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The medical professionals have been asked to reuse their masks and protective gowns because of the shortage.

Wife refused to visit dying husband to save masks for the medical professionals

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It's uplifting. It's funny. It includes Steve Carell. And it's just what we all need right now.

John Krasinski just launched a 'Some Good News' TV show from his own home office

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Dr. Frank Gabrin contracted the disease because he didn't have access to Personal Protective Equipment. His friends and family hope his death will galvanize the state to act.

ER Doctor who beat cancer twice dies in his husband's arms after contracting virus from patients

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"So, being pregnant and delivering in a pandemic … what's that gonna look like?"

Pregnant in a time of coronavirus - the changing risks and what you need to know

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To make people sleep in a parking lot when there are thousands of hotel rooms sitting empty in the city is morally bankrupt.

Las Vegas unveils 'social distancing rectangles' for the homeless, instead of actual shelters

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That's what we call leading by example.

Elon Musk says he has extra ventilators and will ship them for free to hospitals

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ICYMI: Although the joint prayer was nothing new for the two men, for many across the world, it was an inspiring image in the midst of the global Coronavirus pandemic. ❤❤❤

These Muslim and Jewish paramedics took a few moments to pray together amid Corona crisis

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For doctors treating patients, going back home can mean exposing their families to a major risk. RVs 4 MDs is helping them and their families stay safe.

A new group matches idle RVs with doctors who have nowhere to isolate after long hospital shifts

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People explain to him how it's actually a lot worse than he realized — how would you have answered?

Scottish man asks Americans to explain their healthcare and the answers show just how broken it is

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