What happens after we die?

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Jun 17, 2019


What happens after we die?
What happens after we die? thumb What happens after we die? thumb What happens after we die? thumb


  • Hey guys welcome back to another episode of unofficial missionaries with a Saints
  • unscripted. I am Justin and I'm Izzy. And we're so happy to talk today about the
  • plan of salvation. We've kind of gone over some of the earliest points about
  • why we were here on this earth, and what we need to do while we are here. And
  • so now we're gonna go into probably the coolest part about our doctrine, which is
  • what happens after we die.
  • I think that's everyone's question right it's right what happens when I'm dead
  • everyone's really scared of that well yeah and I think they have a right to be
  • scared they new always come up no I'm just
  • kidding
  • so we're gonna talk about what happens immediately after you die because that
  • is going to happen and that is the separation of your body from your spirit
  • but then where does your spirit go
  • spirit world oh this bear world is I think it's an
  • awesome concept it's where you obviously Justin said your spirit goes and we
  • learned of the gospel we teach the gospel
  • um there's called spirit paradise and spirit prison paradise is where those go
  • who received the ordinances we talked about ordinances a little bit but
  • received those did the things they were supposed to in this life and those
  • people are teaching the people who never got the opportunity to do so in this
  • life right it's hard to describe as a literal place you know that like okay
  • there's like a room with a whole bunch of good spirits in the room with how
  • much of bad spirits you want a cigarette we don't really have a lot of details
  • but we know that it's just it's a state of being you know that it's beer
  • paradise is like this place of peace and there's like the spirit prison where
  • you're like I think it's just you don't get to enjoy the peace because you
  • didn't have the gospel but treasure I cannot possess when Jesus Christ died
  • and yet there's three days before he is resurrected and we know that during that
  • time he was organizing and the the missionary effort in the spirit world
  • so I'd like to think that exactly like how we're doing it right now - the
  • videos you know probably like yeah but it's really cool idea so yeah
  • so when we're in the spirit world that where we're waiting this time for
  • obviously the second coming of Jesus Christ he's gonna come again and
  • everyone will be resurrected that's a promise that everyone has
  • because Jesus Christ died and rose again in the Book of Mormon it actually talks
  • about this 2nd Nephi 2 is a really good chapter if you guys are interested but
  • one of the one of them says that we are saved by the merits mercy and grace of
  • the holy Messiah who laid down his life according to the flesh and taken it
  • again by the power of the Spirit that he may bring to pass the resident
  • resurrection of the Dead being the first that would rise so he
  • was the first that wrote rose so that we also all could rise again and get our
  • bodies back in perfecting forms yeah and that I mean that was kind of the purpose
  • of like the whole plan I feel like is that we could become like I'm Heavenly
  • Father who had a perfect body yeah and so and that's like a gift everybody but
  • not like I always imagined that if you died in a car accident you're not gonna
  • be resurrected and in like this yeah like I feel like it'd be kind of very
  • sad kind of pointless but yeah we'll be in this perfect form and we don't really
  • know what that means you know maybe we'll all be twenty five year old and
  • the peak of our fitness that's when it's time for judgment and judgment is I mean
  • probably a simple concept where we'll just be judged by Jesus Christ the only
  • one who truly can judge us for our works and and not necessarily like because you
  • could do a lot of good things but still be a jerk you know it's it's it's like
  • who do we become if you can prove yourself a true hero we're judged
  • according to the flesh so judged according to what we did and according
  • to what we became like Crichton and through Christ's atonement if we if we
  • used it then anything we did you know that was sinful will be cleansed of you
  • know won't be counted against us this is Justin and he messed up a lot but he
  • used my atonement so he's clean that's the best like us we mess up all the time
  • so so judgment can if you're ready it could be a really awesome experience and
  • if you're not then might not be like the coolest but we don't believe
  • in the traditional heaven and hell we're like okay if you work great then you
  • have to burn and fire for eternity we believe that because we chose to come to
  • this earth in the first place we chose Jesus Christ that there is something
  • pretty pretty good waiting for us and that's where our doctrine gets really
  • unique with the idea of three kingdoms of heaven our three kingdoms of glory I
  • think we kind of talked about it last when we did this but if you guys
  • remember its celestial terrestrial and T less joking downright that we believe in
  • and we believe that we were put into these kingdoms of Gorda based upon what
  • we did like the celestial kingdom obviously is all about like ordinances
  • and like who did you become through Christ but then also did you like obey
  • baptism right grab some confirmation and then temple oh yeah the initiatory
  • endowments yeah yeah exactly and which the church came out with a
  • really cool video about like the temple but anyway I read and the temple is
  • pretty much key you haven't and that's and that's where you that's where
  • eternal that's like that's where you can be with your family forever
  • yeah exactly that's like the whole idea of eternal families happens in the
  • celestial kingdom death can do is delay it for a while and you dwell with God
  • it's where it's where God dwells so we get to dwell with him the terrestrial is
  • not bad it's not like worse but it's just those who who didn't choose to
  • accept those ordinances into their lives um and they they're still good people
  • and they're still really awesome they just didn't want to take that next step
  • to follow Jesus Christ more fully right and so they're still happy it's not the
  • best of the best place it's so good yeah I feel of happiness we don't have here
  • it makes me I mean it's called the terrestrial so it makes me think it's
  • probably gonna be a similar like happiiy life to earth you know if you have been
  • a really nice suburb yeah yeah you go to Disneyland every couple months
  • exactly the final kingdom is the Telestial Kingdom and and that one is
  • where people like didn't necessarily try their best they did come to earth so
  • they have a perfect body they are gonna live forever in this
  • kingdom and Joseph Smith said that the Telestial Kingdom is better than
  • anything we could imagine yeah and so if Telestial Kingdom the lowest thing is
  • the is better than we can imagine then imagine terrestrial and then
  • celestial the glories of these kingdoms are compared to like Celestials compared
  • to the Stars restful to that of the moon and celestial to that of the Sun so you
  • can like to have that comparison you can see those lights in the sky and kind of
  • think okay that's how great these are going to be and regardless we are all
  • going to have eternal life thanks to Jesus Christ and His atonement but
  • whether we have exaltation you know which is living with Heavenly Father
  • forever in his kingdom well that's that's gonna depend more on whether or
  • not we live the gospel yeah and and that's kind of it I mean and then that's
  • the plan and the coolest part about the celestial kingdom is that you get to
  • keep on learning and keep on growing and be with your family forever it's all
  • about progression right God's all about
  • yeah so so that's the goal so we hope you guys can keep progressing like
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  • later

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In today's episode of Unofficial Missionaries, Izzy and Justin talk about what happens after we die. This is another key part of the plan of salvation that the church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints (also known as Mormons) believes in.

Where do we go? Do we go to heaven or hell? Do we go somewhere else? What is the spirit wold that Mormons believe in? All of these questions and more will be answered in this video!

What did you think of today's Unofficial Missionary episode? Let us know in the comment section by leaving any questions or comments!


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