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Even though Sukihana is killin' it online, Miami Tip gives her some advice on how to make it as a recording artist. Do you think she'll make it in the music industry? #LHHMIA

Miami Tip Tells Sukihana to Focus on MUSIC | #LHHMIA 303: Highlight

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Michille Anderson
Taneshia Trammell
Charmaine Jones
Z Daniella Chalmers
Nikki Brown
Erica and Safaree's wedding vows left not a dry eye in the house! Be honest, did this make you tear up? #LHHNY

Erica and Safaree's wedding vows WILL make you cry! | #LHHNY 1007: Highlight

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Douglas Lewis
Douglas Lewis
Lauren Loh
Tamra Singfield
Angelica Crystal
Sparks fly Jonathan runs into Joe + Tahiry at Safaree + Erica's wedding. Who do you think was in the wrong here?! #LHHNY

Joe tells Jonathan to "Mind your f------g BUSINESS!" | #LHHNY 1007: Highlight

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Cedric Hall
Shikia Redmon
Alicia Hargrove
Nija Renee Davis
Blenda Board
From booty pics to getting the PERFECT angle, the cast of #LHHMIA reveals the key to success when it comes to sliding into your crush's DMs... Has setting a thirst trap ever worked for you?!

How to Set the Perfect Thirst Trap! | #LHHMIA Digital Package

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Alexi Makerov
Joyce English
Erica Bailey
Delores Davis
Neil Hendershot
Emjay + Jullian go AT IT over Amara's future and whether or not Jullian is manipulating her. What would you do if you were in Emjay's position? #LHHMIA

Emjay Tells Jullian to BACK OFF Amara | #LHMMIA 303: Highlight

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Imani Leach
Adrianna Jeffaun Hilliard
Melissa Pierre
Ditra Comer
Keiler Sanchez
Kitty tells the crew she's moving to Chicago to help Charmaine keep 2nd City on lock while she mourns the loss of her mom. Do you think Kitty will be able to pull it off? #BlackInkCHI

Kitty's Taking Over 2nd City | #BlackInkCHI 608: Highlight

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Terri M. Long Robison
Rich Britnie
Carlisa Monique Eatman
YO C Chavez
Robin Scott
We're seeing red, white, and Ru!

Watch as the Queens of #DragRace Season 12 make their debut as Ru Girls!


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Allas Teenie
Tanisha Mccullough
Ingi Meid Dege
Shannon Patilla
Jessi Faccio
Apryl Jones has spent her fair share of time in the music industry, and weighs in on some of her fave girl groups of ALL-TIME.

Watch the FULL EPISODE of #BrunchWithTiffany ➡ [ On.vh1.com Link ]

Apryl Jones Names Her Favorite Girl Groups | #BrunchWithTiffany Social Exclusive 2

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Nikki goes to Trick's to confront Joy, but ends up getting KICKED OUT by Trick! Do you think Trick went too far? #LHHMIA

Nikki Gets Kicked Out of Trick's | #LHHMIA 303: Highlight

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Jereka Talley
Kara Brown Jones
Jodieann  Jones
Mercedes Howard
Mary Paul
Michael Strahan's current job as a TV host is DEFINITELY different from his days in the NFL, but which is harder?! #MarthaAndSnoop

Michael Strahan Breaks Down His Careers | #MarthaAndSnoop Bonus Clip

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Crystal Coleman McNeil
Blenda Board