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Vans posted on May 31, 2020
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Help us support small businesses by buying a pair of their Custom Vans or t-shirts through the "Foot The Bill" initiative. Net proceeds go directly to each partner during this difficult time. vans.com/footthebill

Foot The Bill

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Design your own perfect pair with exclusive new Vans Customs patterns by Fergus Purcell, available now: vans.com/customs

Vans x Fergus Purcell

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Callum Meggett
Welcome to the team Lola Mignot! Be on the lookout for this stylish logger gliding along points at home in Mexico, and in future Duct Tape Invitationals. Vans Mexico Lucila Morel | Sean Wolflick

Vans님이 게시한 사진

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Classics, but make it snack time. Can't get enough of these sweet treats Lindsey Gazel created for the Vans Canada crew.

Classics: Lindsey Gazel

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Running out of creative recipes to make at home? Christina, Tommy and Tyler of Gouge Away have got you covered in this week's Bouncing Off the Walls episode, available now at vans.com

Bouncing Off The Walls

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A new twist on the traditional slide. Shop the Cross Strap Sandal and more warm weather arrivals at vans.com/surf

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Back to basics in the Hayes Shirt. Shop new arrivals at vans.com/mens

타임라인 사진

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It's celebration time! Here's to the class of 2020. Check out the Customizer for exclusive graduation patterns or shop custom styles at vans.com/shop/grad-2020-customs

Class of 2020 Customs

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Vans x National Geographic coming soon!

Vans x National Geographic

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