Vehicle Recovery Using the Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor

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Vehicle Recovery Using the Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor
Vehicle Recovery Using the Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor thumb Vehicle Recovery Using the Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor thumb Vehicle Recovery Using the Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor thumb

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During our Baja Overland Expedition one of the member of our group gave us a demo of how the Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor can help you get out of a sticky situation when you don't have a solid anchor point. He got his truck stuck on purpose just so we could see it in action.

Baja Video: /watch?v=Dqww539G7RA

Video transcript:

During my amazing trip to Baja California, one of the guys in our group was Daniel who is a co-founders of Deadman Off-Road. While we were spending a couple days on the beach of Punta Final, he gave us a demo of how to recover yourself when you are stuck in the sand with no trees or rocks around to attach your winch to. Check this out…..

So our friend Daniel did what he does often when demoing the Deadman, he got his very nice Tacoma stuck on the beach on purpose.

And this is a scenario that happens quite often when guys are out playing on the beach having fun and the find themselves stuck. Getting unstuck can be a real challenge if there isn’t another vehicle around to help you out and if you are dealing with rising tides, it can make it even more difficult to free and can cause damage to your rig.

The Deadman Earth Anchor is a strong lightweight solution that provides a winching anchor point if you are stuck and by placing it in the ground as you’ll see here, or it can be used around a rock or as a tree strap.

It weighs in at only 5 lbs and can easily be stored under a seat or in a storage box. The center tarp is industrial 18 oz vinyl with rip-stop polyester that is extremely tough and allows it to conform to misshaped objects without ripping.

When the deadman is used in a basket configuration, like this demo here on the beach, the minimum breaking strength is over 66,000 lbs.

The deadman can also be used as a tow strap giving it excellent versatility.

Daniel was using a Crazy Beaver shovel and made quick work of digging this 4x2x2 foot hole

Daniel is grabbing a couple other Deadman Soft Shackles and these things are so lighter, stronger and safer better than working with metal D rings. These shackles have a minimum breaking strength of 30,000 lbs and are something I’ll be adding to my recovery kit soon.

There are bulky metal land anchor you can buy, but they weigh up to 40lbs and takes up a lot of room in your vehicle. The Deadman, after seeing this demo, is a much better alternative solution.

The first thing he did was grab the lower two straps and linked them together with the soft shackles, and then hooked that shackle up to his factor 55 flat link which is attached to the end of his winch.

Then pulling the top 2 straps down he slides second soft shackle through secondary loops in the first straps, and though the main loops in the upper straps to tie everything together.

Not giving everything a good tug and quick check once over, it’s time to start winching the truck in.

Now the question is how do you get this out of the ground and here you can see that Daniel just attaches one of the deadman straps to a recovery point on his truck and he say the deadman usually just slides right out, but as you can see, he wasn’t able to and I think that really speaks to just how strong this system is… and this was only with one strap.

How impressive is that! We could have just dug it up, but attaching the winch to it worked just find.

A quick rinse off with water and the Deadman is ready to be packed way.

What a great system and I think this is something I’m going to be adding to my recovery kit soon. You know I’ve been wanting to go out and play in the sand dunes and having a Deadman with me will give me some solid peace of mind.

This whole demo took place during our expedition to Baja California, and if you haven’t seen that video, I will leave a link down below, it was amazing and you will definantly want to check it out.

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