Violations Against American Veterans and the American Attorney

Jun 24, 2017


Violations Against American Veterans and the American Attorney
Violations Against American Veterans and the American Attorney thumb Violations Against American Veterans and the American Attorney thumb Violations Against American Veterans and the American Attorney thumb


A Call to American Attorneys with the Blood and Guts of Patriots to File the First of its Kind of Landmark Cases in American History in Opposition to the Veterans Administration Violations Against American Veterans.

Holding the Veterans Administration accountable or in layman terms liable is constitutional, in which correlates with Americans with Disabilities Act. Consequently, allowing 300,000 plus American Veterans, humans to die painfully to their ends after service while seeking treatment was unconstitutional let alone, inhuman.

Thus, it is time for veterans and their families to file complaints against civil rights violations in parallel with repetitive violations against Americans with disabilities. Complaints alleging racial and gender discrimination; against violations that have caused death to veterans and wrongfully exacerbated their injuries whether mentally or physically.

In short, I, Minister Larry Cornelius, am a disabled American veteran suffering around the clock from extreme pain, memory impairment as a result of PTSD, and Agent Orange cancer. Consequently, an American veteran who had my disability disrespected when seeking treatment from the VA Administration under the Obama Administration.

An administration that, with evidence, proven along with the VA., gave me, Minister Larry and my family no other choice but to believe that there was a conspiracy to kill me as well. Consequently, or with evidence supporting a plan under way to include me, Minister Larry to the list of 300,000 plus American veterans fate, by allowing US government records to be hacked that change my VA disability status to prevent treatment and life-saving medicines for being total disabled. A scheme for two years that block my life-saving blood pressure meds, in other words without my blood pressures meds death in all likelihood would be imminent.

And my disabled amenities by way of a collusion that blocked for two years, walkers, wheelchairs, and bathroom disable accessories, which as a result, I had to use the walls of my home for support and veterinarian meds for pain. And worse of all, there was a plan underway to leave me, Minister Larry at the mercy of Agent Orange Cancer without meds and treatment. Thus, this post sends a signal to the VA Administration; I, Minister Larry Cornelius (DAV), in correlation with thousands of Disabled Veterans mean business this time, American Veterans are not expendable.

In fact, this is more than a discussion, this a call to fight back American Veterans legally against the Veterans Administration. Holding the VA accountable when American Veterans disabilities violated is legal grounds to file complaints. The VA under Obama and his holdovers still at the VA in 2017 dared to think even in 2017, that our brothers and sisters in military green were and still is expendable after service; but the devil is a liar.

Now here this VA, our brothers, and sister, veterans died the worst form of death known to humanity. They died painfully until their ends, some lying on the cold streets and under buildings in the inner cities of America of all colors. Some died at home under the watchful eyes of their loved ones wrongfully, and these families, all 300,000 plus moms, and dads, not to mention their children, deserve legal restitution. Not when Congress says it's okay, but according to the U.S. Constitution in correlation with Americans with Disabilities Act.

In short, as an Amercian Veteran suffering for life, we, the American veterans, seeks patriotic American Attorneys with the blood and guts of Patriots to file the first of its kind of landmark cases against the Veterans Administration violations against the American Veterans.