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Ruth Langsford was forced to speak to Phillip Schofield after complaining against him

Ruth Langsford Spoke to Phillip Schofield On Live TV After Making A ‘Formal Complaint’ Against Him

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Tanmoy Debnath
People slammed her on Twitter and suggest that she should learn from her nanny how to use a baby carrier!

People Commented On Meghan Markle’s Way of Using A Baby Carrier

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She was 18 weeks pregnant when they found out that her baby didn’t have a brain...

Mother Carried Baby Without A Brain Full Term So She Could Donate Her Organs

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People are having mixed reactions to this father who interrupted his son's wrestling match after detecting an illegal move!

Dad Makes An Illegal Move to Help His Son During Wrestling Match

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The staff was made to crawl on the floor because they were not able to meet their sales targets!

Members of The Staff Crawled The Floor During The Company Event

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