Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26

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Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26
Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26 thumb Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26 thumb Van Camping with Leo the Siberian Husky | Camper Van Life S1:E26 thumb


  • What do you want to do for the winter?
  • Leo! Good boy! He's ready to go. We picked him up from my mom's house and we
  • are ready to head out of Southern California we had a great time at
  • Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood and the Pomona RV show but now it's time
  • to get going and I think we're headed to Arizona originally we were planning to
  • go to Utah but it's a little cold up there and we love Sedona in that area so
  • I think we'll head that direction you ready to go I'm ready all right
  • let's do this Leo's ready yeah are you ready yeah you
  • are
  • on the road again on the road again just can't wait to get back on that road
  • again you ready Bub?
  • he's always ready you bet your healthy snack I do my roasted sweet potato
  • we've been on the road for an hour and a half two hours two hours well we stopped
  • for gas and now we're stops a joke you made coffee yes I have a little bit of
  • my demitasse coffee left that I've been saving for the drive so that's getting
  • made this afternoon it's a long drive out to the...I think it's 500 miles out to Sedona.
  • 510 from my mom's house I'm going a little light on the coffee because I'm
  • trying to stretch it out to two cups figure if I don't put as much water in
  • she'll be just fine I feel like once a month we have to drive to California so
  • you can get your coffee hey I'll try back up the organ I love to
  • coffee there you're telling me leo
  • we're not making dinner
  • since we started feeding Leo the same food we have aside from the fact that we
  • might add chicken and things into his food anytime we start making something
  • on the stove like boiling water or Kate brings out the instant pot Leo gets
  • excited because he thinks he's getting fed love the turning radius and our
  • clean windshield thank you for cleaning the windshield you're welcome and I took
  • care of the solar panels under the birds had quite the party up there we just
  • passed the exit for Joshua Tree National Park and we were actually thinking about
  • spending a couple nights there but it's almost 6 o'clock and it's still 87
  • degrees now so little too toasty for us that's why we're gonna continue going up
  • into Arizona and it's a lot cooler in Sedona right now so that's what we're
  • headed but earlier in the year while we were waiting to take delivery of the
  • himer we took our Jeep out we still had it and
  • did some tent camping and Josh check out the footage we got there
  • Cheers we're gonna get a fire started soon it's supposed to be in what the
  • 40's tonight low 40 low 40s I like that you're rocking the sandals
  • of course can't go camping without sandals I hiked the Smoky Mountains with
  • my sandals it was impressive people were shocked we're in the backcountry of
  • Joshua Tree National Park we're currently on an 18 mile geology tour
  • having fun I'm having a blast I love taking the Jeep off-road
  • what do you make it I am making a like a pseudo chili fire is doing well good
  • morning buddy how was your first night of camping I'm
  • sore are you sore
  • what are you making now I'm just frying up some ham and I'm gonna heat up some
  • tortillas
  • got the cast iron over the fire heating it up I've actually never had a
  • successful meal cooked over a camp fire I think that's gonna change tonight
  • inquiring minds want to know yes how many miles this one cup of coffee last
  • year that depends on traffic since I had this
  • little tumbler the coffee will stay hot for a couple hours usually I can milk a
  • cup for about an hour so I would say about a hundred miles or
  • so if I really kind of push it
  • I'm getting hungry how are you doing
  • I saw a billboard back there for Chipotle and I think it's coming up so
  • I'm going to get off and go
  • you do like your triple we do I love to I didn't even see the billboard
  • I'm hungry my English
  • right on the corner fix the mattress room Oh
  • you didn't want to park right up front yeah
  • I like having a little separation all right okay
  • there's a smaller place
  • the cockroach oh can I do two scoops in the ground just scoops up the ground
  • yeah scoop of each of the beam your choice of meat today I'm gonna go veggie
  • and but can I get some though yeah she scoops to the mile
  • one medium on there and I also get a medium on each side
  • can I get out perfect kinky
  • Leo is very excited it's all stuck to the top there we go
  • I know I've said we don't need dairy it's really Kate who doesn't eat dairy
  • I'll eat it every now and again especially at Chipotle
  • Cheers it is time to get back on the road and the great thing about having a
  • campervan we have no problems driving at night driving a Class A at night was a
  • little sketchy because if you drove down streets with low-hanging branches or
  • things you might never see them and lose an air-conditioning unit this thing it's
  • fine and we can drive all night so let's get back on the road and head towards
  • the done' sounds good see how far we get all right come on okay you know what I
  • do want for my drive it's very dark yes it's nighttime what do you want drive
  • I'm gonna grab some Ricola I'm addicted to Ricola nobody knows that but you know
  • now are we ready yes
  • you're well-fed and you've got your driving snack I do and I'm caffeinated
  • from earlier do we have enough gas to make it to Arizona
  • you said 130 miles it's about 140 miles to quartzite and the gas is
  • significantly cheaper over there I think we should be fine
  • sign
  • there
  • oh here we go
  • you miss having someone pump your gas I do it's kind of nice but I like getting
  • out and standing for a few minutes gas is 2:38 here
  • it was 375 on the other side of the California Arizona border think tonight
  • we're gonna try and push to make it just outside of Phoenix stay at a truck stop
  • and then in the morning make our way to Sedona who knows we might end up this is
  • true we do wake up from time to time we're like yeah let's just go in this
  • direction because yesterday we were talking about going to Utah and then
  • today we said why don't we go to Sedona instead ready to get back on the road
  • let's do it all right let's go my favorite nighttime
