We Made the WORLD's HEAVIEST Stormbreaker!

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24:31   |   Nov 22, 2018


We Made the WORLD's HEAVIEST Stormbreaker!
We Made the WORLD's HEAVIEST Stormbreaker! thumb We Made the WORLD's HEAVIEST Stormbreaker! thumb We Made the WORLD's HEAVIEST Stormbreaker! thumb


  • What kind of weapon are we talking about here?
  • The Thanos killing kind
  • Hey guys, it's finally time to make the handle for Stormbreaker
  • Now, I could use my own arm but I am kind of partial to it
  • Groot
  • groot
  • Groot
  • Groot
  • Ian can deal with that on monday
  • Groot
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Thor
  • Doctor Strange
  • Thanos
  • Iron man
  • Groot
  • Groot
  • You're too small
  • Groot
  • Groot
  • Groot
  • No that's Jarvis
  • Groot
  • Groot
  • So obviously making an actual wood handle might not work too well because
  • Stormbreaker is really heavy. So I'm actually going to be making a steel handle
  • And we found this nice thick piece of rusty steel pipe
  • which actually almost looks like wood
  • But just in case we're also going to be doing an acid etch on it
  • using something called gun blue
  • to make is a nice brow colour as well
  • So let's take a look at Stormbreaker and see how we're going to attach this
  • Alright so before we attach the two halves together we need to make sure they're actually the same weight
  • Cause as you know if it's not perfectly balanced
  • Well if there's too much weight you lost power on the swing
  • Let's see how heavy the hammer is
  • 13.89 kg
  • Now the blade
  • Only 11.23 kg
  • To make the blade weigh the same as this we're going to have to add a bit more material
  • but luckily when I built it I kind of left part of it hollow
  • so we can actually put a few plates of steel inside to make it weigh the same
  • So let's see if we have some chunks of steel
  • perfect now we just have to weld these in place
  • It's heavier!
  • 13.02 kg
  • 13.05 kg
  • we need an extra 30 grams
  • 13.05 kg
  • 13.05 kg
  • There, it's perfectly balanced
  • As all things should be
  • this actually raises a really interesting question because my Stormbreaker is hollow and kind of
  • well it was uneven but now it should be perfectly balanced but if Stormbreaker was cast out of solid Uru
  • Where is it's center of gravity
  • Let's go back to Solidworks and see if the real Stormbreaker is actually perfectly balanced
  • And the neat thing with Solidworks is you can do something called mass properties
  • So if you actually look at this it's found the center of mass to actually be right here
  • which as you can see is not actually centered
  • so that means that the hammer portion of Stormbreaker does in fact weigh more than the blade
  • which means Stormbreaker isn't perfectly balanced
  • How is Thor swinging it
  • So if the material is steel the whole thing weighs 49.24 kg
  • That's over 100Ib is it was made out of solid steel
  • but what if we actually made it out of Uru
  • what is the density of Uru even?
