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Oct 16, 2019


We Made Cocktails According To Our Zodiac Signs • Ladylike
We Made Cocktails According To Our Zodiac Signs • Ladylike thumb We Made Cocktails According To Our Zodiac Signs • Ladylike thumb We Made Cocktails According To Our Zodiac Signs • Ladylike thumb


  • - [Whispers] Oh yeah, oh yeah.
  • - And then you're gonna need a little more.
  • - [Whispers] Okay, okay.
  • - Okay all this breathy talk, you guys.
  • (laughs)
  • - Yep, still more, you gotta go to that line.
  • - [Whispers] Just a little bit more, it's okay.
  • - All right, guys, I swear to God.
  • Stop it! - Beautiful.
  • (upbeat music)
  • So today Devin, Jen, and I are going to be
  • hanging out with a professional bartender named Bethany.
  • - My name's Bethany Ham,
  • I'm a bartender here in Los Angeles.
  • I've been running bar programs in LA for the past
  • eight years, and today I'm gonna be making three cocktails
  • based on Freddie, Devin and Jen's zodiac signs.
  • Prior to this I only knew things about my zodiac sign,
  • so this was fun to learn three other random zodiac signs,
  • and what their personality traits usually are.
  • - [Freddie] She's gonna teach us how to make the cocktails
  • and then we're gonna bring in some other people
  • from the office so that they can try to guess which
  • cocktails matches with which sign.
  • I think they'll all fail.
  • Hello ladies.
  • - Hi Freddie. - Hi Fred.
  • - Okay, so I've roped you into a drinking video.
  • - Okay!
  • - Ooh well ti-- what I meant to say?
  • (no signal beep)
  • [Devon] Well twist my arm Fred!
  • (laughs) That's what I meant to say.
  • - Well, tie my hair up.
  • - And call me Sally.
  • You know, I'm a Gemini.
  • - You are a Gemini. - You're such a Gemini.
  • - I am an Aries.
  • - Yeah, I see that for you, definitely.
  • I'm a Capricorn.
  • - So I don't know much about any sign except my own,
  • is that Gemini-esque? - Sounds like a Gemini.
  • - Yeah? Is that something a Gemini would say?
  • - Okay, I follow a lot of astrology meme accounts,
  • and like all of the Aries ones basically just
  • call Aries like, giant screaming babies.
  • That's like the stereotype I guess.
  • So like, what is the stereotype for Capricorn?
  • - That we only care about money.
  • Which is kind of funny because the other day
  • my friend was telling me that she like, fell in love with
  • this guy who doesn't have a job, and I was like,
  • I don't understand how you could do that.
  • - So I've talked to a few mixologists for
  • this video, and the first one that I talked to,
  • I told her each of our signs, and she was like,
  • "Oh, so the Capricorn, she should just have a cup of ice."
  • (laughs) - A cup of ice?
  • Because I don't wanna spend money?
  • - No, 'cause you're ice cold.
  • - Oh, I'm icy. - [Jen And Freddie] Yeah.
  • - I feel like I'm the least iciest.
  • I think mine's just gonna be straight whiskey.
  • It's gonna be like yep, this is the Capricorn drink.
  • I feel like Aries are really fun, because they're
  • fire signs, they can be impulsive, they're very talkative.
  • - Mine's just gonna be a baby bottle.
  • Like, here's some (beep) breast milk you infant.
  • - People hate Geminis.
  • I didn't know people hated Geminis until like,
  • Beyonce gave birth to her twins and people were like
  • "Oh my God, they're gonna be Geminis!"
  • I think mine matches pretty well with my whole vibe.
  • - Oh you know the drinks already?
  • - I know them already.
  • - Because Freddie's in charge of this situation.
  • - I'm in charge. - She's the director.
  • - But now we're gonna drink. - Now we're gonna drink!
  • I'm gonna go first.
  • - For Freddie, she's a Gemini, and they're notorious
  • for being the life of the party, so I thought that
  • the drink that would fit best would be a spicy Margherita.
  • So, this a shaken drink, so we're gonna build it
  • in these tins right here. - Okay.
  • - So you can just flip those over.
  • And we're gonna be building all of our ingredients
  • in the smaller tin.
  • So, your first ingredient, you should always start with
  • your cheapest in case you mess up.
  • So we'll start with our lime juice.
  • Basically make it to the cusp.
