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We all know we are missing hockey right now, but here is a great alternative….World Hockey Manager, that you can play from anywhere!
Gold Town Games World Hockey Manager

Join to play. Think to win.

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Everybody say’s this card is a fake . Is that true?
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Wayne you're no doubt the great one, I'm a big fan of yours & also a long time N.Y. Islanders fan from Long Island. I think it would be fair to say back then that the Islanders were the best & toughest team you faced in your career & that Nassau Coliseum was the most intimidating place to play, even more so than MSG. You & Mike Bossy were the best in the business. Always looked forward to...
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Wayne, Did you have an Aunt Nora Gretkowski who was married to Mario?
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Post dispatch printing plate 1996
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Hello Mr. Gretzky,
I have been lucky enough to hold a rookie card of yours dated from 1979. I am a single mother of two small babies and would love to be fortunate enough to have you sign it. This would mean the world to me and my children as it’s been a few very tough years. Please please get ahold of me to make this dream be a reality! Xoxo

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This guy hasn’t done one minute in jail let alone the death penalty for his millions of crimes
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