What Kind of Bear is Best?

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May 12, 2018


What Kind of Bear is Best?
What Kind of Bear is Best? thumb What Kind of Bear is Best? thumb What Kind of Bear is Best? thumb


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  • Question: What kind of bear is best?
  • Every so often, the meta-game of outside breaks into the mainstream for a bit
  • Famous examples include the 'choose two' puzzle or the 'horse-sized duck or a hundred duck-sized horses' meme
  • but perhaps the most famous example is the simple question posed by Jim Halpert in
  • Season 3 episode 21 of the office where he asks what kind of bear is best
  • But before we answer that, let's take a step back and hear how Dwight responds
  • 'There are basically two schools of thought' -- he doesn't get to finish his sentence before he gets cut off but he's right
  • There are two schools of thought, those being generalist approach and the specialist approach
  • So which school of thought is better when trying to optimize a bear build?
  • I think the best way to answer that is to outline each approach's most relevant members, and rank each of them on a tier list.
  • So without further ado, let's get into it
  • Perhaps one of the most famous examples of a specialist bear is the Panda
  • I don't think many players would dispute that pandas are easily one of the worst builds in the current meta
  • What they will dispute is why. A lot of players think that pandas are garbage because they have an extremely low respawn rate
  • But pandas actually give birth just as often as other bears. Yes, it's rare, but that hasn't stopped the higher tier bears
  • What's really holding these bears back is their absolute dependence on bamboo
  • Of all the specialized bears pandas are by far the most over specialized. The combination of stats and abilities
  • they've got have made it
  • So even if they decided to stop being strict herbivores and pursue a more generalist approach, they can't really do it without a massive re-spec.
  • They've got the bite force comparable to lions and tigers
  • But with mobility and stealth as low as theirs, there's no way they'd ever be able to make use of it against another player
  • Pandas used most of their evolution points on their special ability 'pseudo-thumb' a bony like appendage that allows them to better
  • Hold on to bamboo. The rest of their evolution points, I assume, were spent on their ridiculous palette swap
  • This is the only bear could even consider being below average
  • We have to jump all the way up to C tier before we get to the next lowest bear
  • Next on the tier list we have the Sloth Bear and the Sun Bear
  • These bears use another specialist type build, this time focusing on insects
  • Now sloth bears and Sun bears are miles ahead of the Panda in viability
  • Insects, especially beehives are a great source of xp, assuming you can tank the damage from the stings
  • Not only that, but unlike bamboo, insects are pretty much everywhere
  • So habitat loss due to a human builder player doesn't pose as big a problem to them as it does for pandas
  • What keeps them down is that although they're great at tearing into well-fortified ant and bee bases. They're actually not very good at defending themselves
  • They have losing matchups against every other key player in their region
  • Including pythons, leopards, doles, and tigers, and for that I have to place them in C tier
  • The highest ranking specialist type bear on our list is the polar bear
  • The polar bear is one of the biggest land predators in the entire game, but despite the ridiculously high power stat
  • They have pretty bad matchups against the other popular Arctic classes
  • I've actually done an entire video on the Arctic meta which you can watch here, but the long and short of it
  • Is that their immense strength doesn't really come in handy that much
  • Since their best strategy to score elims on seals is to catch them off guard when they come up to recharge their stamina gauge
  • They don't have the mobility to chase seals down in the water nor do they have the strength to defeat walruses on land
  • So in my opinion, there's far too much luck involved in the polar bear gameplay to write them any higher than B tier
  • So that's all the specialist bears, now we're on to the generalist bears
  • Generalist builds if done right will pretty much always outclassed their specialized counterparts
  • Since they're much more prepared to cope with the rapid shifts of the meta like for example
  • If human players need materials to build their forts, or if the ice starts to melt
  • In addition these next builds differ from the others because they've got the Bear's signature move: 'hibernate'
  • Hibernation is key to the success of the bear players
  • because it allows them to completely skip the time of year that they're least suited to
  • Now this does incur some difficulty on the player since if they fail to collect enough loot to get them through the winter
  • Hibernation will actually drain their HP and possibly even lead to a game over
  • But if the Bears' abilities are used correctly, this shouldn't be too big an issue
  • The first of the generalist bears on our list is the brown bear
  • Brown bears have one of the highest power stats in the game with their sheer force being outclassed only by bull, cattle, and elephant builds.
  • They've also got fairly high mobility. Although it can't quite match that of the wolves or elk that they share a server with
  • But both of these stats are put to good use because of the animals' high intelligence one of the highest among solitary builds
  • This lets Bears use their strengths to successfully raid the treasure chests that human settlements control.
  • Now unlike its more specialized counterparts
  • It doesn't have the same venom resistances that would allow the Sun Bear and sloth bear to easily
  • Take out the eusocial insect players, so it's certainly not invincible by any stretch
  • But it can make up for these inconsistencies by doing what it does best: Griefing salmon mains
  • The salmon questlines final objective is to return to their spawn point and unfortunately
  • This exploit is pretty common knowledge among the bear subreddits and whatnot
  • Brown bears have almost as good a matchup against fish as Ospreys do, it's really unfair honestly
  • There are a few varieties of brown bear of which the grizzly is actually the weakest.
  • Sitting at the high end of A tier the strongest variety of brown bear, the Kodiak bear
  • Can just barely sneak its way into S tier along with the last bear on our list:
  • The black bear. Black bears are true champions of adaptability
  • when the anthropocene patch dropped
  • Every other North American bear actually quit the server, including one of the Ice Age Metas' top tiers: the cave bear
  • Cave bears and the florida spectacled bear were both specialists that were unable to adapt to the new meta
  • But the black bear player base has flourished.
  • This is thanks to having slightly scaled back versions of all the brown bears abilities plus extremely high arboreal mobility
  • This allows them to get access to valuable loot sources such as tree nuts, beehives, and bird's nests
  • So yeah
  • Jim is kinda right when he says the classic line 'false black bear' skills are essential for any effective character
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