What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?

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What's inside a Tesla Surfboard?
What's inside a Tesla Surfboard? thumb What's inside a Tesla Surfboard? thumb What's inside a Tesla Surfboard? thumb


  • (surfboard cracking) (yelling)
  • - Welcome back to What's Inside?
  • This video is sponsored by LastPass.
  • And I came all the way to Southern California.
  • We have one of 200 ever made Tesla surfboards.
  • That's right, you know they make cars.
  • But did you know that they made
  • a rare edition run of 200 surfboards?
  • I looked on YouTube and there's not one person
  • that's actually tried this thing out
  • to see if they can surf it.
  • So, there's two questions today.
  • Will the Tesla surfboard actually surf?
  • And then two, what's inside of this thing?
  • Does it have an electric motor?
  • Does it have batteries?
  • Probably not.
  • But, we're gonna break it in half and see if it does.
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  • And now we are gonna get on to the rest of today's video.
  • Let's go.
  • Here is our professional surfer
  • aka Ben Sullins from Teslanomics,
  • the king of all things Tesla data.
  • - That's right.
  • - And surfing. - And surfing.
  • - Do you really know how to surf?
  • - Pretty much the king of surfing.
  • I mean Kelly Slater really looks up to me, I know.
  • - [Dan] Well. let's get this thing out of this hold.
  • - Okay. - Whatever this is.
  • (ethereal music)
  • - Oh yeah, there we go.
  • That is Tesla red on this side
  • and then they did carbon fiber on the other side,
  • kinda like the interior of your Tesla.
  • I mean all of this. - Logo.
  • - Yeah, a little Tesla logo on there.
  • - [Ben S.] It's a decal I think.
  • - There's no fins.
  • - We need fins.
  • - Did you bring fins?
  • - We brought fins.
  • - They don't come with fins,
  • you might of spent $1500 dollars,
  • three times more than what you need for a surfboard,
  • (laughs) but there's no fins.
  • Makes you feel cool though when you hold it.
  • Feel like you're a surfer.
  • - Girls automatically think you're way cooler.
  • (70's surfer music)
  • - [Dan] So this is Ben's friend, Ben.
  • And he is an expert with surfboards.
  • He even knows how to do that cool sign right there
  • that they do in Hawaii.
  • Why is it lighter?
  • Is that good or bad or what?
  • - [Ben S.] It's carbon fiber.
  • - It's an EPS foam board,
  • which is closed cell and lightweight.
  • And then the carbon fiber is stronger and lighter
  • than typical fiber glass construction.
  • I'm guessing there's probably only one layer
  • of fiber glass on this.
  • - [Dan] So do you think it'll break easier?
  • - Carbon fiber is pretty resilient.
  • It might have a little more flex to it.
  • But if we get high enough
  • and if we start jumping on it, it'll break.
  • - Let's do it.
  • - [Dan] Okay, alright.
  • - [Ben] Alright, first step
  • is to put some actual fins on this.
  • (stellar music)
  • - [Dan] Hey, we got some fins,
  • some blue fins on there, I like it.
  • My tesla Roadster's blue and white so.
  • Okay, what's this guy?
  • - [Ben] This is a leash loop.
  • - [Dan] Okay, this is Ben deciding to graffiti my board.
  • What's wrong with you?
  • (Ben laughing)
  • What are you doing?
  • - Safety first.
  • See over here it's like slippery.
  • And here it's like, it definitely--
  • - I didn't know he was going to be marking it up like this.
  • The artistic value is now officially gone.
  • - [Ben S.] I'm gonna do this to your car after this.
  • (Dan laughs)
  • - [Dan] A lot of surfers have gone on Reddit
  • and said how they don't like this surfboard
  • 'cause it is not very practical.
  • It's one that's supposed to be on the wall,
  • not really out in the ocean.
  • So, we've got a camera right here.
  • - Good to go.
  • - [Dan] Alright Ben, do your thing.
  • Can it actually surf?
  • Here we go.
  • (slow cool vibe music with heavy bass)
  • He's on!
  • He's surfing the Tesla surfboard!
  • Wooo hooo-hoooo!
  • He did it.
  • Second try (laughs).
  • Ah ha ha, oh no!
  • (water swirling)
  • (peaceful mezmerizing electronic music)
  • Ahh.
  • Ben got a lot of tries out there.
  • I would have to say he did pretty good.
  • Better than I would've done.
  • These are not big waves.
  • Alright, man.
  • How'd it feel?
  • - Good.
  • Waves need to be bigger, but fun board for sure.
  • When the waves are small like this,
  • you need more surface area,
  • more volume to float you better on.
  • This one can handle much bigger waves.
  • Probably above my pay grade to be honest.
  • So, yeah, I would surf it for sure.
  • Probably wouldn't pay that much money for it,
  • but the shape and the board itself is pretty good, yeah.