  • snack recall
  • I'm spot
  • it's 10 p.m. I'm pretty tired and we decided that the rest area is going to
  • be a better place for us to spend the night than a truck stop
  • probably a lot quieter and it was a few miles closer so I don't have to be on
  • the road anymore I'm ready to hit the sack and go to bed
  • Leo's already passed out and it's cooled down quite a bit so I think we'll sleep
  • all the night and get up early and make our way to Sedona
  • morning I slept really well last night you very well
  • it was glad we picked this over the truck stop last night usually truck
  • stops people are coming and going this was really Pleasant
  • good morning leo
  • did you sleep well yo he always sings well
  • but it's so funny after his bath it's like non-stop here he's so white he
  • needs a great brushing and I brushed him yesterday
  • so I was thinking we could go to Flagstaff instead of Sedona sounds good
  • to me we like it up there it looks like the weather is a little bit warmer the
  • next few days so maybe we can head up there and then head down to Sedona once
  • it gets cold Leah loves like that does all right to the van
  • pree coffee coffee pre coffee coffee so what I do is in the morning I take
  • some water and with my coffee cup from yesterday there's still a little bit of
  • coffee at the bottom pour the water in there swish it around I rinse it and
  • they get a little caffeine jolt before I make my coffee
  • it's your coffee water that's when you know you truly have a problem I'm the
  • coffee drinker Kate is the tea drinker babe here is your Jasmine green tea
  • thank you I'm also the barista you are except I
  • didn't make enough water for both I did took care of you first really excited to
  • head back to Flagstaff the last time we were there was on our way to Los Angeles
  • last year when my mom was having her cancer surgery mm-hmm and the very first
  • time we went there was when we first got on the road in the Class A yeah and you
  • got me right in the face with that snowball that was pretty awesome
  • to Flagstaff
  • looking at the weather and Flagstaff I just made me think about what do you
  • want to do for the winter
  • I'm open I'll get this game Arizona for a couple
  • let me wall and he really have you morning
  • like stop hex for days it should be good
  • or these are so at night
  • today in the high of 67 33
  • Wednesday Thursday is a high of low 17 and at low high 30
  • and we can survive that would we get it where we get into trouble is overnight
  • if it drops below freezing tank and all the lines back there are
  • extra they could freeze on us
  • so we don't want to have that happen so I would say let's spend the next few
  • days and flags now we come South you know
  • but I think there are enough there's enough BLM land and that if we
  • want to spend it extend an amount of time
  • right now that'll be there's nobody
  • dog friendly never been yeah
  • it's a pleasure way so like that
  • every mommy great grocery stories great beer plenty
  • of free camping and freedoms and playful we're good I love
  • just fastest flagstaff city limits and it is 65 degree now
  • it's gorgeous here
  • and our fuel gauge just yeah we're almost on the empty line
  • we're almost there
  • founded in 1882
  • elevation 7,000 I feel like our mpg is going to be really bad on that tank
  • yeah most of that drive today was we've done 262 miles
  • almost
  • and we did 280 yesterday without even
  • yep yeah I think we were still in a just below a quarter tank we had to eat
  • this thing does not like mountainous terrain whatsoever
  • while here's to helping we make it to the gas station
  • coming up the hill on the 17 we got just under 12 miles per pretty bad not as bad
  • as Tahoe no Tahoe is what nine nine
  • and gas is cheaper out here much cheaper it's even cheaper in Phoenix it was only
  • I think to 24 gallon yeah all right off to find some dispersed camping mm-hmm
  • you got to tell me where we're going first oh yes Leo we're in Flagstaff
  • we're back buddy
  • it's excited yeah
  • how's the road not too bad and is handling it well
  • there are some people camped back in there we go down that way
  • No Oh up to you looks like there's a spot right here
  • 5:06 yeah that looks pretty rented out though there's a tech camper over there
  • vintage trailer over there
  • I think this spot looks pretty good okay let's check it out
  • I leave it up to you I like the fact that we get more Sun out here but I'd
  • prefer to be further away from the road okay do you want me to guide your do you
  • want to go around right uh why don't you get out there just make sure I don't
  • clip any of these branches
  • I love this spot that's a good spot what do you think Leo do you love it he likes
  • it Leo loves the weather the weather it's
  • so chilly I'm gonna have to grab my jacket
  • it's supposed to be pretty cold tonight you better put some pants on to yourself
  • shorts on thank you it's very secluded
  • homely Park it that it is all right dinnertime
  • dinnertime I think I'm gonna have a glass of wine okay we're set up wait
  • wait hold on hold on we're set up now this is what I love about being in a
  • Class B versus a Class A the Class A would take us about a half hour to set
  • up put the slides out the carpets down get our things out flip a chair and
  • we're ready to go we don't even bother putting blocks down
  • anymore no it doesn't really bother us as long as so what I did here is there
  • is a downward slope and what I've noticed with this van is it's it's a
  • little lower in the front so what I do is downward slope in front of the van
  • park it this way so we're not as off level and if we're off level side to
  • side I try to get it so that the driver's side is a bit higher because
  • our heads are on this side and it's nice to be either level or just higher on the
  • drivers side because we sleep better that way
  • it's a little weird though if the drivers side is low and we're laying
  • backwards we never do that no and we've actually switched we will move our
  • pillows to the other side of the bed so we have our heads elevated
  • ilio doesn't care no II don't know sleep any direction won't you buy even upside
  • down well we made it to Flagstaff we found our dispersed camping spot thank
  • you everyone so much for watching we will see you next week
  • if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up subscribe if you
  • haven't already and click up here to check out our campervan series from the
  • beginning bye

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