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WAYALIFE is a YouTube channel that Cindy and I started way back in 2007 and to highlight our Jeeps, the amazing places they’ve taken us and the fun filled lifestyle that revolves around them. For us, they truly are more than just a Jeep but a way of life.

WAYALIFE EPIC TREX ADVENTURES are what we like to call our home movies. These are the longer videos we make that featuring all the fun we have, with our good friends and on all our off-road adventures. In the past, we’ve been responsible for producing the JK-Experience (also known as the JKX) video series "KEEP IT TIGHT" which was made in 2011, the 2012 series "HEARTLAND", the 2013 series "WILD WILD WEST" and the 2014 "PACIFIC NORTHWEST". We are NOT paid professionals who have been hired to film events but rather, simply amateurs who enjoy sharing what we do and love.

All WAYALIFE YouTube videos are the work of Cindy Oh and Eddie Oh.