Vanilla custard cream filled doughnut | Honeykki 꿀키

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Vanilla custard cream filled doughnut | Honeykki 꿀키
Vanilla custard cream filled doughnut | Honeykki 꿀키 thumb Vanilla custard cream filled doughnut | Honeykki 꿀키 thumb Vanilla custard cream filled doughnut | Honeykki 꿀키 thumb


Today’s menu is vanilla custard cream filled doughnuts.
Actually I made it using another flavor of cream, but the basic flavor is most delicious.
If you are too lazy even to make the filling, you can dust them with sugar or spread nutella or strawberry jam.

* Ingredients (for 1 dozen, 12 doughnuts)
dough: 500g all-purpose flour, 200g warm milk, 8g instant yeast, 60g sugar, 7g salt
50g unsalted butter (soft at room temperature), 2 eggs (100~105g, I used large egg)
Filling: 6 egg yolks, 100g sugar, 1 vanilla bean, 500ml milk, 50g all-purpose flour

* Making vanilla custard pastry cream
1. Pour the milk and vanilla bean(split and scraped) and simmer until edge starts to bubble.
2. In a mixing bowl, add and whip egg yolks and sugar until pale yellow. And then, add and mix flour.
3. Slowly pour the (1)milk into (2)egg mixture.
4. Strain the (3)mixture and simmer in a pot on medium low heat.
5. While simmering, keep stirring until soft cream consistency.
6. Set aside to cool in a bowl, sealed with wrap.
If you want a softer texture, strain the cream again.

* Making the doughnut
1. In a large mixing bowl, add and mix warm milk, yeast and sugar. And then, let stand for 10min.
2. add salt into flour and mix well using chopstick.
3. Add egg and flour into (1)milk mixture and mix well using spatula.
4. Knead with hands until dough forms a ball.
5. Add butter and keep kneading until surface is smooth or for 15~20min.
6. Cover the dough and rest until it doubles in size.
7. Punch the dough to remove some of the gas bubbles in it. And roll it to 1cm thickness.
8. Cut the dough using a round cookie cutter(8cm), cover with cheese cloth or plastic warp and rest for 30min.
Ball up the scrap dough and repeat steps 7 to 8.
9. Pour and heat oil into a pot at 170℃. Add and fry for 1 ~ 2min each side until golden brown.
10. Remove from the oil, place it on frying tray or paper towel.
11. Slit the doughnut for the filling using a knife, fill the doughnuts with the custard cream.
12. Coat the doughnuts in sugar. Done!

The order of filling and dusting doesn’t matter. Suit yourself.
Keep the finished doughnuts in an airtight container to prevent drying out. Enjoy!

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