Visiting NIO Store in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui

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Feb 27, 2019


Visiting NIO Store in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui
Visiting NIO Store in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui thumb Visiting NIO Store in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui thumb Visiting NIO Store in Shanghai, Taikoo Hui thumb


HyperChange goes on the ground in Shanghai to research NIO, the countries hottest EV startup. We were blown away by the luxury & quality of a ~$50K car, equipped with an AI assistant (Nomi), seat massagers, premium leather & a 200+ mile range. What are your thoughts about NIO, is this the real deal?!

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LINK - Old Moonshot Monday that Tesla should launch an AI assistant: /watch?v=GDeuBpLUJzM
LINK - NIO Investor relations site: https://ir.nio.com/overview
LINK - NIO F-1 IPO filing: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1736541/000119312518247401/d560276df1.htm

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