UPDATE 9/24/19:

Between rescuing a 15 year old abandoned one-eyed cat, common kitten illnesses, and extra trapping efforts, we are experiencing higher vet expenses than anticipated. PLEASE, PLEASE help us with whatever funds you can AND/OR food (canned and dry). Feel free to PM me regarding food donations. THANK YOU!


Feral Cats, also known as Community Cats, are still exploding at an exponential rate. The great news is, with community help, we have been able to remove over 40 kittens from the large feral colony where the cats are being cared for by a lovely 85 year old woman. These kittens all went into various foster homes where they were socialized, vetted, spayed/neutered, and adopted into loving furever homes!

The not-so-great news is that we have only managed to spay and neuter about half or so of the adults on that property. While a minor issue is cats getting a tad trap savvy, the overwhelming issue is the availability and cost of getting the cats fixed. As you may have heard, SNYP lost their full-time vet in mid-July. While they are still operating on a limited basis, and Southern Oregon Humane Society has graciously helped spay and neuter feral cats once a month for a few of us consistant trappers, it's just not enough appointments! More kittens are being born on one property alone in one month than the number of adults that we can get fixed! Thus, we have resorted to other options that are not quite as cost effective - other vets in the area that have been willing to work with us on a limited basis. Trapping and transporting is one obstacle, but the bigger one is the all mighty dollar. We need more funds to continue helping these feral cats! PLEASE help support us by DONATING to this fundraiser!

Unfortunately, spaying and neutering the cats have not been the only costs involved. We have had kittens and adult cats needing other veterinary care for Upper Respiratory Infections (URI), abscesses, eye issues, foxtails, and other ailments. We have also had to assist multiple colonies with food as the caretakers (when they exist) are on limited income.

We know we are making a difference in our community in assisting these community cats in getting fixed, vaccinated, fed, relocated when possible, and adopted whenever feasible. It's a win-win-win for everyone, but we can NOT do all of this work alone! We TRULY need YOUR help! Obviously, money is a major factor. You can DONATE money in several ways:

PAYPAL: wendylea@earthlink.net

When you select to send money via FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABROAD, we will NOT have to pay transaction fees (which add up FAST).


[ Facebook.com Link ]

CHECK: ( via snail mail)

Please PM me directly for the mailing address.


1. CAT FOOD - Dry AND Canned food. These cats DEFINITELY benefit from extra moisture in their diets when supplemented with "wet" food! You can PM for a drop off location near your or an agreeable meeting place.

2. FOSTERS - We are still finding kittens that need to be socialized. While we are occasionally finding kittens needing to be bottle fed, most are eating on their own. However, they DESPERATELY need to be socialized in loving homes! That is NOT to say they are all wild; in fact, they are usually only mildly hissing or spitting. But they need to know what it's like to be in loving arms of humans, sounds of a regular household, and perhaps even be acclimated to dogs! Fostering does NOT take much time on a daily basis...mostly love. Often, we can supply food and medical, depending on which entity is sponsoring the foster.Depending on which entity is sponsoring the foster cat.

3. TRAPS - We could really use more quality traps. We have come to prefer the Tomahawk traps with the slider on the back side. Unfortunately, these traps are costly (depending on quantity ordered with shipping, around $100). We have an opportunity to purchase well-maintained used Tomahawk traps for about half-price. The ones from Harbor Freight are inexpensive, but they are bulkly and poorly constructed. We have had several feral cats escape from them after being trapped.

4. ASSISTANCE TRAPPING - Sometimes, our schedules are either full or we have too many locations to trap in one night. It would be wonderful if more people were willing to be trained to assist us!

We (a small group of individual, dedicated cat lovers) volunteer our time, energies and personal money to help care for all the community cats we can. The problem is huge, but we keep in mind "The Starfish Story" - we CAN make a difference to each feline life we touch. Help us to make that difference! PLEASE DONATE OR VOLUNTEER TODAY!

Thank you on behalf of all the community cats and kittens.

NOTE: For one of many versions of "The Starfish Story", click on:

[ Rescuegroups.org Link ]
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