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WATERFALL DRONE DISASTER - Bogor, Indonesia Vlog thumb WATERFALL DRONE DISASTER - Bogor, Indonesia Vlog thumb WATERFALL DRONE DISASTER - Bogor, Indonesia Vlog thumb


  • It's the blood!
  • Good morning!
  • and welcome back to Jakarta!
  • I just had that funky looking speciality kopi luwak coffee. Which was really nice.
  • and brewed in a pretty interesting way. I've never seen that, before.
  • I had it at Holiday Inn Express in Thamrin.
  • I'm staying here, right now, in the centre of Jakarta.
  • But, right now, I need to leave here, go and meet my friends, because we have a big day planned!
  • I'll tell you more in a minute!
  • Just met up with the gang!
  • They're all here and we're about to jump on the train to Bogor. We're gonna go explore some waterfalls there.
  • Fortunately, I got us to meet at Gambia Because that's the main train station from here and I thought you could go to Bogor, from there.
  • ...BUT, you can't so, we've got to walk to the next local station.
  • YouTube Gold!
  • Hey Buddy! How you doing?
  • Oh my god, it's so fluffy, I could die!
  • Hey bud! I just wanna squish it!
  • You're so small!
  • Oh my goodness!
  • We have just arrived in Bogor. It's about a 45min-1hr train journey outside of Jakarta.
  • ...and it's somewhere you might not think of going, when you come to Jakarta.
  • BUT! I'm gonna show you why it's completely worth visiting!
  • But first, I need to meet someone who some of you might recognize.
  • Hello!
  • We meet again, okay!
  • I did the video before with the beautiful scenery of Indonesia in the jungle
  • and we're gonna do another collaboration, today! Which is cool!
  • Let's go, team!
  • Cool!
  • Well, we made it
  • What's the name of this park, Agus? Ah, Gulung Shalat.
  • Gulung Shalat! Gulung Shalat!
  • Just about made it.
  • So, we just arrived at the park. I'm gonna grab a quick bit of food but first, check out this view!
  • Yeah!
  • Not bad for a little Indo-noodle place! I don't know what they're called
  • I'm also here with...Fandy Fandy!
  • Say, "hello" Hello!
  • Yeah, he just drove us, here. Good man. Thank you! Thank you!
  • What would you say about our relatively short journey, from Jakarta?
  • I mean, 4hrs is pretty short, in these parts.
  • Well, I think...
  • I was asleep for most of it.
  • We left...we got on the train at 9:30 and it's like, 2, now?
  • It is 2 o'clock!
  • You should do a timelapse on it!
  • Now this, is a ginger-man. But this, is a pretty big waterfall!
  • The plan was to go swimming in it and like, it's meant to be really green but, because it's raining, it's been raining
  • It's got really heavy flow, right now. So, I don't know if we're going swimming or not
  • That is a surprisingly strong current!
  • But, I wanted to go over to this side, for a better view.
  • As stable as I thought.
  • Agus, do you ever come somewhere and wish you had a drone?
  • I'm not sure but the waterfall is very dirty but yeah! We can do it!
  • Let's do it!
  • We just tried to fly the drone, in here.
  • But, I think there's just way too much turbulence in this little bit.
  • And unfortunately...Agus, man, let's see.
  • Agus was trying to catch the drone and stop it from flying away
  • And the rotors just cut into his arm.
  • Looks pretty bad!
  • Right, unfortunately, we couldn't get the drone out here. It's just not happening.
  • So, we're gonna try and move on and find somewhere else.
  • That's where we were, Curug Goa Lumut Indah
  • It looks like we found a spot to fly the dr-
  • That was just one of the many waterfalls, here, in this national park.
  • And now, we're gonna quick walk through this forrest, here, as well.
  • We decided to come out today because living in Jakarta or being in Jakarta, you wouldn't expect this kind of scenery to be so close.
  • This is, on a good day, this is an hour train and about a half an hour journey outside of Jakarta.
  • and then, you're in this kind of national park.
  • He have just about wrapped up, here. Just took some photos to share on our Instagrams.
  • @ghoster21 @traveltram_uk Check 'em out. They'll be in the description, below!
  • But right now, we're heading to Bogor!
  • On the train, back to Jakarta, now.
  • and I just said goodbye to Agus. All I need to do now is get back to the hotel.
  • Back in the hotel, now. Back in the Holiday Inn Express in Thamrin and
  • Thank you for the stay, by the way. Like, the loaction is fantastic. I've stayed here, before and it was a really nice hotel.
  • Really great breakfast and good coffee, this morning, as well.
  • and it's been a massive help because I have my sister and two friends staying at my flat.
  • So to have this place in a really good location in Jakarta...really helpful!
  • Today, uhm, went out with a simple idea to go into nature, really close to Jakarta.
  • and just film a waterfall and be in some beautiful nature near to jakarta
  • A lot of the stuff went wrong.
  • It should take an hour and a half, maybe, to get there and it took us much longer. about 4/5 hours
  • Because of various things, uhm
  • We struggled to meet up, this morning. We missed the first train.
  • The next train was later.
  • There was traffic.
  • And all those things combined to make it quite a difficult day. Then, it started raining, once we got there.
  • And then, we had to wait out the rain. But, eventually, I still produced this video. So, hopefully...
  • ...it's still good
  • With that, I'm just gonna finish it and say, again.
  • Thank you for watching and This Is My Life!

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