We Try Fashion Nova Holiday Outfits!!

Nov 30, 2019


We Try Fashion Nova Holiday Outfits!!
We Try Fashion Nova Holiday Outfits!! thumb We Try Fashion Nova Holiday Outfits!! thumb We Try Fashion Nova Holiday Outfits!! thumb


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If you’ve got a holiday party of any kind, we have you covered! From super fancy to cozy pajamas, Fashion Nova has everything you need for the holiday season, and we’re trying 15 different dresses to let you know what is worth your $$$!

What We Tried ►►
Office Party
Dress: http://bit.ly/2pE0LFM
Jacket: http://bit.ly/34dO9Ez
Shoes: http://bit.ly/338minL
Erin: http://bit.ly/2pGyFK4
Dress: http://bit.ly/2pGB5s8
Shoes: http://bit.ly/2ObIUQ9

Family Party
Dress: http://bit.ly/2XJEN0L
Jacket: http://bit.ly/34eCyoy
Coat: http://bit.ly/2D8Ym9f
Dress: http://bit.ly/2Daveyx
Shoes: http://bit.ly/337SN5H
Sinead: http://bit.ly/2DavkGp

Fancy AF
Loryn: http://bit.ly/2XFkLUY
Erin: http://bit.ly/2pIuLAx
Sinead: http://bit.ly/2pN8th6

Loryn: http://bit.ly/34afRlC
Erin: http://bit.ly/2XAJvOq
Sinead: http://bit.ly/33dvur8

Wild Card
Loryn: http://bit.ly/2XAJxG2
Erin: http://bit.ly/2D9Qt3u
Sinead: http://bit.ly/2rl4OYk

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