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So proud of this movie and to be the first to bring #Bloodshot to life. Your support is overwhelming and I'm thrilled it's now available internationally!
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Vin Diesel posted on Mar 25, 2020

Forgotten Soldiers

Vin Diesel posted on Mar 25, 2020

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Only two weeks to go... #Bloodshot

Two Week Countdown

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Congratulations to the winners of the #Bloodshot fan art competition! #Bloodshot tickets are available NOW!

Bloodshot Fan Art Competition

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Your movie experience just got upgraded. Check out the IMAX exclusive artwork for #Bloodshot - in #IMAX theaters March 13. Tickets for @Bloodshot available in one week!
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Vin Diesel posted on Feb 03, 2020
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Vin Diesel posted on Feb 03, 2020

F9 - In Theaters May 22 (Hallelujah) [HD]

Vin Diesel posted on Feb 03, 2020

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Not all blood is family. So proud of what we've made.

F9 - Official Trailer [HD]

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it's here...and i'm so proud.

The Road To F9 Concert & Trailer Drop

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Mi Familia...
#F9 #TheRoadToF9


타임라인 사진

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