What Do Mormons Struggle With?

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Jan 11, 2018


What Do Mormons Struggle With?
What Do Mormons Struggle With? thumb What Do Mormons Struggle With? thumb What Do Mormons Struggle With? thumb


Three Mormons open up about their own weaknesses and short comings. Do our weaknesses define us or limit our potential?

Check out Justin, Kwaku and Mimi, stars of the hit new YouTube show “3 Mormons” discuss Mormon weaknesses and share opinions and insight on what it mormons struggle with in today’s world!

Is it true that Latter Day Saints struggle with being perfectionists? What kind of pressure does your divine potential really put on you? Each of our three hosts has a different take on weakness and how it affects their lives.

Justin has struggled with being a self starter in the past. For example, he mentioned that he was very good at sports growing up, but stopped exercising as soon as he no longer had a coach that was telling him what to do. Old habits die hard and this has been a reoccurring struggle in his life.

Mimi reminds us that we should never compare our weaknesses with other people’s strengths. She referenced an example given at the LDS General Conference titled “Spiritual Eclipse” In this talk, Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles, in order to portray how unrealistic social media can be, shows a picture of some well backed muffins in a beautiful table. The picture then zoomed out to show a messy table, a crying child, and a normal looking home. To her detriment, Mimi has personally struggled with comparing her worst with the best of her friend’s social media experience.

Lastly, Kwaku shares a story of his “Friend” who felt guilty for kissing too many girls. While he was not doing anything wrong, he felt that he was not doing it for the right reasons and still felt bad about it.

Are weaknesses necessary for this life? The group explains that working through our weaknesses brings us closer to christ, while overindulging and giving in to our weaknesses leads to sin and furthering themselves form Christ.

What are your personal weaknesses? Do you feel like they get in the way of your personal progression? Do you have any weaknesses that are similar to theirs? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!


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