Was there a life before this life??

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Was there a life before this life??
Was there a life before this life?? thumb Was there a life before this life?? thumb Was there a life before this life?? thumb


  • Welcome to another episode of unofficial missionaries. I'm Justin Winch and I'm
  • Izzy. Early, you may have heard us talk before about the plan of salvation. Today
  • we're gonna go a little bit more in-depth into what that is. "How deep? It's
  • classified."
  • And it all starts with the beginning of time. Even before time.
  • Well actually, who knows we are going to talk about though, pre-mortal
  • existence. Meaning pre-people were before mortal earth right so pre-mortal before
  • this earth life existence. Where were you before you were born?
  • Did you exist before you were born? You can probably guess by the context clues
  • that we believe you did. You know I feel like this is an interesting concept that
  • like, you're born as a baby and you live this life but to think that there's a
  • whole bunch that happened. There's something before that yeah some plan put
  • in place. I think what's so unique about
  • the Church of Jesus Christ, is that he does give us this idea that like we just
  • didn't ask oh, you were brave right. That he had prepared us beforehand in this
  • pre-mortal existence to know our purpose, to know who we were. We all existed as
  • spirit children, and Heavenly Father he wanted us to become like him. One of the
  • biggest differences between us a spirit children and Heavenly Father was that
  • Heavenly Father had a glorified body. Like a physical body yeah
  • glorified right and we didn't have that. And so that
  • neat that meant that we needed to come to earth, to receive a body, and live
  • a life so that we can become more like Heavenly Father. And that's where Jesus
  • Christ comes in with with a plan. For us to come to earth have agency make
  • choices learn and grow, and then if we used our agency correctly to be able to
  • return to a heavenly fathers presence. Exactly and we could choose to return to Heavenly
  • Father. But that meant that some people weren't going to make it back by choice,
  • and which is like hard but it was kind of like necessary. Well some of these
  • spirits didn't like that and that's where this guy Satan comes in Lucifer's.
  • Dude was another spirit you know and he's like, well what if we all just came
  • to earth what if we took away our agency, and I made it so that we returned to
  • Heavenly Father. And force them to get back. Yeah
  • and you give all the glory to me because I came up with this amazing plan. So, you
  • have these two plans obviously one of them was right because Heavenly Father
  • like helped make it you know with Jesus Christ. Then Satan's like got his own
  • thing going on so, then all the spirits we had an opportunity to choose. That's
  • what's called the war in heaven. I imagine all spirits with like Spears
  • like gonna be released stabbing people and I'm like I don't know how that
  • works. I think it was more war like ideas.
  • Yeah anyway right one then and then we chose science one third of the hosts of
  • heaven chose to follow Satan, and the other 2/3 chose to follow Jesus Christ.
  • The one third were cast out and remain of spirits forever. The other two-thirds
  • came here you chose to come here, you chose Gods plan in the beginning good job, so
  • why not choose it again? Okay but for real we're not kidding.
  • But there had to be an earth for us to come to. It didn't exist you know
  • everything was spiritual, there was there wasn't an earth yet for us. Yeah
  • Jesus Christ under the direction of God created this earth for us to come to.
  • This very one we're on and this is a place that that we come, and it it has
  • faults and it has happiness as goodness. Yeah I don't know after Christ created
  • that earth it was time for us to actually come to the earth. So, Adam and
  • Eve were sent to the earth you guys know that story. I just want to preface that
  • this isn't like the most exact details, but the moral of the story is that God
  • did create the world. And that Adam and Eve were put on the earth by him, and
  • that they did live in the Garden of Eden wherever that was and they had a choice.
  • To eat of this fruit or not eat of this fruit? And they were tempted by Satan to
  • eat of a fruit and God warned them that if they did eat it through of the
  • knowledge of good of evil that they would have to leave the Garden of Eden.
  • But God knew that like we needed, hardship we needed trials to be able to
  • grow. And so it was kind of all part of
  • his plan for Satan to tempt them, for them to
  • for them to choose to leave the Garden of Eden. And because Adam and Eve that
  • happened does that mean we were able to come here and be born. And I just want
  • to read a scripture out of the Book of Mormon that actually talks about this
  • period that we are supposed to be here on the earth it says, "And the days of the
  • children of men so you and me were prolonged according to the will of God
  • that they might repent while in the flesh wherefore, their state became a
  • state of probation and their time was lengthened according to the commandments
  • with which the Lord gave unto the children of men for he gave commandment
  • that all men must repent for he showed unto all men that they were lost because
  • of the transgression of their parents." So, because Adam and Eve we were sent here,
  • but not unfortunately because that's what we actually wanted to be here. And I
  • love that it talks about repentance a lot, because the whole purpose of us
  • being here is to grow and progress. And there's no way we could do that without
  • Jesus Christ. He gives us the opportunity that when we do mess up, that when we do
  • make mistakes, that when do we feel heartache and pain, we can feel whole
  • again and we can feel like we are making that progress. Because God knew that this
  • life is gonna be hard, God knew that we would be thrown to and fro left and
  • right, and instead of leaving us here to figure it out
  • that's not much progression he gave us his son Jesus Christ and that's my
  • favorite part of the plan of salvation. It's hard to have this attitude but in
  • reality when you're facing a trial, it is like that's kind of the reason we're
  • here to grow. If we never faced anything hard ever it would almost defeat the
  • purpose of this existence. It's like if you want to grow muscle you have to go
  • to the gym and you have to break your muscles so that it can build back
  • stronger. If the biggest and strongest trees in the world are the ones that
  • have been like through hard winds and storms and stuff so that they grew
  • stronger it's just like the story of life is that trials can make you
  • stronger. It's hard and we can't do it on our own and that's what that's like what
  • Izzy was saying is that we can only do it through Jesus Christ. And so I
  • guess that's why we're here like sharing the gospel with you guys, is to help you
  • understand that, and that you can make it throw the trials in your life and you
  • can come out better than you were before but only through Jesus Christ in himself.
  • So, we want to invite you to access that power through prayer and
  • studying the scriptures and getting to know Jesus Christ better. And we hope
  • that this clears up a little bit about what the pre-earth life is pre-existence.
  • And how the earth was created and everything, and we're gonna
  • continue to go more in depth on this plan this plan of salvation the plan of
  • happiness that God has given us. Please like and subscribe the channel to share
  • these videos. Let everyone know I don't know why I thought of Newsies I just like
  • don't like I just start dancing. Seize the day if you have questions
  • about what we've taught and we can like maybe leave links to videos that we've
  • already done. Or answer your questions um we're here for you guys we love bye.

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In this episode, the Unofficial Missionaries talk about what life was like before we came to this earth. Did we exist? What were we like? Did we choose to come to this earth?

Izzy and Justin talk about a lesson you'll hear from the missionaries (sometimes called the Mormon missionaries or LDS missionaries). This lesson is about the plan of salvation. But in this episode they focus more on what happened before the earth was created and why we are here.

Being able to learn and grow is what life is all about! If you liked the video or have any questions let us know in the comment section!


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