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I called you number on your product and the number on your facebook page and was told they no longer assist with hair care products only hair tools. Where can I get assistance with hair dye that I opened today and was damaged ?
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Have you stopped making the Vidal Sassoon Salonist hair colors? Local stores stopped carrying it but up till now I have been able to find it on Amazon and Ebay for a reasonable price.
It is the only one that matches my nature color and leaves my hair healthy.
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After 15 years my hair straighteners my mum brought me as a birthday present have only just decided to retire themselves! I loved these straighteners they were so good! Sad to see them go!!
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Purchased this item from big W yesterday. Cost was $49.95.
Was not able to inspect item outside of box prior to purchase as all were sealed in box.
Used it for the first time this morning, only to find there is no on/off switch . Only way to turn it if is to unplug it.
Whatever happened to double redundancy safety measures. Ie on / off switches.
Last product of yours I will ever purchase....
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So, I just purchased your Keratin Protect & I gotta sad, I was surprised at how big the box was. 2/3 is empty.
Very disappointing when it isn’t necessary. Also, why is it wrapped in plastic within the big box?
Love your products & purchased quite a few since the 80’s (yes, I’m that old & now shop for my girl).
She’s into environmentally friendly packaging & therefore I support her, please...

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This Gorgeous Head of Hair is from a Classic Vidal Sassoon Commercial, Way Back in 1994... This is for Sassoon Fans Everywhere
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I have ordered your hair color 6G from amazon and every time the box has black mildew it it or black mildew in color tube and either the color tube or conditioner tube has a hole in it. Where else besides amazon can I order ur hair color? Can I order it directly from vidal sassoon?
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