  • - The cusp! - More?
  • - Astrology speak, good for you.
  • - There we go. - To the cusp.
  • - The rising lime juice, perfect.
  • - Yes!
  • - And then you can put that right in there.
  • (gasps)
  • And then this is gonna be our orange liqueur,
  • so this is Clement liqueur d'orange.
  • - [Freddie And Devin] Okay.
  • We're gonna do a half an ounce of the demerara.
  • Now the fun part, we're going to add some ice
  • into this guy, just go for it.
  • - I'm here for support.
  • (ice clanking)
  • - (beep) I did wash my hands as well,
  • we all washed our hands. - Yes.
  • - And then we're gonna seal it, so you just wanna make sure,
  • since you're gonna shake it.
  • - This is my favorite part.
  • - Seal it down, and push it down.
  • You don't have to hit, I mean you can.
  • But it just makes it a little harder to open.
  • - That's okay.
  • - But if you want a challenge, I like it.
  • - I'm a little harder to open, I'm a Capricorn. (laughs)
  • - Flip it around, just so that you're, yeah.
  • And now you can shake shake.
  • (ice clanking)
  • (ice clanking)
  • Beautiful!
  • Before we pour it in though, I'm gonna have you kind of
  • rim the sides, make it wet, and then lay it into
  • the salts, so that's there's salt on the edge.
  • So, add however many peppers you want to this tin.
  • - Ooh, how many peppers does a Gemini get?
  • - Ooh! - Dump.
  • ~- No, I'm gonna do three.
  • - And then take the muddler,
  • and then just crunch them up a bit.
  • - Ooh, this part's always fun, I love that sound.
  • - [Bethany] And now, shake again.
  • Beautiful.
  • And then you can dump this into the glass.
  • - Oh wow!
  • - [Devin] Well that's beautiful.
  • - [Freddie] Look at my little drink!
  • - [Jen] Cute! - [Devin] Super cute.
  • - Okay, now I'm gonna try it. (drink swishes)
  • I'm very excited.
  • - [Bethany] Good? - It's really good.
  • - I'm gonna try it the way bartenders try their drinks.
  • - Oh yeah, with the --
  • - Oh my God that's delicious. - Wow.
  • - I think I could've put one or two more peppers in there.
  • - Here, let's taste.
  • - I do love the peppers, that is so good!
  • - Oh no, that's a perfect amount.
  • - The thing is, I don't like spicy drinks,
  • but I like that one.
  • I think it's the (mumbles). (laughs)
  • - It's definitely the (mumbles).
  • - Who's next? - You're next.
  • - I'm next!
  • So, as the Capricorn on set, it has come to my attention
  • that we are making drinks with rum.
  • I don't like rum. - Perfect.
  • (laughs)
  • - Challenge accepted. - Awesome, yeah.
  • - For Devin, since she's a Capricorn, I wanted to make
  • a cocktail that would be very earth-sign friendly,
  • so I went with a basil daiquiri,
  • with an agricole rum, so it's gonna be nice and earthy.
  • And super like, what's the word I'm looking for,
  • with a Capricorn.
  • - Rich? (laughs)
  • - Like a very dependable person!
  • So put that ice into that glass.
  • And that's just to make sure your vessel is cold
  • when you pour your drink into it,
  • because your actual cocktail won't have ice in it.
  • - Yeah, I want a cold glass.
  • - First thing, we're gonna do an ounce of lime juice,
  • simple syrup in this one.
  • Rum time. - Rum time!
  • - [Bethany] Two full ounces of rum.
  • Put three basil leaves in?
  • - I'm gonna choose the best ones.
  • - And if your stem is on it, that's fine too,
  • because the stems have flavor in them as well.
  • And then ice. - Ice, ice, baby.
  • - Do you use the stick in this one?
  • - Nope, not in that one. - Not in this one.
  • - Since basil's so delicate,
  • you don't really need to muddle it.
  • (slaps)
  • Nicely done.
  • (shaking) There it is!
  • - Do you do the tricks, where you're like...
  • - Mmm, no.
  • Oh, so the trick to that one is when it's facing you,
  • and it's clicked down, you wanna go to three o'clock.
  • - Oh, you just did that with your thumb!
  • - I like the way that sounds.
  • - It smells so good, I love the basil.
  • - [Bethany] You can dump out this ice back into the ice.
  • And then you're gonna use your Hawthorne strainer,
  • and then pour into that.
