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Welcome to the international fanpage of Volkswagen, straight from the headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

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Striking details.
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Spotting cars from your window.
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Chen Yefu
Better days will come. Thank you for staying at home.
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Move your body. Right where you are.

Spin And Flip

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Abubakar Yauba
Let the day fade out.
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John Karugu
Thian Vum Thang
Oscar Brewster
How long did it take you to spot the Golf GTI?
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Haydee Tabra
Mmbali Nokwanda Dlamini
Lorenz Aiken
Mose Galo
Mose Galo
Keep it funky and fun, late nights out will come.

Late Nights Out Will Come

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Sitting and waiting.
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Pusong Ligaw
Ogoo Nwa
Spa day at home - lean back and enjoy! Thank you for staying at home.

Spa Day At Home

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Blooming memories.
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Acleys Nathalie
Ogoo Nwa
Jacob Gerard Storm
Yu Liu
Nilsa Rosa