What Is The Most Reliable Audi You Can Buy?! *hint* It's not what you think!

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Aug 26, 2017


What Is The Most Reliable Audi You Can Buy?! *hint* It's not what you think!
What Is The Most Reliable Audi You Can Buy?! *hint* It's not what you think! thumb What Is The Most Reliable Audi You Can Buy?! *hint* It's not what you think! thumb What Is The Most Reliable Audi You Can Buy?! *hint* It's not what you think! thumb


  • Today, we thought we'd make a quick video discussing what's the most reliable
  • Audi built within the last 20 years - Hold on one second Trav okay so back in
  • 1970 Audi hit the US market. They were fun, they were sporty, they had the rally
  • cars and whatnot but they were known as the sinkhole for service. And what's that
  • mean? Well that means that these things were always in the shop. But in recent
  • years, if you're looking to buy an alternative to a Benz or a BMW you go
  • with an Audi and they've gotten way better as time has gone by
  • They are incredible especially when they came out with that S line they really
  • killed the market and BMWs come with the M Sport and whatnot Mercedes has the.. I
  • don't know what Mercedes has
  • -they have nothing- anyway today we're gonna talk
  • about the most reliable Audis you can get in to so we'll start this list off with
  • a car that's dear to both of our hearts - the B5 S4. S4 baby! and that thing was
  • so cool it was like a big vacuum cleaner that kind of wood had a Camry feel and
  • like Camry brakes but man that thing just rocketed 0 to 60 in ahead what ko
  • fours on it or they were just they're just care threes ok Oh three stars was
  • tuned we had a we had a turbo back exhaust it was a fun car was way too
  • much fun in car way too much fun but I it's an absolute nightmare to own it's
  • the only car either of us have owned that's left us dead more than once well
  • in the twin turbos right like to access them one of them I think was going out
  • right before we sold it well no it wasn't going out the chance that it went
  • out how did you have to access that twin turbo the only 1/8 the turbos on these
  • is a complete engine removal I mean there's a few guys that said they've
  • been able to do it just by dropping the subframe but I don't think so man I
  • think it's quicker just to pull the engine and that's the problem with
  • really the 2.7 in general is it's kind of a pain to work on and it has so many
  • flaws and that to seven I think also came in the haul road didn't it it also
  • did come on reliable Audi ever built by possibly the most unreliable car ever
  • built let's move on true story on Jalopnik I
  • mean if it's on Jalopnik so another car that we want to talk about we had a d3
  • a8 it was a 2004 and that car was a quick flip it was a pretty cool car
  • there was some stuff on the interior that would feel like the MMI ER I mean
  • overall those are pretty reliable cars but you have little things that go wrong
  • all the time like we had a problem with the air suspension with ours we had the
  • MMI door there's a little door that covers that that went wrong China money
  • to fix the what what but overall it was a pretty reliable car it was right and
  • the next owner got it got a good price on it and so that car isn't the most
  • reliable but it's definitely showing that over the years outtie has built a
  • better product because our RB v s4 was 2001 this was an O for and we definitely
  • could tell the difference that that car was
  • improvement was a lot better the saving grace on that I ate though was it was
  • actually a belt drive v8 so it doesn't have the timing chain problems that
  • pretty much the rest of the v8 outies did like what kind of v8 like pinnacle
  • v8 not not the one that we're gonna talk about next okay
  • this car I think is the overall package if money isn't a factor and that is the
  • v8 r8 yeah baby those are actually fantastic cars they do have a few little
  • problems but it's mostly it's mostly superficial stuff like the the make nano
  • really logical suspension that can go wrong those can start leaking it's a bit
  • expensive sometimes high pressure fuel pumps fail but for the most part that's
  • that's a true option car as far as supercars go yeah it's kind of hard to
  • beat the reliability of an r8 yeah and on top of that that 42 litre that's in
  • the audi r8 is almost identical to the rs4 which would they came out no aid as
  • well right and huge improvement that the v8 in the rs4 in the are a double row
  • timing chains was huge it basically totally got rid of the timing chain
  • issues at the rest of the a10 and that was like their Achilles heel right so so
  • you want to be 8 Audi rs4 alright what's next wireless travel so we've got a
  • touch on the 2-liter TFSI and TSI Volkswagen Group engines I think that's
  • the most popular engine that goes in pretty much any Audi and almost every VW
  • that engine has been a huge nightmare for the company it's actually pretty
  • reliable now but if you buy an older one like 3 2011 I mean they had a myriad of
  • problems everything from needing piston and ring replacement for oil consumption
  • they'd have turbocharger wastegate failure they've had intake camshaft
  • failure they've had high pressure fuel pump failures ok that's enough that's
  • enough so they're not good they're not gonna make our list it's been a
  • nightmare but ok buying one now like a 12 or up or an
  • older one that's had several updates done to it they're pretty solid engines
  • ok speaking you're gonna buy one though I mean know what you're getting into and
  • speaking of updates let's talk about the deflategate heisel gate for a second man
  • that was a big problem huh and it's still not over so the thing about the
  • diesels is they're actually pretty reliable like they're actually raw