  • Let's assume it's atleast the density of tungsten which is one of the most dense materials that you can get on earth
  • If we were able to make Stormbreaker completely out of tungsten it would weigh 120kg
  • 120kg
  • 120kg x 2.2
  • it would weigh 264Ib
  • That's insane
  • And I get the feeling Uru which is like the core of a neutron start or something like that
  • is even denser than that so Stormbreaker truly is a weapon to kill Thanos
  • Anyway Groot it's time to attach you to Stormbreaker
  • Now hang on why am I even building Stormbreaker anyway
  • Well I think the answer is pretty obvious I really really like to smash things
  • which is why I love the new mobile game CATS Crash Arena Turbo Stars
  • And they've actually sponsored this video
  • How the game works is you're a mean street kitten and you're a mechanic
  • You build a car, you equip it with weapons and then you battle other players to win the championship
  • the car fights automatically so it's up to you to make it the best
  • It's acutally kind of like battle bots
  • you can play with friends, join guilds and rihgt now they even have a game mode called all stars
  • which let's you play on crazy modified arenas with booby traps
  • They've also recently partnered with hot wheels which means you get awesome hot wheels parts
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  • simply use my link in the description below to play cats today
  • beat the tutorial and then unlock some exclusive bonuses and if you guys want to win a Hot Wheels toy car
  • leave your game ID in a comment below for the giveaway
  • Now let's finish this axe
  • Alright so this is pretty thick wall steel pipe but I think I want to reinforce just the part of the handle right at the base of Stormbreaker
  • So I'm actually going to try and jam this pipe inside of this pipe
  • perfect
  • To the welder
  • Kind of like a grim reeper axe at the moment
  • the next piece is the hammer which gets welded to this
  • holy crap
  • that's a little heavy
  • Alright to make this steel pipe look a bit more like Groot we're actually going to try and take some steel aircraft cable
  • And wrap it around the actual hammer portion like it is on the real Stormbreaker
  • So let's see how that works
  • It's so slippery
  • That's about all I want to do
  • so we're actually just using gun blue right now to change this steel aircraft cable into black steel aircraft cable
  • so it looks a bit more like Groot
  • Hacksmith's cereal bowl
  • Alright so we've got the handle for Stormbreaker made now
  • And we've started adding some steel cable around the head of the axe to make it look a bit more like Groot
  • And it looks pretty good but I think we can do a better job
  • So we're actually going to be adding a whole bunch more steel cable over the entire thing
  • And unfortunately that means it's going to get a lot more heavy
  • but I think it will look a bit more like Groot so let's start doing that
  • it's actually looking really good
  • I was a little worried. I was like, did I screw up Stormbreaker?
  • Don't you hate it when you're almost done a project and you do something that you're not sure if it's going to work
  • and then it doesn't work
  • and then everything you've done is for waste
  • it's going to be tricky to weld
  • whatever that's a future Hacksmith problem
  • Man I don't envy that guy
  • I need more wire!
  • What do you got for me Dave?
  • This needs to be rinsed off first, this is still covered in the acid
  • Oh ya acid
  • Now play some B-roll of someone having an LSD trip
  • More wire
  • Why don't I use zipties for all my welding
  • We'll probably learn later on in this video that they just melt and screw everything up
  • probably weld from this end
  • and then I can tighten the vines off the end as I go
  • So this is going to be a bit of a handle, almost completely hide this part
  • I think I'm almost done there, maybe a bit more of the thin stuff
  • Going to be tricky to weld though so I'm going to use some really small wire
  • to kind of replace the zip ties as a permanent thing and then we'll also do a bit of welding
  • You don't know pain until you've gotten one of these wires right in behind your finger nail
  • that was a lot harder than I thought it would be
  • So much oil
  • Alright so we've got most of the steel cable added to Stormbreaker and it's looking pretty awesome, but
  • It's getting harder and harder to hold, it really digs into your hand so we're actually going to take some more steel cable
  • and we're going to wrap it around the handle like this
  • So we have a nice spot to grab that doesn't kill your hand
  • cause this thing is heavy
  • I think it was around
  • I think it was at least 90Ib, maybe 100Ib before we added the steel cable
  • and I wouldn't be surprised if we added another 10-15Ib
  • So I'm not even sure how much this weighs yet but it's getting pretty hefty
  • A heft and a half, as Riley would say
  • Anyways, let's start drilling holes
  • Safety glasses first people!
  • Even Elena has safety glasses... that she's not wearing!
