Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne

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Mar 21, 2018


Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne
Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne thumb Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne thumb Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne thumb


  • -♪♪ Virtual Reality Pictionary ♪♪
  • -First, we're going to need partners,
  • and we found some good ones.
  • Joining my team is the star of "Pacific Rim Uprising."
  • Please welcome John Boyega!
  • ♪♪♪♪
  • How are you feeling? You feeling it?
  • -[ Growls ] -[ Laughs ]
  • Tariq's partner tonight --
  • Her new movie, "Midnight Sun," is in theaters on Friday.
  • Give it up for Bella Thorne! Hey!
  • Bella! Hi, Bella!
  • I need to say hi before the competition.
  • All right. We're gonna be cordial about it.
  • -Before the competition. Here we go.
  • [ Clears throat ]
  • Now, the game works exactly like Pictionary.
  • That's my -- That's my game --
  • Except the person who is drawing
  • will be wearing one of these virtual-reality headsets
  • and drawing in 3-D space
  • using a program called Tilt Brush, okay?
  • We'll be able to see their point of view
  • on the big screen upstage.
  • 45 seconds per turn. I will go first.
  • You guys can all take your seats.
  • We're gonna do this, John. -Okay.
  • -Here we go. All right.
  • Let me put this down here. Throw this guy on.
  • What number?
  • [ Crowd shouting ]
  • FIVE!! Okay.
  • That guy aggressively yelled five, so I'm afraid --
  • -Yeah, five is -- -Hmm. Okay.
  • Hmm. All right.
  • Okay. Ready?
  • -Jimmy, Jimmy, I'm very worried about this, man. You're not...
  • -No, no, I'm playing this. I'm playing this. Ready?
  • -All right, all right. -All right. This is an object.
  • You ready?
  • -Man, you're drawing sheepskin, man.
  • It just doesn't look right.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Um, a dog?
  • An elephant?
  • -When you know what this is, you're gonna really feel stupid.
  • No. I don't know. Maybe um, um, um...
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Sorry. Sorry. Oh, no!
  • I'm sorry! Don't look at that!
  • [ Laughs ] All right. Wait. Oh, man.
  • Oh, man! Ohh!
  • -Time. Time! [ Buzzer ]
  • -Sorry. I apologize.
  • I apologize to America. That was, uh...
  • [ Laughter ]
  • I love that you didn't even guess.
  • That was buffalo wings.
  • -Oh, wow.
  • [ Foghorn ]
  • Wow.
  • -I drew a buffalo with wings on it.
  • -Yeah, yeah, no. -Oh, you tried to --
  • -Is it my turn? -No, not yet, Tariq.
  • -Okay. Okay. -Thank you.
  • Bella, it's your -- Bella, you're up next.
  • -Oh. Goodness. -Yeah, here you go. This is fun.
  • Yeah, you're gonna love this. And you got to pick a number.
  • I can help you. What number should she pick?
  • -Three, three, three. They're yelling "three."
  • -All right. They're saying three. All right.
  • -Okay. John calls it three.
  • Okay.
  • -Don't overthink it. Don't overthink it.
  • -Yeah, yeah. No, overthink it.
  • -Get out of here. Sit down.
  • -Okay.
  • -Okay. You got it, Bella? Do you got the...?
  • -Ohh. Ohh. -There's the controller.
  • -Yes. Do I draw this way?
  • -You can walk all around. -Yes. Yes.
  • -Oh, what if I trip over this thing in my heels?
  • I'm not used to wearing so many heels.
  • Oh, goodness. -You're only wearing two heels.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Oh. Good point. -[ Laughs ]
  • Okay. Here we go. Oh, what's the subject?
  • -It's a phrase. -Okay.
  • -Okay. -Okay.
  • -And it's also...an insect?
  • -Buggin'.
  • -Ooh. I don't know.
  • -No, you've drawn enough. That's perfect.
  • Ooh, wait!
  • -Butterflies in your stomach?
  • -Uh, it's close, but, no. It has a...
  • -It's 3-D. You can move around. You can walk.
  • Wait.
  • Does that help?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Um, it's, um, when you're --
  • -Wait, wait! [ Laughs ] It's not charades!
  • -When you're -- Oh.
  • It's not charades. It's virtual -- it's Pictionary!
  • -Oh. So I can't describe it? Bella! Keep drawing.
  • No, you can't -- You've got to stop talking!
  • -Okay, okay, God. Let me -- I'll try again.
  • I'm under so much pressure! I just keep drawing circles!
  • [ Buzzer ]
  • -Dang!
  • -[ Laughs ] It's fun, right? What was it?