  • star engines but they're all Cheers yeah and that's that we don't like cheaters
  • here at ideal cars oh shut up so moving on let's touch on the four
  • liter turbo now it's actually a twin turbo v8 and it's a reverse flow engine
  • which means the exhaust manifolds live on the inside of the V the really cool
  • engine kind of a pain to work on but the problem is they're so new that we don't
  • know if they're reliable or not so we still have a couple of years before we
  • can actually put that in the running for one of the top most reliable versus
  • priced cars that being said from from what we've seen so far they've been good
  • and they're a blast to drive yeah I mean they're they're pretty true pretty much
  • the torque like try one for fun not for real so by far and away the most
  • reliable engine to come out of the Volkswagen Group within the last 20
  • years has got to be a three liter supercharged v6 you know Trev what once
  • had that motor so they actually put it in a ton of cars it came in the q5 the
  • q7 the s4 the s5 the a8 da6 Hey so if you can find one of those cars with that
  • motor you're not gonna be in the service that much right quick note though
  • specifically with the q7 those have had some problems that like the early one so
  • it's a brand new car now a brand new one might be fine but the previous one they
  • had promised that the sunroof frame would crack and it would leak and it
  • would take out the navigation I would avoid the the old q7 right and that's
  • the thing with reliability is it's not just the motor and just the drivetrain
  • but it's everything and without ease you want great electronics as well as great
  • drivetrain and like we said with that v6 the three liter with the the
  • supercharger that motor is really reliable but you have what cars are
  • electronically reliable like is there anything out there right now from Audi
  • yeah honestly I wouldn't hesitate to buy a b8 or be eight-and-a-half s4 or a c6
  • a6 so Traver you saying that that'd be a or b eight-and-a-half s4 checks like
  • almost all the boxes considering it has that v6 supercharged motor and then it's
  • one of the most reliable electronically as well I think so I think it's one of
  • the best Audi's they've ever made but depending on which transmission you want
  • I'd get a B eight and a half if you're looking to get the DSG otherwise good a
  • six-speed otherwise get a sixty so we're now gonna narrow it down to the three
  • finalists for the most reliable outtie per price point
  • so so my pick for a mid-range Audi is gonna have to be the c7 a6 with the 3
  • liter I think build quality is off the charts
  • I think it's nicer than an eClass I think it's nicer than the 5 series of
  • the same generation right there a blast to drive I mean that's a quality car ok
  • so that's here that's our mid turn ok let's let's go for a little bit lower
  • what's what's our low tier and low tier again like you still get into an Audi
  • which is a high-quality german-engineered car it's it oozes
  • coolness I think and so what's that loads here what's the one that like we
  • can as a maybe a first car or first sports car you get into that has the
  • reliability I think you go with an a for a for just an A for it make sure you buy
  • one if you're gonna get one older than like 2012 just make sure it's got
  • service history make sure if it ever had an oil consumption problem the Pistons
  • have been updated if it was one old enough to have the fuel pump problems
  • like you just want to make sure you're getting one the title the updated parts
  • that outtie has had to install on these to make them properly reliable ok and
  • you can check with the dealership if you're gonna buy one of those cars and
  • see if it's been performed at the dealer if it hasn't either heavily discount it
  • or don't even buy it the good thing is is almost all those high failure parts
  • have extended warranties now to like over 110,000 miles Danko ok and the
  • added benefit of that car is with a simple tune for like five or six hundred
  • bucks it's almost as quick as the escort what
  • is our top tier jobs what is that par for no price it doesn't
  • matter if you're gonna buy the top to your car that's still the most reliable
  • I think it's either it's that's a toss-up because it's either gonna be an
  • rs5 okay or an r8 v8 I'm stay away from the v10 as far as if
  • you're looking for just the most reliable one you can get because the v10
  • to have some really crazy problems okay so if we were gonna break this down to
  • the ratio right of performance reliability and price what is it low to
  • your mid tier or top tier what do you think I think Victor mid tier okay
  • I think the a4 is probably your best bet I think that for the price that you can
  • get one of those two tour 2012 her olders that is probably the best bang
  • for your buck he thinks that the a6 seven is your best bang for your buck I
  • don't think you can go wrong with either all right which is saying something
  • because for a company that's generally generally has a stigma for being very
  • unreliable they're not really building a bad car these are not they're not in
  • fact I mean they're taking over the market BMW Mercedes is chasing Audi
  • right now so I don't think you can go wrong obviously if you can get into an
  • rs5 or an r8 v8 go do it but otherwise mid tier low tier all of them are great
  • cars but that's just our thoughts on which ones are the most reliable for the
  • price just remember to follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter and ideal
  • cars TV and please subscribe smash that like button because we're
  • gonna go pick up an r8 true story we'll see you next time

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Are Audis Reliable?

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