  • (ooh-ing) - That's satisfying!
  • - [Bethany] Beautiful. - [Freddie] Love it!
  • - [Jen] Wow, so simple!
  • - So rich!
  • I like. Wanna taste?
  • Dip your bartender straws in there.
  • - You can taste the rum, but it's like,
  • pretty sweet as well.
  • - Zesty!
  • - Like me.
  • - All right, Capricorn time!
  • - Nope, Aries time. (no signal beep)
  • - Aries time! (laughs and whooping)
  • - All right, can't wait to get my breast milk!
  • - For Jen's, she's an Aries, I need to make
  • a really bold cocktail that was gonna stand out,
  • so we went with a Little Italy.
  • - Wow, that's so fun!
  • I'm also half Italian!
  • - Are you really? - Yeah!
  • - Little Italy is also a nickname I have for a body part.
  • - Oh! - Just kidding.
  • - So obviously, we have two Italian ingredients.
  • This is Cynar, so this is a digestif from Italy.
  • - Is this made out of artichokes?
  • - Yes!
  • It's gonna be 3/4 of an ounce, and now vermouth time.
  • Two ounces of the rye whiskey.
  • That's all for the ingredients, so now you're just
  • gonna add some ice into this to stir.
  • Here is your spoon - Big ol' spoon.
  • - [Bethany] Think of it, as like, a pencil in your hands.
  • - [Devin] Is that how you hold pencils, Jen?
  • (laughs)
  • - With stirred drinks you're not gonna be serving it
  • with ice, so I always like to check and make sure
  • it's cold enough.
  • I'd say stir a little longer. - Stir a little longer? Okay.
  • - Beautiful. - Gorgeous.
  • - I love being praised.
  • - And for this one, we're gonna strain with a
  • Julep strainer. - Wow.
  • - And the garnish on this one, is gonna be
  • your lemon zest.
  • Close.
  • - I did almost just cut myself, I was like, "Uh Oh!"
  • - But it was close!
  • Do you want me to do it? - Yeah, I would love that.
  • I like to leave it in the hands of the professionals.
  • - So you just want enough so that you don't get all
  • this white stuff, the pith. - Gotcha.
  • - [Bethany] And then we're just gonna hold it
  • away from the glass, get all those sweet oils on it.
  • And then I always like to give the stem some love.
  • So then it makes people's hands smell like lemon.
  • - It's like when you put perfume like here--
  • - Exactly! - Wow, this does look cool.
  • - Did you say "in here"?
  • - Sometimes. - Here, in your Little Italy.
  • - Sometimes in my little Italy!
  • - Give it a try.
  • - Wow, that's really good.
  • - Good, I'm glad you like it!
  • - Yeah, that's really great.
  • - It's like a negroni.
  • - So that's the Little Italy, for the little Aries.
  • - Now we're gonna put some of our co-workers to the test,
  • and see if they can guess which cocktail
  • goes with which sign.
  • - And these aren't just any co-workers, these are co-workers
  • at Buzzfeed who love astrology.
  • - Yep! - And love drinking.
  • What celebrity is this? - It's you!
  • - [Devin] Tom Cruise, or Tom Hanks.
  • - Wow, yeah, it's Tom Hanks.
  • - Wow, we're shooting.
  • (laughs) - No we're not.
  • - I'm excited and scared, all at the same time.
  • - Oh good. (laughs)
  • - Thank you for having me, to combine my two
  • favorite things, mixology and astrology.
  • - Cute!
  • - So here's the thing, I don't know if this is just
  • a Gemini thing, but I only know things about Geminis.
  • - That is a Gemini thing.
  • - Okay, good.
  • - We expect you to get the Gemini drink correct, then.
  • - So which one are you tasting first?
  • - [Alaina] Let's go with what I imagine is this
  • tequila-based one, 'cause then I'm gonna get
  • silly afterwards.
  • - I'm assuming because it has a lime, it probably has
  • a tequila, and tequila is the party drink,
  • and that makes me think of Geminis, because we're fun.
  • - Oh God!
  • This is definitely a jalapeño margarita.
  • This is gonna be too easy. (laughs)
  • - I still think a spicy margarita's gonna be Aries,
  • like, it's just the spice, it's the fire, a little reckless.
  • - It's the fire sign, so like, I would think this is you.
  • - Maybe. - Or it would be you.