  • -You let Jimmy get inside your head.
  • -What was it? -It was a queen bee.
  • So I tried to draw the little --
  • And I was like -- The higher up, the majesty.
  • No. I'm sorry. -John, you're up.
  • John, you're up. Yeah, you're up.
  • -All right. Cool.
  • -That was pretty good. I like that.
  • You had the crown on it. I saw that, yeah.
  • --Okay. Cool. What number should I go for, guys?
  • [ Audience shouting ]
  • -I tried to get in your head. Sorry.
  • -Oh, for freak's sake!
  • -Oh, come on! John! That's not the attitude!
  • -All right. It is an action. -Okay, an action.
  • -That has to do with a body part.
  • All right.
  • Okay. Okay.
  • -Yes.
  • -Oh, no.
  • John! John! Don't you dare draw that!
  • John! John!
  • Man boobs.
  • -And then this section... -Yes, the chest area.
  • No, the belly area. -Belly...
  • -Belly fat. Wait. It's an action.
  • Belly bump. Belly, belly...
  • -Come on, bruh. -Belly rub.
  • Belly...belly dance! Belly dance!
  • -No, no, no! -No. Belly -- Wow.
  • It -- It -- It -- It -- It -- It -- It --
  • Oh, for freak's sake! It moves -- BLBLBLBLBLB!
  • -Ohh! Belly wave.
  • Belly...belly...
  • Belly trip. -Oh, for f--
  • -Belly ring. -No, no.
  • -Belly -- When do you do the wave?
  • [ Buzzer ]
  • Sorry. John! John!
  • Hey. I'm sorry, dude. I let you down.
  • -Sorry. I'm very competitive, guys.
  • -I'm sorry. What happened? What was it?
  • -Belly flop! -Ohh. Belly flop.
  • What -- This is not belly flop. -Yeah, it flops, though, innit?
  • -That's not a belly flop. -Okay, okay.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -When you belly flop, you don't do like that.
  • -Yeah, but a big belly -- Just freakin'...
  • -What are you doing? Why you standing up?
  • -I'm helping you out, man.
  • -You trying to rig the equipment?
  • -I'm helping you out, dude.
  • -Okay, okay. Which one should I --
  • [ Audience shouting]
  • Okay. This is an object. -Oh, he's so confident.
  • -Okay. -Ohh.
  • -Okay.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Are you ready?
  • -You said it's an object? -Yeah.
  • -Holy mackerel!
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Oh, my God! Yo!
  • -Is that --
  • -It's a pig, but...
  • Pig...
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -Oh, my God!
  • -I'm so conf-- Wait. It's an object?
  • -Yeah. -Oh, I know what it is.
  • -I know what it is, as well. -I guess it's like a food.
  • -Oh. Pig in a blanket!
  • -Oh, my gosh!
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • This is --
  • -You were confident, for a good reason.
  • -This is insane. -You're very good.
  • -Sorry. -It's rigged! It's rigged!
  • -This is rigged. Wow! That was fantastic.
  • Dude, you're a great artist. Oh, my gosh.
  • I thought buffalo wings was good.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Uh, it's time for the final round.
  • It's gonna be a showdown.
  • I will draw, and if John guesses the clue first, then we win.
  • But if Tariq or Bella get it, then they win.
  • -Okay? -Okay.
  • -All right. Here we go. So, what number, you guys?
  • [ Audience shouting ]
  • Here we go.
  • [ Laughs ] Okay.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Okay.
  • Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man.
  • All right. All right. Guys?
  • This is -- -Come on.
  • -Are we ready for this? -Yeah, I am.
  • -This is an action. Okay?
  • Okay. Here we go.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Shout. -Screaming.
  • -Screaming. Arguing.
  • -Yelling. Screaming your head off.
  • -Spitting, spitting!
  • -Vomiting! Throwing up! -Licking. Licking.
  • -Kissing. Making out. -Making out.
  • -Kissing. Kissing with tongues. French kiss.
  • ♪♪♪♪
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • Judges, who said it first? Tell me we said it! We said it!
  • -We said tongue kiss. -We got it! John Boyega!
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • My thanks to John Boyega, Bella Thorne, Tariq Trotter.

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John Boyega and Jimmy team up and face off against Bella Thorne and The Roots' Tarik Trotter in a virtual reality version of Pictionary.

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Virtual Reality Pictionary with John Boyega and Bella Thorne

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