Video Digest, The Ultimate Compilations

Video Digest, The Ultimate Compilations

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After reading the biography of the man who created Reader's Digest, I got a good idea too. Just like him, I enjoy going on youtube and watching funny or cute videos every now and then but I always wish that there was a channel with no fillers in it. I get tired of watching fail compilations that consist mostly of guys getting hit in the balls or someone flying off a treadmill and somewhere in there, there is 3 videos worth watching. Or cute videos that have one interesting part in them which take 5 seconds but the video is a whole 2 minutes long. So I thought I would go ahead and do youtubers like myself a favor; make a channel that gets straight to the point, avoids fillers, and only has the best videos in its compilations. It takes a whole lot longer to do but I think my efforts will be appreciated. Enjoy!!! =)