  • (crashing waves) (seagull squawks)
  • - Tesla surfboard, it does surf.
  • That was question number one.
  • Number two is, what is inside of this surfboard?
  • Does it have batteries?
  • Probably doesn't.
  • But that would be a fun twist that Elon Musk did
  • knowing that What's Inside? is gonna take it apart.
  • But he probably didn't.
  • I'm gonna try to jump on top it
  • and see if it'll just break if I just put a lot of pressure
  • in the middle.
  • Will it break if I jump on top of it in between this?
  • What do you think?
  • - I think what's gonna happen first
  • is we'll probably see it buckle.
  • There'll be like the structural integrity will break,
  • but it won't fully snap in half.
  • - [Dan] Is this safe?
  • - Uh, don't try it at home.
  • - (laughs) Okay, there's the disclaimer.
  • Here we go.
  • This is our brilliant idea.
  • This was actually...
  • Let it be known this was Ben's idea to have me jump
  • on top of it inbetween of two Teslas.
  • - Leslie, I really hope this doesn't go bad.
  • - This is the Tesla surfboard $1,500.
  • We bought it for around $3000 off of Ebay.
  • Right now they are selling for around $10,000.
  • We probably shouldn't be doing this right now.
  • But we're doing it for you guys
  • to see what's inside of this thing.
  • The world needs to know.
  • First, I'm just pushing on it.
  • (bike horn)
  • It's pretty strong.
  • - [Ben S.] Dude, here.
  • - Whoa.
  • (Dan laughs)
  • Okay, 200, and what am I now, 205 pounds?
  • - Here we go, here we go.
  • (feet hitting on board)
  • (Dan laughs) Yes.
  • - That's okay.
  • Alright, I'm getting more comfortable.
  • They built this strong.
  • It is carbon fiber.
  • Probably one layer of thin carbon fiber on the outside,
  • but...
  • (laughing)
  • Yes!!
  • (board breaking)
  • - [Ben] Nice! (clapping)
  • - Look at that!
  • - Yes!
  • - Wow, I wasn't even trying to push it that hard that time.
  • - What?
  • - Okay, let's check this thing out.
  • - That was so...
  • Oh, you almost saved it.
  • - Check that out right there.
  • See how the red just kind of came in?
  • It is full of foam.
  • I don't see any batteries in there.
  • (Ben S. laughs)
  • Elon didn't have a little Easter egg for us.
  • You actually worked at a surfboard shop once, right?
  • - Yeah, yeah, I did.
  • - [Dan] Okay, so what are we looking at here?
  • Is this how every single surfboard looks on the inside?
  • Is it just this white foam?
  • - Yeah, so there's two different types of foam.
  • This is called EPS.
  • It's kind of, if you get in close you can see
  • there's like these tiny little balls.
  • So they're closed cell, very light.
  • The only difference between this and a normal surfboard,
  • is a lot of them will have a wooden stringer
  • right down the middle.
  • - [Dan] Stringer.
  • - A very thin piece of wood
  • that helps with the framing and everything.
  • - All the way from the tip to the tail.
  • But, with carbon fiber, there's a lot more strength
  • and it's kind of woven in all different directions
  • so you can get away with not having one of those.
  • - Right when I broke it, he's like, I heard them both say,
  • "There's no stringer."
  • And I'm like I have no idea what that means but.
  • - [Ben] You can see there's only one layer of carbon fiber.
  • - [Dan] What about this?
  • This isn't carbon fiber, is it?
  • - [Ben] I think this is fiberglass
  • and it's carbon fiber on the deck.
  • - Although it kinda looks like it's layered.
  • - [Ben] So there's actually fiberglass
  • under the carbon fiber. - Yeah.
  • - So you've got probably four ounce fiberglass
  • layered on top of lost proprietary carbon fiber
  • that they put on here.
  • - [Ben S.] Right, that's 100% carbon fiber
  • with the fiberglass on top.
  • - [Ben] Yeah.
  • - [Dan] Is this how most $1500 dollar surfboard look
  • on the inside?
  • (Bens laughing)
  • - Yeah, with the addition of that wood stringer
  • that's really the only thing that this is missing.
  • - [Ben S.] With the subtraction of about $800 dollars maybe.
  • - Yeah. (laughing)
  • That's really surprising.
  • It literally just popped.
  • I'm glad you didn't get hurt.
  • - So, yes, it surfs.
  • And now we know what's inside of it.
  • We didn't have Lincoln here.
  • We're in California.
  • He's in school today.
  • So, I know you guys are sad that Lincoln's not here.
  • I know Ben's not a full replacement of Lincoln,
  • but he surfs better than Lincoln.
  • So for this one it made sense.
  • Make sure you check out Ben Teslanomics channel.
  • All things Tesla.
  • Alright, Tesla.
  • (board hits ground)
  • I'm out.
  • (laughing)
  • They got the cops.
  • They're on to us. (Ben S. laughs)
  • Let's get out of here, Ben, let's go.

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