Voltlog #263 - InTheMail

Oct 15, 2019


Voltlog #263 - InTheMail
Voltlog #263 - InTheMail thumb Voltlog #263 - InTheMail thumb Voltlog #263 - InTheMail thumb


$2 for 5 PCBs Any Color https://jlcpcb.com Welcome to a new InTheMail, the series that will touch both your passion for electronics and your bank account at the same time. Checkout the items I received in this mailbag.

0:05→NT Yellow Paste Flux 150g
Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/jago2
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/7rvbs
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/34ubq
2:17→XL6019 Boost Converter Module
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/7u4lk
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/vt10h
3:16→Igor’s ebay shop
5:49→Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Can
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/8kns6
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/zdnhj
6:42→Electro-magnet 12V 2.5Kg
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/mkuh3
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/tu68d
7:26→PIR 10 LED Battery Powered Lamp
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/1jar9
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/tihda
8:27→Mini Grabbing Hooks
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/ylr56
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/sgrm9
10:26→Bluetooth 5.0 USB Dongle
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/u5a3r
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/oz7pw
11:57→Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable
Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/4yvhq
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/31ulr
12:55→CJ720 GPS Tracking Car Relay
Banggood http://voltlog.com/y/an8ph
Aliexpress http://voltlog.com/y/hdmx7
Ebay http://voltlog.com/y/m1s2o

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