  • we might have to do it again
  • I almost want to do it along the whole thing
  • In the comics it does have stuff like this but it's just like here and here
  • I'd say we add more pieces to it
  • we need more steel cable than this because I want it to go at least another inch
  • which really wouldn't be that much more cable
  • but in the mean time let's take it off
  • Alright so we want to add more cables, like this stuff
  • going to cover this entire end here
  • And welcome back to building Stormbreaker's handle
  • So we've kind of ran into some creative differences here on the Hacksmith team
  • And we're trying to figure out how we can make the handle look the best it can be
  • So currently we've go the wire wrapped here at the top of the handle and that looks really cool
  • And I want to do something similar over here but then the question was how do we finish over here and make it look good
  • And we're really not too sure
  • So, we only have 50ft left of this which means we need to go buy even more
  • That's 50ft worth of cable
  • So we need another 200+ feet to do all that if we wanted to
  • And I think that's what we're going to do, because this actually does look pretty cool
  • And it's pretty good to hold, doesn't really hurt your hands
  • And it looks fairly even throughout
  • Alright I require assistance
  • Jordie?
  • I don't understand why they're twisting
  • It's in!
  • And I don't think it's coming out
  • It was too loose
  • So they did it again
  • Alright so this is the third time we've wrapped and unwrapped the handle
  • But now I think we've figured out how to get it really tight
  • by using two people
  • See there's no way Eitri could have made this handle
  • Because he didn't even have hands and we need four hands right now to do it
  • I got the heavy end
  • nonsense it's perfectly balanced
  • Ok got some welding gloves, grab a mask
  • Cool
  • wow that was a lot of sparks
  • Fit as many in as possible?
  • that was my thought
  • I think that will look pretty cool
  • It's interesting how you get used to molten metal splashing off your skin and it burning
  • Like you'd think that's something you wouldn't get used to
  • it's like it hurt but you're like I'm going to keep welding
  • I need more wire!
  • Now the tricky ones
  • Can you help me rotate it?
  • Alright so after a lot of frustration we're in the final stretch, which means
  • we just have to wrap from here to here, and then finish off the end nicely
  • So we've drilled another hole, we're going to stick the wire in the hole
  • And we're going to use some nails in the hole
  • to stop it from moving
  • Can someone stabilize Stormbreaker?
  • This is what they pay me for
  • I'm a weight scale
  • You're dead weight
  • You pull, I'll hit with hammer
  • Grinder!
  • Those get really hot!
  • Using hammers to make hammers
  • Which came first? The hammer or the hammer?
  • When I first designed Stormbreaker in my head I did not think about the handle at all beyond ya we'll use some steel cable
  • And now it's proving to be one of the most time consuming parts
  • We've made a lot of cool stuff but I feel this is the first like
  • almost like
  • Artisan
  • Pretty freakin work of art
  • So are we trying to braise along the edge?
  • It's actually melting
  • Alright want to pick it up and flip it over?
  • Can I?
  • It's not too bad
  • It's heavy
  • It's about to get heavier
  • That counter weight though
  • So this is a chunk of tungsten
  • Tungsten weighs
  • It's heavier than led
  • This tiny little chunk weighs about 20-25Ib
  • So we put it in the hilt of this
  • To make it actually balanced so you can actually grab it from here
  • but without it
  • Can't do it
  • so much braising so little time
  • We are going to see how much it weighs
  • See if we destroy the scale
  • My back is hurting
  • 104.4Ib
  • Just over 100Ib
  • That's not too bad, that is reasonable
  • training to fight Thanos may not take as long as I thought
  • Alright so it's finally done, this has been hundreds and hundreds of hours in the making
  • If you guys want to help support the channel and ensure that we can keep making awesome projects like Stormbreaker
  • Consider buying my new shirt, Training to Kill Thanos
  • because before we do the test video with Stormbreaker I think I'm going to have to bulk up a bit
  • because I'm no Chris Hemsworth
  • He needs the axe
  • Oh ya that's way better
  • Alright seriously though I hope you guys have enjoyed this project
  • It's been a ton of work but I'm super happy with how Stormbreaker turned out
  • we have a few more little detail pieces that we're going to do
  • I have to hit the gym and get a bit stronger before we do the test video
  • and you guys should hit the join button below to become one of the Hacksmith elite
  • where you can see videos before we release them on Youtube
  • plus don't forget to buy my new shirt
  • thanks for watching
  • I'm stuck

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