  • you're not thinking straight
  • oh sweet sacrilege Polly Polly I just
  • wanna talk
  • hahaha my birthday run from the meteor
  • but now this
  • I know I know I can smell you course is
  • clear no no no no no no no come on stop
  • playing hard to get
  • Georgie stop there you are
  • look no no please don't but I did it
  • I ate him there and then he was so
  • delish we required the confession now
  • walk him up wait wait what
  • but you said it humans didn't they ever
  • teach you never trust a robot we did
  • take over and wipe you all out after all
  • [Laughter]
  • [Music]
  • the human he's been tossed into jail
  • they're gonna execute it
  • huh not on my watch
  • hey everyone today's comment shoutouts
  • go to active cheetah Ashton Finley and
  • JSL gaming thanks for using code little
  • lizard ft in the for tonight's tour and
  • thank you for everyone who's watching
  • the channel season 9 is gonna be the
  • best season yet see you soon
  • [Music]
  • [Music]

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When JONESY ATE PEELY! - Fortnite *SEASON 9*
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