  • - I don't think you are those things, to be...
  • - I could be! - She loves fire.
  • - I do like fire. - You do love fire!
  • You like playing with sharp objects.
  • - So she's got some earth energy book-ending her fire.
  • - Exactly.
  • - [Ryann] This tastes like, to me, a responsible,
  • like a, the mom!
  • - If this is the Capricorn one, it will get the job done
  • because I will keep drinking it until I am drunk.
  • - You keep coming back to that Capricorn drink.
  • (no signal beep) - Or is it?
  • Or is it?
  • Or is it?
  • - Let me guess, this one's the wrong cocktail.
  • Does this have simple syrup in it?
  • - Yep. - What, wow, that was cool.
  • (laughs)
  • - We're all drunk! (silly noise)
  • - This feels like a responsible drink, and I feel like
  • Gemini is gonna be wilder.
  • - So this is like, kind of a mojito.
  • - This is called a basil daiquiri.
  • - A basil daiquiri, okay.
  • - (scoffs) She thought it was a mojito.
  • - She thought the basil leaf was mint!
  • (laughs)
  • - [Alaina] And I imagine this one is whiskey-based,
  • just from what it looks like.
  • - And it's called the Little Italy.
  • - Oh, this is a Little Italy?
  • Okay, all right.
  • So she only knew your signs, she didn't know
  • anything else about you.
  • - This one has an orange peel in it, and this feels like
  • it is straight-up on-the-rocks, wow.
  • - Maybe this is a Gemini twist.
  • A literal, like a lemon twist.
  • - Oh wait, no!
  • It smells very fruity, okay. (gags)
  • - The problem is, I want to get it right,
  • which means I'm gonna spend too long trying to guess.
  • I'm gonna say Little Italy is the Capricorn. (buzzer)
  • I'm gonna say the spicy margarita is the Aries. (buzzer)
  • I'm gonna say the basil daiquiri is the Gemini.(buzzer)
  • - You got them all wrong. (laughs)
  • - No, can I re-guess?
  • This is gonna be too easy. (laughs)
  • - I think this is the Aries. (buzzer)
  • Because it's spicy.
  • I think this is the Gemini (buzzer) because of that
  • lemon twist.
  • This good ol' boy, she gets the job done.
  • Capricorn energy. (ding sound)
  • - Everyone pick up their respective cocktails.
  • (exhales) - Almost!
  • - Can I guess who this is?
  • I think this is you Devin (ding sound).
  • Because I feel like this is the one that is responsible,
  • the one that's like "We are gonna get this done right now"
  • and like, to the point.
  • I don't know Aries' like, personality, but I do know
  • Aries is the God of war, this gives me very much
  • brute war strength, and because you are an Aries,
  • I'm gonna give this to you Jen. (ding sound)
  • - Okay. - Ooh, yes, a spicy margarita!
  • Is that what this is?
  • Wow, what a great way to describe a Gemini!
  • - [Freddie] I'm crying! (laughs)
  • - I feel like we are spicy margaritas!
  • I'm 100% right, I'm right?
  • - You are 100% right!
  • - Yes, Yes, Yes!
  • - You got all of them correct!
  • - That was so fast!
  • (cheers)
  • - My second guess was that
  • you were the Little Italy. (buzzer)
  • You were the basil daiquiri. (buzzer)
  • And you were the spicy margarita. (buzzer)
  • My new final answer!
  • - No. (laughs)
  • - You got them wrong! - Well obviously this
  • is the right one! (laughs)
  • - I love that you intuited that this one
  • was Capricorn, though.
  • You took a couple sips and you were like "I don't know,
  • "I'm getting Capricorn off of it."
  • - Yeah. - Yeah.
  • - And then I lowkey confirmed it for you.
  • - You were better at guessing what was in the drinks,
  • which is more impressive.
  • - Zodiac cocktail taste-test.
  • - Lady tested.
  • - [All Together] Lady zested!
  • - 'Cause lemons. - Yeah, shots!
  • (laughs) - Shots!
  • - Let's get drunk! (whooping)
  • - Did you put that whole lemon in your mouth?
  • - Yeah, but it didn't fit.
  • - Well now it's dead. - It didn't fit.
  • (upbeat music)
  • (upbeat music)
  • (upbeat music)
  • (upbeat music)
  • (door hinge squeak)

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"The Capricorn, she should just have a cup of ice."

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